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Free slot: Illogicool

Provider : ELK Studios

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ProviderELK Studios
Creation year2022

How Illogicool works

Illogicool is the spiritual sequel to the Tropicool slot machine, also made by the provider ELK Studios. Although the universe is clearly different, the zany and crazy spirit is once again present in the latest Illogicool slot machine! Hold on to your hats as we head to the stars to meet strange creatures and spaceships of all kinds.

Lucky7Bonus presents you today with a slot with a lot of features! In this Illogicool Review, we will first introduce you to the basic gameplay and technical points of the slot, and then discuss the symbols, the different connections and the game bonus. In conclusion, we will give you our general opinion on Illogicool. Feel free to form your own opinion by playing Illogicool for free at the top of this page.

The basic game takes place within a ship and its grid composed of 6 reels and 6 rows, without forgetting the horizontal reel at the top of the grid. The Avalanche feature is present on the game: as soon as a connection is made, the symbols concerned disappear and will give way to new symbols that will fall until the grid is completely filled. As for the horizontal reel, the symbols will go from the right to the left.

On the technical side, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95%, which seems to be a habit for slot machines from the provider ELK Studios, while the general average is rather around 96%. This is a real negative point for the provider who prefers to reduce the RTP of its slots. Illogicool's volatility is high, so don't expect to win very often, but the slot machine can make you win big once it gets going! The maximum payout is 10,000 times the original bet.

Bets start at 20 euro cents and can go up to 100 euros per spin at Lucky7Bonus online casino partners. That's a maximum payout of 1 million Euros on the Illogicool slot machine.

During the base game, there are a number of features that can be activated at any time. Firstly, the Troubles feature will be triggered as soon as these symbols, in the form of small creatures with hair, are found side by side. Their power will be triggered as soon as two or more Troubles are next to each other. These will explode and turn their square into one symbol. For example, if the King symbol is designated, all the Troubles will become Kings, making a big connection.

The different symbols of Illogicool

Let's take a look at the different symbols in Illogicool slot machine. First, the Wild symbol will substitute for any other symbol, not to mention the Scatters. There are several Wild symbols: the classic Wild, the Monster Wild and the Sticky Wild. The Sticky Wild can fall anywhere during a spin and the number 3 will be displayed next to a lock. This Sticky Wild can act 3 times in a spin before disappearing. The Monster Wild is simply a larger wild symbol than the classic one.

Scatters are represented by the Bonus and Super Bonus symbols. At least 3 Scatters are required to trigger the free spins in the Illogicool slot.

The premium symbols are represented by 2 characters, a spaceship, a gun and a green computer. The best of these symbols can pay up to 2 times the starting bet. These symbols are much more profitable than the common symbols, but they will be much less present on the game grid. The screen below shows you the different premium symbols and the associated payouts for a starting bet of €1.

The common symbols do not really pay off and yet they will be very present on the Illogicool grid. You will find the classics: Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks, which will pay you at best 0.3 times your initial bet.

The different connections in Illogicool

The Illogicool slot machine offers a rather special grid with its 6 reels, 6 lines and horizontal reel. There are no less than 46,656 paylines in Illogicool, so there are plenty of opportunities to make connections! As the screen below shows, connections can only be made if at least three of the same symbols are found on the 3 reels from the left.

How the Illogicool bonus works

The Illogicool slot bonus can be unlocked by the Bonus and Super Bonus symbols. Let's first look at the bonus symbols and the number of free spins you can get:

  • 3 Bonuses can bring 10 free spins to players

  • 4 Bonuses will earn you 15 free spins

  • 5 Bonuses bring 20 free spins to players

  • 6 Bonuses bring 25 free spins

Super Bonus symbols can land in place of Bonus symbols and they will bring as many free spins as the Bonus symbols. However, the more Super Bonus symbols you have, the more advantage the overall multiplier will have from the start of your Illogicool bonus.

  • 1 Super Bonus will start the free spins with a x5 multiplier

  • 2 Super Bonuses will start your bonus with an overall multiplier of x10

  • 3 Super Bonuses will start the free spins with a x15 multiplier

  • 4 Super Bonus will start your free spins with a 20x multiplier

  • 5 Super Bonus will start the free spins with a multiplier of x25

  • 6 Super Bonuses will give you an overall multiplier of x 30

The bonus is relatively similar to the basic game. However, 2 extra symbols make an appearance. Extra Drop will allow you to win between 1, 2 or 5 extra free spins, while the Win Multiplier symbol will increase the overall multiplier by +1, +2 or +3. These new symbols can only appear on the horizontal reel. You will need to make connections to land them on the main grid to activate their power.

The X-ITER mode created by the game provider ELK Studios allows you to buy different bonuses directly, instead of waiting to get the necessary scatters or features. Here is an overview of the different bonuses that can be purchased in X-ITER mode:

  • Guaranteed win: for 5 times the starting bet, you are guaranteed to get a winning spin

  • Sticky Wilds: at least 3 Sticky Wilds symbols will be present during the game round for only 10 times the price of your starting bet

  • Troubles: For the price of 25 times your bet, you get at least 2 Troubles side by side to trigger the Troubles feature

  • Bonus: Get the free spins directly by buying 3-6 Scatters for a cool 100 times your bet

  • Super Bonus: Buy 6 Scatters with at least 2 Super Bonus symbols to get an overall multiplier of x10. This bonus will cost you 500 times the original bet

This X-ITER mode will be very useful for players who don't have the patience to wait for bonuses to fall by themselves, knowing that it can take a long time on Illogicool. Feel free to use the X-ITER mode in fun mode on Illogicool to discover all the features by yourself.

Our opinion on Illogicool

This is another excellent slot from the game provider ELK Studios. This one is complete, interesting and well put together. The graphics and animations are up to the mark and can take this slot to the top 100 of the best slot machines 2022. The theme is funny and quite zany.

The features captivate both during the base game and during the free spins. The maximum win of 10,000 times the starting bet seems to be attainable by seeing the overall multiplier increase little by little or by seeing the Troubles feature triggered. Unfortunately the RTP is well below average, which remains a usual black mark on ELK Studios slots.

This spiritual sequel to Tropicool is successful. Let's hope that ELK Studios will continue on this path, offering us more original slot machines than ever before. Lucky7Bonus invites you to play ELK Studios Illogicool for free at the top of this page or take advantage of a welcome offer to play the slot with a boosted balance.

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📈 What is the volatility of Illogicool


💸 What is the RTP of Illogicool


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Illogicool ?


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