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Free slot: Hammerfall

Provider : Play'n Go

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2021

How Hammerfall works

Hammerfall is a brand new slot created by online games provider Play'n GO. The theme of this slot is the Swedish metal band Hammerfall. Just like Sabaton and Black Mamba, Play'n GO has once again worked with a music band to create a slot machine. When you visit this slot, you will enter the very special world of this metal band. The character on the right of the slot's starting grid is the band's symbol. This is a slot machine with an XXL starting grid, as it has 7 horizontal columns and as many vertical columns. Hammerfall is a slot with a lot of features and a bonus feature.

During your paid games, many features are available. If you are unable to connect during a round, there are many helpers available. The first one is "Chain of Command". A chain will pass over a part of the starting grid and will destroy some symbols and transform others.

In "One against the world", a symbol is chosen at random and will be highlighted by the slot machine. Symbols adjacent to the highlighted symbol are destroyed or changed to the previously chosen symbol.

"Bring it" is the third feature of this slot. All premium symbols in the slot are selected. Some of them are destroyed while the ones that are not are transformed into the same premium symbol.

"Never forgive, never forget" is the final feature of this slot. A symbol is selected by the slot machine and all similar symbols move towards the centre of the slot machine. As they move towards the centre, they destroy all symbols in their path.

Finally, "Super Tiles" is not a feature in itself. At the beginning of each round, symbols are highlighted. As soon as a symbol connects and is part of a highlighted box, a 'Super Tiles' appears. The Super Tiles are wilds that connect with all the symbols in the slot machine. They can appear from x1 to x3.

The different symbols of Hammerfall

Hammerfall is a slot machine that contains 11 different symbols. First you have two wild symbols. These wild symbols replace all the symbols in the slot and their values. Then you have 4 premium symbols. These are called premium symbols because they appear less on the slot machine, but they pay the best. To discover them, please look at the following screen. The starting stake is €1.

Then you have 5 non-premium symbols. These are so called because they appear more often than the premium symbols, but pay less. To find out the value of each symbol, please refer to the following screen. The starting bet is €1.

The different connections of Hammerfall

Hammerfall is a slot machine with special connections. Indeed, they only work by touch. This means that at least 5 symbols must touch each other from top to bottom and/or from left to right. As you can see in the following screen, the green symbol connects twice. Once on the top of the slot machine and the other time on the connection at the bottom right of the slot. The longer a connection is, the higher your final gain will be.

How the Hammerfall bonus works

At the top left of your starting grid is a hammer, a reference to the metal band Hammerfall. With each connection made, the hammer will fill up. It is divided into two parts:

  • The first game triggers one of the features offered as soon as you get at least 25 symbols that connect on the same game turn.

  • The second game triggers the bonus. A minimum of 50 symbols must be connected in one game round.

Twilight Princess is triggered when you get at least 25 connections in a round. A 2x2 mega wild will then appear on your grid.

"Second to none" is another feature that can be triggered when you get at least 25 connections. All premium symbols are turned into one premium symbol.

"And yet I smile" is the final feature that can be achieved with at least 25 connections on a single game round. In this feature, all non-premium symbols in the slot machine are destroyed.

Finally, the bonus game is triggered when you get 50 connections in one round. This bonus round is simple: it takes all the previous functions and triggers them one by one during a free round.

Our opinion on Hammerfall

Hammerfall is an excellent slot machine. Firstly, it has a great design and a soundtrack that features the music of the metal band Hammerfall. On top of that, it's a slot with a lot of features, both in the base game and in the bonus rounds. It is a very high volatility slot that can pay out up to 30,000 times your original bet. Unfortunately, it has an RTP of 94.2%, which ranks it low in the average slot machine RTP. On the downside, even though it has a lot of features and such, it is a slot machine where the winning potential is quite hard to see.

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💸 What is the RTP of Hammerfall


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Hammerfall ?


📈 What is the volatility of Hammerfall


💸 What is the RTP of Hammerfall


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Hammerfall ?


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