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Free slot: Hanzo's Dojo

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Creation year2018

How Hanzo's Dojo works

A Japanese dojo, a tree with pink leaves perfectly representing the Japanese universe, writings in the Japanese language... the Hanzo's Dojo slot is a real visual success from Yggdrasil. Released in August 2018, this slot contains a lot of base game features as well as bonus games that can be very generous. The Hanzo's Dojo has a classic starting grid. The grid consists of 3 horizontal and 5 vertical columns. Above columns 2, 3 and 4, there is an extra row that allows you to unlock features and the bonus function.

Hanzo's Dojo is a slot machine that contains three features in the base game. On each spin, the slot machine will launch in the normal way and the column above will put, or not, symbols that will give you a feature. Thus :

  • Wild: If a wild appears on one of the columns above the slot machine, the wild will expand to the entire column. Of course, you can get the wild three times on a single spin and fill all three wild columns.

  • Hanzo spins: If a symbol appears on all three columns in one game round, you will get three free spins. During these free spins, the symbol will be in 3x3 which means that it will be on the entire columns 2, 3 and 4.

  • Free spins: During your paying spins, the extra column can give you the bonus feature if you fail to get it with the basic 3x5 grid. If you get the free spins with the starting grid AND a symbol on the extra column, then your free spins will receive a boost.

The different symbols of Hanzo's Dojo

Hanzo's Dojo is a slot machine that has 8 different symbols, reminiscent of the Japanese world. First of all you have the premium symbols. These appear less often than the other symbols, but pay out more. To discover the premium symbols, look at the following screen. The starting stake is €1 per game round.

Having seen the premium symbols, we now turn to the other 4 symbols that are not. As you can see in the following screen, these symbols pay less than the premiums. However, unlike the premium symbols, these 'second zone' symbols appear more often on your slot machine.

Then you have symbols that can give functions, but have no real value.

  • Wild: You have the wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols in the slot machine except for the bonus round symbol and the "Honzo symbol". This symbol is available during your free spins and payouts.

  • Expansion wild: This is only available in the extra column above the slot machine. As explained above, this feature allows you to get a wild on your entire column whenever it appears. This option is only available on your pay spins.

  • Hanzo Symbol: This symbol allows you to get the Hanzo feature as soon as it appears three times on a single game spin. Like the wild expension, this symbol is only available during your pay games.

  • The blank symbol: This symbol does not give anything. It is available during your free spins and your pay spins.

The different connections of Hanzo's Dojo

Hanzo's Dojo is a classic grid slot, yet it offers many paylines. In fact, this slot has 25 different paylines. It is important to note that the extra column of this slot does not offer any paylines. Regardless of the symbol, it must appear in at least the first three columns of a payline for a win to be made. During your pay spins, connections are only made from left to right. However, during your free spins, a feature allows you to have the paylines on both sides.

How the Hanzo's Dojo bonus works

Hanzo's Dojo is a slot machine that contains a bonus feature. A free spin symbol must appear at least three times on a single spin to trigger your free games. If you get the free games in the 3x5 starting grid, you will not have any features during your free games, except that columns 2, 3 and 4 will be completely filled with 3x3 symbols. If you get the free games with a "free spins" symbol that appears in the extra column, then you will be entitled to a bonus boost.

The boosts on this slot machine are as follows:

  • +2 additional rounds.

  • +2 rounds supplémentaires.

  • The 3x3 symbol takes the whole column.

  • The bonus doubles your winnings during all free spins.

  • The last reel of the slot machine is entirely wild.

During your free spins, you can get new free spins if a free spin symbol appears in the extra column of the slot machine.

Our opinion on Hanzo's Dojo

Hanzo's Dojo is a great achievement from Yggdrasil. First of all, it is worth mentioning the beautiful graphics of this slot. As well as being beautiful, this is a slot that can pay you off in a big way. Indeed, all the features during both the pay and free games can win you up to 3,000 times your original bet. With an RTP of 96.1%, Hanzo's Dojo is a slot that is considered to be moderately volatile by the provider itself. At first glance, Hanzo's Dojo is a slot machine that seems complicated to understand. However, after a few minutes on the slot, you will not notice the time passing. This is because this slot offers a lot of features to players.

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📈 What is the volatility of Hanzo's Dojo


💸 What is the RTP of Hanzo's Dojo


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Hanzo's Dojo ?


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