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Free slot: Genie Nights

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ProviderRed Tiger
Creation year2022

How Genie Nights works

In the increasingly competitive world of online casino, the various online game providers have to redouble their efforts to offer slot machines that are both volatile, with an ever-increasing potential for winning, and without neglecting the theme, which must be as original as possible. These are the three main factors that make a slot successful or not. So, is this the case with the slot machine we are going to present to you today? That's what we're going to see right now! Welcome to Genie Nights, a slot from the provider Red Tiger Gaming.

Released in March 2022, Genie Nights is a slot machine that takes you to the heart of the desert, where fortune could be a mirage... or not! Indeed, sandy winds and camels will be omnipresent during your game sessions. The graphics are more than correct, as are the animations and sound effects, which are well done. The starting grid is rather small, as it consists of three columns, each containing three symbols. Red Tiger Gaming's slot has several features in the base game, while it is also possible to unlock free games in this slot.

The first feature in the base game is the Respin feature. When 3 Respin symbols appear on a line, they pay 0.2 times the bet and trigger a respin. You can make up to four respins, each time having an increased chance of getting another Respin or other feature. Note that on the fourth respin, only the Respin, Wish or Great Wish symbols appear.

The second feature present in the basic game is the Magic Lamp function. Here, if a 3x3 Lamp symbol appears, the Magic Lamp feature is triggered. Players then win a random prize between 5 and 50 times their bet or access to one of the bonus features.

The Genie Nights slot has a volatility that is considered high and a payout ratio to the player of 95.76%, which is below the average of the slots on the market, which is 96%. As for the maximum payout, it is 996 times your original bet, which is a decent jackpot.

The different symbols of Genie Nights

Genie Nights is a slot machine that has a number of symbols, which fit perfectly into this world, which is reminiscent of the tales of the Arabian Nights. These symbols can be separated into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols.

Surprisingly, and unlike many slot machines, there are no wild symbols in the Red Tiger slot machine. A lack that will make connections more complicated.

Then you have the classic symbols. First of all, there are the common symbols. These symbols are considered common because they appear more often, but have a lower payout. There are five of them and they are represented by the highest values in a deck of cards, a classic slot machine:

  • The 10

  • The Jack (J)

  • The Lady (Q)

  • The King (K)

  • The Ace (A)

Below are the potential payouts for each common symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Then you have the premium symbols, of which there are also four. These symbols are considered premium because, unlike the common symbols, they appear less regularly, but have a much higher payout. They are represented by different objects belonging to the universe in question:

  • The pearl necklace

  • The ring

  • The diadem

  • The trunk

As with the common symbols, below are the potential payouts for each premium symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

In Genie Nights you also have what the machine calls Super Symbols. There are three of them and they are represented by different genies. They also have the distinction of taking up an entire column. As you might expect, they appear much more rarely than the premium and common symbols:

  • The green genie

  • The blue genie

  • The red genie

As with the previous symbols, below are the potential payouts for each super symbol in relation to a 1 Euro bet.

Finally, there are Scatter symbols on the Red Tiger slot, namely two. These two symbols allow you to access the different bonus features of the slot.

Connections in Genie Nights

On the Red Tiger Gaming Genie Nights slot machine, we have seen that the game grid is small to say the least. As a result, the number of possible connections is quite limited! Indeed, here you only have 5 fixed paylines to make connections. You will find on the screen below the different paylines of the slot from Red Tiger Gaming.

To make a connection and win, all you need to do is get three of the same symbol on all three reels and it must be on a payline. Note that connections in Genie Nights only work from left to right.

How the bonus works in Genie Nights

As it was said earlier in the introduction of this article, you will be able to unlock a bonus feature on Genie Nights. And you'll be pleased to know that on the Red Tiger slot you have not one, but two bonus features!

First of all, you have the Wish bonus feature. This is triggered when three Wish symbols appear on your game grid, or if you have obtained it via the Magic Lamp base game feature. This bonus game gives you eight free spins and you have an increased chance of getting eight more free games on the last spin.

Then you have the Great Wish bonus feature. This is triggered when you manage to land three Great Wish symbols or if the Magic Lamp feature offers it to you. This feature is an enhanced version of the Wish bonus, as it gives you better chances of a big win. Here, too, you have an increased chance of winning an additional eight free games on the last spin.

The last spin of any of these bonus features can also get you into the Mega Wish! During this one, all the classic symbols are replaced by the super symbols. The Mega Wish continues as long as each spin wins. If a spin does not win, the game reverts to its previous mode. So, if the Mega Wish was awarded during the Wish or Great Wish bonus, you will revert to that mode.

However, you will have to be patient as you will not be able to buy the bonus features of Genie Nights.

Our opinion on Genie Nights

The provider Red Tiger Gaming has often offered us very high quality slot machines with extreme volatility and huge winning potential. We won't lie to you, this is not the case with Genie Nights. Here we are dealing with a decent machine, at most

The gameplay is simple, the graphics and animations are quite satisfactory. Of course, the slot machine can entertain you, but clearly, it is not the one that will offer you intense gaming sessions. However, the potential is there, the features are quite original. But the whole thing remains too basic, which may frustrate some players. You can still try to access one of the bonus features, which will be your best chance to win the maximum payout of this slot, which amounts to 998 times your starting bet.

Genie Nights by Red Tiger Gaming is a slot machine that is considered to have a high volatility and an RTP of 95.76%, which ranks it below the average slot machine on the market. Note that you can test this slot for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Genie Nights


💸 What is the RTP of Genie Nights


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Genie Nights ?


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