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Free slot: Io

Provider : ELK Studios

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ProviderELK Studios
Creation year2020
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How IO works

The universe, stars everywhere, planets on all sides and a gigantic planet in the background, this is the universe that the IO slot machine offers its players. This creation from ELK Studios was released in June 2020 and has a 96% RTP. With several game-based options, IO has a cascading function and a different grid from what is usually done in online casinos.

The starting grid is 4 x 6, i.e. it consists of 6 vertical lines and 4 horizontal lines.

The first function of the IO machine is the laser. When a yellow symbol with a blue circle in the middle appears, a laser will be fired in the direction where the laser is pointing. All symbols on the line will be deleted. If two symbols like this appear on the grid and the lasers touch each other, then the symbols are not deleted, but changed to wild.

The second option at your disposal is the wild which increases the multiplier. Each time a symbol with a closed flower appears and a connection is made below the symbol in question, then the symbol will show a wild instead in x2. As you can see in the following GIF, the wild connects and the space created causes the symbol to appear again in addition x3. The more space there is, the higher the multiplier increases. The function disappears as soon as no connection is made on the turn.

The different symbols of IO

IO is a slot machine that has only 8 symbols in addition to the previously seen symbols that are present in the basic game functions.

The most lucrative symbol on this slot machine is the "7". The second is the purple diamond, the third is the four-leaf clover, and the last is the blue star. These 4 symbols are considered "premium", meaning that they appear less often than the other symbols, but they pay out more.

The other four symbols on this slot machine are the usual symbols of a card game, namely: Ace, King, Queen, Jack. These four symbols pay in the same way.

The different IO connections

The connections on the IO slot machine are made adjacent to each other. On a normal turn, there are 4,096 different ways to win. However, this can go up to 262,144.

For a connection to be valid, at least one symbol must appear in the first three columns of your slot machine. The more symbols there are and the further your connection goes on the grid, the more money you will earn. Connections are only made from left to right.

Each time they make a connection, the symbols they connect disappear to make way for new symbols. In addition, the size of the grid increases by two heights with each connection.

Finally, as you can see in the following GIF, IO is a special slot machine because the symbols can move left and right. To understand the principle of this cascading operation, take a look at the GIF.

How the IO bonus works

Like many slot machines, IO has a bonus function. To unlock it, you must get at least three times the bonus symbol on the same spin. Once you get these 3 symbols, you get 7 free spins.

Contrary to the base game where the grid expands as you connect symbols, as a bonus the grid is at its maximum height, as you can see in the following picture.

During your 7 free games, all the functions present in the base game are also present. There is no difference between the base game and the bonus game except for the height of the starting grid. You can get extra free spins if you manage to collect three bonus symbols in one round.

Our opinion on IO

IO is a beautiful creation from ELK Studios. Very recent in the casino world, this slot machine looks very much like Cygnus, another slot machine from the ELK Studios group. The numerous features in the base game as well as the bonus games can make you win up to 5,000 times your bet on this slot which is considered to be between medium and high volatility by the provider.

To make a long story short, attractive decors, a well-thought out and very interesting basic game and bonus games that can pay you massively, IO is a slot machine that has some very good days ahead of it.

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Io


💸 What is the RTP of Io


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Io ?

In this article
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