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Free slot: Jokerizer

Provider : Yggdrasil

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Creation year2016

How Jokerizer works

In the world of online casinos, the different online game providers are fighting hard to offer the most successful, the most volatile, the most original slot machine. And if at first glance, the slot machine that we are going to present to you seems to be one of the most classic, it is because it manages to hide its game magnificently! Welcome to Jokerizer, a slot machine from the provider Yggdrasil Gaming. Released at the very beginning of March 2016, Jokerizer is a slot with rather successful graphics, accompanied by pleasant animations and musical atmosphere, which blend perfectly into the world of the fairground, which the slot machine addresses here. The starting grid is very classic, consisting of five columns with three symbols each. The Yggdrasil slot has two features in the base game, while you will not be able to unlock free games on this slot. The first feature present in the basic game is the "Mystery Win". And it is this feature that will be your biggest chance to hit the jackpot on Jokerizer. To get a Mystery Win, nothing could be easier. All you need to do is get three Joker symbols on your starting grid, knowing that these symbols can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once this is done, the slot machine wins you a random amount of money between 1,000 and 6,000 coins. And if you manage to line up three symbols horizontally or diagonally, then 6,000 coins are guaranteed! 

The second feature present in the basic game is called "Jokerizer Mode" and is triggered as soon as you have made a winning connection. Indeed, once a win is made, you are faced with two choices: either you choose to collect your winnings, by clicking on "Collect" and so the Jokerizer Mode stops, or you continue the feature by playing 20 coins from your winnings to try to get a Mystery Win, which is "simpler" to get since you only need two Joker symbols to get it.

The Jokerizer slot has a volatility that is considered high and a payout rate of 98%, which puts it well above the average slot machine on the market. As for the maximum payout, it is 1,200 times your original bet, which is a pretty big jackpot.

The different symbols of Jokerizer

Jokerizer is a slot machine that has a number of symbols. As mentioned before, the Joker symbol is the most interesting one, since this symbol will give you the best chance to get the maximum win of the slot. As for the classic symbols, it is not really possible to categorize them into two groups like in many slot machines. Here, there are no premium symbols or common symbols, you have one and only one category of symbols, six in number, which are the great standards of slot machines:

  • Cherry and lemon, which can bring you up to 100 coins

  • The bunch of grapes, which can bring you up to 120 coins

  • The bell, which can bring you up to 160 coins

  • The number 7, which can earn you up to 240 coins

  • The star, the most profitable symbol, which can bring you up to 400 coins

Below are the potential payouts for each symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Connections in Jokerizer

And yes, if you want to make money on this slot, there are no secrets, you will have to make connections! On the Yggdrasil Jokerizer slot, if the starting grid seems very classic, it has a connection system that is just as classic, with one exception. Indeed, you only have five fixed paylines, but they work from left to right as well as from right to left, which brings the number of paylines to ten, as you can see on the screen below.

All you need to do is get a minimum of three identical symbols on the first or last three reels, and they must be on one of the predefined paylines. Note that the further your connection goes, the bigger the winnings.

How the bonus works in Jokerizer

As it was said before in the introduction of this article, and this is one of the big negative points of this Yggdrasil slot, there is no possibility to get Jokerizer free spins and thus, to access any bonus feature. A notable absence because there is no doubt that a bonus game would have only enhanced the gaming experience, especially with such volatility and an RTP like the slot's, there was certainly a way to offer a really interesting bonus game. But this is not the case, so you will have to make do with the various features present in the basic game to try to get the maximum win on this slot machine.

Our opinion on Jokerizer

The provider Yggdrasil Gaming has often accustomed us to original, volatile slot machines where players would have a great time trying to hit the jackpot. This is once again the case with Jokerizer. The slot machine is very pleasant to watch, thanks to its successful graphics, its very nice animations and a sound atmosphere that fits perfectly with the theme here, the fair. The features present in the base game are also quite original, including a gamble system that can be lucrative if luck is on your side. And in the absence of a bonus game, these features represent your best chance of hitting the jackpot on this slot. Jokerizer is a slot machine that is considered to have high volatility and an RTP of 98%, which places it comfortably above the average slot machine on the market.

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📈 What is the volatility of Jokerizer


💸 What is the RTP of Jokerizer


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Jokerizer ?


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