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Free slot: Joker Troupe

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ProviderPush Gaming
Creation year2019

How Joker Troupe works

At the end of 2019, the provider Push Gaming releases the online slot Joker Troupe, a beautiful success graphically and musically, embellished with interesting and captivating bonuses. The Push Gaming team is very creative and proves it over the years. Even their old slots are fun to discover and play. Today Lucky7Bonus presents you in detail the different features of the Joker Troupe slot machine.

Upon arriving at the Joker Troupe slot machine, the grid may look quite simple, but it hides some nice surprises! The game grid has 4 reels and 3 lines, which can be quite small. Several Scatters can easily appear to trigger the bonus features and start the real game.

Graphically Joker Troupe is modern and globally pleasant to look at, the animations are very clean and the musical atmosphere is perfectly adapted to the universe, with a calm period on the basic game and a music that accelerates as soon as a big win is made or a bonus is triggered.

The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.68%, which is above average, as for all the slots from provider Push Gaming. The volatility is very high with a maximum jackpot of 25,367 times your starting bet. You have the possibility to bet between 20 cents and 200 euros at Lucky7Bonus partner online casinos. Feel free to check out the slot for free at the top of this page, before jumping in with a real balance.

The different symbols in Joker Troupe

There are not many symbols in the Joker Troupe slot. You will find only 6 symbols in the basic game, 2 of which are premiums that pay much more than the other more classic symbols:

  • The red infinity symbol can earn you up to 100 times your original bet;

  • Purple dice can pay up to 50 times your original bet;

  • Dragon fruit can get you up to 3 times your original bet;

  • Carambola can get you up to 2.5 times your original bet;

  • Blue and red orbs can get you up to 1x your original bet.

As you can see, the small symbols are drastically less profitable than the premium symbols. Joker Troupe does not offer a Wild, so you will have to rely heavily on luck and your lucky stars.

The image below shows the payouts with 2, 3 or 4 of the same symbols with a €1 bet.

Joker Troupe has 3 different Scatters, as with most slot machines, it will be necessary to get the same 3 Scatters to trigger a bonus feature. Nothing very complicated to understand, there are 3 Jokers: a red, a blue and a green. With only 16 squares on the game grid, hang on tight to get the same 3 Scatters!

The different connections in Joker Troupe

Having a small grid also indicates a limited number of paylines. The Joker Troupe slot only has 10 paylines on its 4-reel, 3-line grid. You will need at least 3 of the same symbols on the first 3 reels from the left to make a connection, except with the top symbol where only 2 of the same symbols are needed.

How the Joker Troupe bonus works

As we have seen before, there are 3 different Scatters: the red joker, the green joker and the blue joker. This explains the name of the slot machine "Joker Troupe". Each joker will trigger a different bonus feature, which we'll go over together:

By getting 3 Blue Joker Scatters, the player immediately wins 3 free spins with new symbols: Blue Joker Hats, as well as Red Joker Scatters. 3 free spins is not much, but it is possible to increase the duration of the bonus. You need to land at least 3 hats or 3 red jokers to increase the size of the grid by adding a new reel and increasing the multiplier by +1. This multiplier always starts at x1 and can go up to x25. At the end of the free spins, all the blue joker hats will reveal a certain amount of money that will be multiplied by the multiplier you have increased. With 3 scatters of the red joker, you also trigger the associated bonus feature.

By getting 3 Scatters from the green joker, a big wheel will start. This one is composed of 12 squares with multipliers in x1, x2, x5 and x10 and 2 squares with a Booster, which will multiply all the multipliers of the other squares in x2 the first time, then in x5.

The objective of the player will be to avoid the extinguished squares, the game stops if it is the case. The player can then fall on a square in x2, so the 4 x2 squares will be extinguished. If the player falls on a square in x2, the game ends. You have to try to get a maximum of multipliers that will multiply each other. If you land on a x2 and then a x3, your winnings will be your x6 bet, which is quite interesting.

Imagine landing on a x10, then a x2 and a x5, in just 3 spins with the wheel, you easily get x100 on your original bet. And even more, if you are lucky.

By getting 3 Scatters from the red joker, you will go into Hypermode with free spins and a timer. The bonus starts with 20 seconds on the clock, the reels will spin very very fast and the objective is to make as many connections as possible for lots of wins. To increase the number of seconds, you have to rely on the red wild Scatters symbols that will fill a counter, if this counter is filled before the end of the bonus, you win + 10 seconds. Technically, this bonus could last indefinitely if you get the red joker symbols every time!

These 3 bonuses are interesting, but it is especially the red joker that can bring you a lot of money. By the way, on the green and blue bonus, you have the possibility to unlock the red bonus in a row, which notifies you of its importance. Ready to get closer to the jackpot of x25,367 your bet?

Our opinion on Joker Troupe

As usual, Push Gaming offers a nice mix between simplicity and complexity. The basic game can get boring and repetitive very quickly, while the bonus features are much more advanced and absolutely not redundant. So take your time to unlock the bonuses and try to hit the jackpot of 25,367 times your bet.

The scenery and the musical atmosphere are changed with each new bonus, this is a great achievement from the provider Push Gaming and even though the slot is from 2019, it doesn't get old for a moment and can be played again in the coming years.

We highly recommend that you try the Joker Troupe slot machine for free at the top of this page and play it directly at Lucky7Bonus' online casino partners.

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📈 What is the volatility of Joker Troupe


💸 What is the RTP of Joker Troupe


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Joker Troupe ?


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