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Free slot: Fat Frankies

Provider : Play'n Go

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ProviderPlay'n Go
Creation year2022

How Fat Frankies works

Dive into the world of junk food with the Fat Frankies slot. This creation is a work of Play'n GO and was released on March 10, 2022. When you go to this slot, we hope for your sake that you are not on a diet, because it will be hard for you to resist greasy food as long as it is present on this slot.

Before arriving on your slot machine, a small animation will plunge you directly into the heart of the United States where a truck and its cook are waiting for you to win the jackpot. The graphics of Fat Frankies are very simple, but very effective. As for the animations and the sound ambiance, they are very pleasant.

The starting grid of this slot machine is classic, as it consists of 5 columns with 3 symbols inside. The connections work in the classic way, meaning that every time a connection is made, the next round is launched. Of course, if no connection is made, the next round is launched.

Unfortunately, this is a slot machine that does not put any features during your pay games. However, there are several Fat Frankies bonus games that can be unlocked, which will make this slot very enjoyable to play.

Finally, this is a slot that is suitable for all types of players, as you can bet between €0.10 and €100 per game round. All of the online casinos that we feature on Lucky7Bonus have this slot machine.

The different symbols of Fat Frankies

Fat Frankies slot has 10 different symbols that are divided into three categories. The first is the scatter and wild symbols. The star symbol can only appear during certain bonus rounds. As you will read later, this symbol has a very specific functionality. This symbol, represented by bills as well as coins, allows you to connect with all other symbols in the slot, except the one that gives you the bonus feature.

Unlike the bonus symbol which has no stars, the wild symbol has one, which you can see in the following screen for a starting bet of 1 Euro.

The second category of symbols are the premium symbols. These are so called because they appear much less often than the other symbols, but they will pay you much more when they are part of a connection. They are represented by different fast dishes such as :

  • A hamburger

  • A hot dog

  • A taco

  • French fries

The following screen shows the values of these four premium symbols for a starting bet of 1 euro.

Finally, the last category of symbols is the non premium ones. As you might expect, these symbols are so called because they appear much more often than the others, but they will pay you less when they are part of a connection. They are represented by the four symbols of a deck of cards, namely:

  • The heart

  • The clover

  • The spade

  • The tile

Like the two previous screens, the values shown in the following screen are also for a starting bet of 1 euro.

The different connections of Fat Frankies

Fat Frankies is a slot machine with a classic starting grid, but unlike the vast majority of slots that offer this starting format, it does not offer any connecting lines. In fact, on this slot machine, the connections work in an adjacent fashion. This means that in order to win, the same symbol must appear at least once on your first three columns, no matter where the symbol is on the starting grid.

The further a symbol is present and goes on your starting grid, the bigger your final win will be. Fat Frankies is a slot machine that offers 243 different ways to win. For those who don't understand the principle of adjacent connections, the following screen will help you.

On the left is represented a valid connection, while on the right is represented an invalid connection.

It is important to know that connections on the Fat Frankies slot machine only work from left to right and only the highest paying payout per symbol will be taken into account.

How the Fat Frankies bonus works

As it was written in the introduction of this Play'n GO creation, you will be able to get bonus games on the Fat Frankies slot machine. However, unlike the usual slots that offer only one bonus, on Fat Frankies you will find 4 different ones.

To get it, you have to get the "bonus" symbol, represented by a food truck, three times. This symbol can only appear in columns 1, 3 and 5 of your starting grid.

Once this is the case, several different bonus games can be obtained. To do this, an animation will rotate all the bonuses and you will get one of the four bonuses. You will not be able to choose it yourself.

The first bonus is the Burger Lode, represented by a hamburger with a promotion on it.

During these bonus rounds, you will not have any predefined number of spins. Each time a hamburger symbol appears on your screen, you will be given a new free spin. As you can see, the goal is to accumulate as many symbols as possible to get a very high payout.

Your free spins end when no hamburger symbol appears during a game round.

The second bonus you can get is called 5-Star Throws.

For these bonus rounds, you will be entitled to 10 free spins. However, it is quite possible to get additional free spins. Every time a star appears on your screen, it will increase your multiplier by 1 and give you two extra free spins.

Your final win multiplier can be as high as x6. Connections work the same as during your paid games.

Third bonus feature present on the Fat Frankies slot machine: Drop the garbage.

In these free games, there are no predefined free spins. The goal of these free games is very simple: each time you play, you throw a coin.

If the coin falls into the jar, then your winnings increase by one each time. If the coin ends up next to the jar, then you lose a life. In total, you have three lives and can win up to 2,500 times your original bet.

The last free game is called Greasy Wilds.

On this one, you will only get one free spin. On this one, some kind of frying oil will be projected on your screen, and if the oil flows, then it reveals a whole column of wild.

To win a lot of money on this slot machine, you will need to have a full screen of wild.

Our opinion on Fat Frankies

Fat Frankies is an excellent creation from Play'n GO. First of all, the graphics and the sound ambiance will totally immerse you in the heart of American junk food.

Afterwards, even though there are no features available in the basic game, the free games, which fall very often, allow you to experience great emotions thanks to the four different bonuses.

Fat Frankies' maximum payout is 6,000 times your original bet, which can be a very nice sum of money if you're lucky. With a medium volatility, Fat Frankies has an RTP of 96.20%, which is just a little above the market average of around 96%.

In short, Fat Frankies is a great slot machine that you can try at any of the online casinos that are available at our Lucky7Bonus site.

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📈 What is the volatility of Fat Frankies


💸 What is the RTP of Fat Frankies


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Fat Frankies ?


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