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Creation year2022

How Kensei Blades works

The Kensei Blades slot is one of the latest creations of the game provider Betsoft. On the surface this slot may seem complex and feature-rich, but it doesn't have to be! Kensei Blades is very accessible and remains relatively simple to understand. Its manga world may appeal to a certain portion of players, but don't worry, we will explore this slot in detail below.

Lucky7Bonus is sharing its Kensei Blades Review with you today by discovering the technical aspects, the different symbols, how the connections work and the slot bonus. Find our general conclusion at the end of this page. Feel free to play Betsoft's Kensei Blades for free above to make up your own mind!

Visually, Kensei Blade slot is a nice change from what the community is used to seeing. Its musical atmosphere will easily carry you through this new adventure in search of Scatters, which will fall very often, without ever triggering the bonus! The animations are beautiful and you will love to discover the effects during the bonus of Kensei Blade.

As for the technical aspects, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.12%, a habit for Betsoft which only offers RTPs below the general average. The volatility of Kensei Blades is very high, so don't expect regular wins, but as soon as you get paid, expect a nice payout. As for the jackpot, it amounts to 3,414 times the starting bet, a nice reward for the more adventurous among you.

The stakes will vary from one online casino to another, but in general players can bet between 1 euro and 50 euros on Kensei Blades. The theoretical maximum payout is €170,700, a great payout for the most hardy players!

The different symbols of Kensei Blades

There are many symbols in Betsoft's Kensei Blades slot game. First of all, the Wild symbol is quickly recognizable, as it is the female character on the right that embodies it. The Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol to allow connections, apart from the two Scatters symbols.

The latter is in duplicate and will be present on the game grid very often. By getting 3 Scatters, you can still win 2 times your bet, 10 times your bet for 4 Scatters and a total of 50 times your bet for 5 Scatters! The other Scatter symbol, represented by two swords, will unlock the Kensei Blades bonus.

The premium symbols can be found in the image below and are represented by legendary weapons: a flaming sword, a magic staff and a golden shield. The best symbol can win up to 20 times the starting bet.

The common symbols are more numerous and should be much more present on the game grid, in return the common symbols do not pay as much as the premium symbols. You can find the helmet, the sun, the moon, the star and the heart. The best common symbol can pay up to 3 times the starting bet. The image below shows you these different symbols with their associated payouts for a base bet of €1.

The different connections in Kensei Blades

The connections are fairly simple to understand in Kensei Blades, although the grid may seem a bit complex to get right. Consisting of 5 reels, the grid has 3 symbols on the 1st and 5th reels, 4 symbols on the 2nd and 4th reels and 5 symbols on the 3rd reel. This produces a total of 720 possible paylines.

To make a connection, at least three of the same symbols must be on adjacent reels. As shown in the image below, the symbols do not have to be on the reels starting from the left. A connection can be made on the right side of the Kensei Blades grid.

How the Kensei Blades bonus works

The Kensei Blades slot bonus is very classic, but it is unlocked with at least 5 Scatters! The player then wins 8 free spins and has the possibility to get more with new Scatters symbols during the bonus. You can get up to 240 free spins in one bonus, no less!

In concrete terms, the difference between the basic game and the bonus is not obvious, except for the change of background. No other features are added, so it's just basic free spins. Note that it is not possible to buy the bonus, and fortunately it would probably not be profitable enough.

Our opinion on Kensei Blades

The slot Kensei Blades from the provider Betsoft will clearly not be the slot of the year 2022. Although the art direction is interesting, the animations and the soundtrack are top notch, Kensei Blades is too empty in terms of features. The "Bonus" only consists of tasteless free spins, bringing no extra suspense and excitement.

Too bad for a slot that had potential, despite a below average RTP, the volatility and jackpot of Kensei Blades were good points. Let's hope that Betsoft will come up with more technically advanced machines in the future.

Lucky7Bonus still invites you to play Betsoft's Kensei Blades for free at the top of this page or visit the site's online casino partners for an exclusive welcome offer.

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📈 What is the volatility of Kensei Blades


💸 What is the RTP of Kensei Blades


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Kensei Blades ?


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