House of Doom
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Free slot: House of Doom

Provider : Play'n Go

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2018

How House of Doom works

Vampires, a cemetery, a haunted castle... the world of the House of Doom slot machine is not the friendliest there is. Once the first impressions are over, the slot machine leaves us with a completely different taste. Highly volatile, House of Doom can pay you up to 2,500 times your initial bet. Created by the provider Play'n GO, this slot machine has a PTR of 94.1%, which is below the average for slot machines. With 10 paylines and a bonus feature, this slot machine is no different from any other. It even contains several basic game features that can be very interesting. This is a classic slot machine with 3 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines.

On both your paid and free spins, the Hellgate function allows the wild symbol to expand across the entire line. However, in order to enlarge, the wild must fall on a "red" column. At the start of each round, one or more columns are highlighted by the slot machine.

The Skulls of Abyss function is also available in base game and only in base game. To obtain it, you must have the skull symbol in a red background on the same game turn.

Once you have obtained this function, you will have to choose three heads at random. In these heads, multipliers x1, x2, x3, 5 and x20 and also the purple "House Doom" symbol are hidden. If you get it, you will switch directly to the bonus games.

The different symbols of House of Doom

House of Doom is a slot machine that consists of 5 premium symbols. The symbols that pay the most on this slot machine are the wild symbols. The first wild symbol is located to the far left of the following picture. The second symbol will be explained in a few lines.

You also have 5 other symbols that are not premium. These pay drastically less than the symbols seen before. You can see the value of each symbol in the following picture.

As explained earlier, this slot machine contains two wild symbols. The second is the one in the image below. It pays out as much as the wild seen previously.

The different connections of House of Doom

House of Doom is a classic slot machine that consists of 10 different paylines. In order to connect to this slot machine, a symbol must appear between two and three times on the same round of play. The paylines on this slot machine are divided as follows:

Connections on this slot machine are made only from left to right.

How the bonus works in House of Doom

To get the free spins on this slot machine, you must have the "house doom" symbol in purple on the same spin. Once you have all three symbols on a single spin, you get 10 free spins.

The bonus function of this slot machine does not offer any additional features. To get extra free spins, the blue "house doom" symbol must appear on a red line. Once it appears on the red line, it extends the full length of the line and gives you three extra free spins. As it spreads out, it not only gives extra free spins, it also takes on the function of a "wild".

Our opinion on House of Doom

House of Doom is a classic slot machine from Play 'n GO. Released in 2018, this slot is very easy to understand and it's hard to get bored on it. With a lot of basic game features and a bonus that can also pay you massively, this slot has a lot of good points. However, its low RTP is a huge black spot. Indeed, it is one of the lowest slots in Play'n GO while it pays drastically less than some slots that have a much higher RTP. In short, House of Doom is a slot machine with special graphics, but with a rather interesting base game. However, the low RTP can be a hindrance for new players who want to finish a wager.

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📈 What is the volatility of House of Doom


💸 What is the RTP of House of Doom


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine House of Doom ?


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