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Free slot: Hotline 2

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Creation year2020

How Hotline 2 works

Following the success of its first Hotline slot machine, NetEnt released Hotline's little sister, Hotline2, in 2020. Just like the first slot machine, this version uses exactly the same codes: Miami, beachfront, 1980s decor, retro style... absolutely everything is there. However, unlike the first version, this one offers more functionality to players. Hotline 2 is a slot machine with a classic starting grid: 3 horizontal lines and 5 vertical lines.

During your paid games, you will have the choice to highlight 1 to 3 columns (the three central columns). This highlighting allows to have a function in base game : the wild extensible. When it appears on a highlighted column, it will extend over the whole column. However, if a wild appears on a column that is not highlighted or hasn't been chosen, you won't be able to use the function. Of course, the more columns you add to highlight, the higher your starting bet will be.

As you can see, you will be able to highlight between one column (the central column) and three columns (which are respectively one to the left of the central column and one to the right). Thus, for a starting bet of €1, highlighting 3 columns will cost you a €3 spin.

As explained, when a wild arrives on a highlighted column, the wild extends over the whole column and thus takes the place of all the symbols that were there, except the scatter symbol.

The different symbols of Hotline 2

Hotline 2 is a slot machine with 4 premium symbols. These symbols are the highest payout symbols on this slot machine. To find out the value of each symbol, take a look at the following screen.

Then you have 6 non-premium symbols. These pay a little bit less than the symbols seen above. Unlike many slot machines where the secondary symbols are mostly symbols from a deck of cards, on the Hotline2 slot machine this is different.

  • A pink diamond

  • A necklace decorated with a heart-shaped ruby

  • A ring set with an orange calcite in a diamond shape

  • A necklace decorated with an amethyst

  • A necklace decorated with a blue diamond

  • A ring set with an emerald

In addition to these symbols, you have the "free spins" symbol which allows you to get the free spins on this slot machine. These symbols have no value and do not replace any other symbol, unlike the wild one.

The different connections of Hotline 2

Hotline 2 is a classic grid slot machine. However, the connections on this slot are different from slot machines with the same starting grid. There are no connection lines on this slot. They work only by means of keys. In order for a symbol to connect, it must appear at least on the first three lines of your slot machine. Connections are only made from left to right. During paid games, connections work the same way even if the starting grid can be modified.

How the Hotline 2 bonus works

Hotline 2 is a slot machine containing the bonus feature. To get the free spins, you must accumulate at least three times the Scatter symbol on the same round of play. Once you have obtained these, you will be entitled to 7 free spins.

Like your paid games, the wild feature is also present in your free games. If, you get a bonus with a highlighted grid then your wild must appear on the highlighted grid to be triggered. This is the same for a starting grid with three highlighted columns. Contrary to the base game, when a wild appears on your screen, it increases your starting grid by one square upwards. The maximum height is 6. Once the wild appears on one turn, it disappears for the next turn.

As explained above, each time a wild appears on a highlighted grid, it increases your starting grid by one height. You can move up to 6 squares in height. The first and last columns of the slot never move and always remain at the same height.

When you reach a height of 6, you are allowed two more spins. If you increase your three highlighted columns, you will be entitled to a total of 6 additional free spins.

The "Bonus Purchase" option is available on the Hotline 2 slot machine. Depending on the number of columns you wish to highlight, the purchase value of your bonus will be different.

  • For a column: x20 your starting bet.

  • For two columns: x40 your starting bet.

  • For three columns: x60 your starting bet.

Our opinion about Hotline 2

Hotline 2 is a real success story for NetEnt. First of all, the graphics, the soundtrack as well as the principle of the slot machine look very similar to the first version. However, a few changes have been made, especially in your bonus games. These modifications are a real added value for this slot machine with average volatility. In addition to being very pleasant to play, you will be able to win the jackpot on Hotline 2. In fact, you can win up to 5,184 times your initial bet. In addition, with an RTP of 96.05%, this slot machine is in the middle range. If you are attracted by the American world of the 1980's and by the machines with their high potential and numerous functionalities, then Hotline 2 will be able to meet all your expectations.

Frequently asked questions

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📈 What is the volatility of Hotline 2


💸 What is the RTP of Hotline 2


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Hotline 2 ?


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