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How Demi Gods III works

Demi Gods III is the sequel to the saga of the same name, made by the provider Spinomenal, this slot machine approaches perfection in terms of entertainment. A perfect artistic direction, respecting very well the Nordic mythology in its representations and its adventure will plunge you directly into the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil. Indeed, players can count on the 9 different bonus games to try to win the treasures of the god Odin.

All the references are there: the world of the dead, the giants, the light elves, the kingdom of the dwarves and the different gods of the Nordic mythology. Rather than simply offering a few aspects of this vast world, Demi Gods III proves to be a real encyclopedia on Nordic culture. Quite surprising for the gambling world, when you see beside the themes braving mainly prejudices and obvious elements.

Today Lucky7Bonus presents you the Demi Gods III slot from the game provider Spinomenal. First, we will take a tour of the visual and technical aspects of the slot, its different symbols, connections and the operation of the 9 bonuses. Finally, we will share with you our Demi Gods III Review. Of course, you can test the slot for free at the top of this page.

Although at first glance, Demi Gods III may seem a little dated, this slot is full of surprises, both visual and audio. The game really gets going when you take the road to the 9 slot bonuses. Each world has its own musical atmosphere, colors and special effects. It is very pleasant to take the time to discover the whole of Demi Gods III, until you find your favorite universe in Yggdrasil.

Technically, Demi Gods III is an interesting slot. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.2%, which is just above the general average. The volatility of Demi Gods III is average, which means that the slot will pay you regularly, but small amounts in general, it is the perfect slot to advance a wager, for example.

The bets can vary from one online casino to another. In general, you can bet between 50 cents and 500 euros per spin. The max win is 15,000 times the starting bet, which represents a theoretical maximum win of 7.5 million Euros at Demi Gods III.

During the basic game, a feature can be triggered at any time: the crow, symbol of the god Odin. This one can bring you a multiplier that will be applied on the next spin's winnings! This multiplier can vary between x2 and x3.

The different symbols of Demi Gods III

Demi Gods III slot has many symbols. First of all, count on the Wilds symbols which are easily recognizable. Wilds substitute for any other symbol, except for bonus symbols. By getting 5 Wilds symbols on a payline, the player can win 300 times his starting bet.

Scatter symbols are represented by a large blue rune with the word "Bonus" written on it. At least 3 Scatters are required to trigger the Demi Gods III bonus.

As for the premium symbols, they are represented by mythological characters: Odin, Surtr, Thor, Loki and Freyja. These premium symbols can take up to 4 spaces on a reel, increasing the payout when a connection occurs. However, the rate of appearance of the premium symbols is lower than the common symbols, so luck will have to be on your side. In the image below you can see the premium symbols and the associated payouts for a starting bet of €1.

The common symbols are very classic, you will often find the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. Of course, they don't pay as well as the premium symbols. The image below shows you the different common symbols and their payouts for a starting bet of €1.

The different connections in Demi Gods III

The connections are quite simple to understand in Demi Gods III. Indeed, it is necessary to obtain at least 3 times the same symbol on the first three reels of the grid starting from the left. These symbols must then be placed on one of the 45 paylines shown on the screen below. That's a lot of opportunities to make connections on this 5 reel, 4 symbol grid.

How the Demi Gods III bonus works

To unlock the Demi Gods III bonus, players must get at least 3 Scatters on the same game round. There are 12 free spins available each time. By getting more Scatters, you can win a direct payout of up to 250 times your original bet with 5 Scatters, which is very encouraging for the start of a bonus.

As we described at the beginning of this Demi Gods III Review, the slot bonus has 9 different modes. A map shows you the different worlds of the Yggdrasil world tree. The slot then invites you to play a long session on Demi Gods III to try to reach the last universe: Asgard. Find the map on the image below, we will then discover each of these universes and especially what are the differences in terms of features.

The first world to unlock in Demi Gods III is Nilfheim, the ice world. The principle is simple, as soon as a connection takes place, rather than collecting the winnings and moving on to the next spin, the symbols become sticky and a respin is triggered. In the event that you do not get any new symbols to expand the connection, then the spin stops and you win the current payout. Conversely, if new symbols are found to expand the connection with the sticky symbols, then a new respin is offered, until eventually reaching a full screen of the same symbol.

The 2nd universe plunges you into an almost hellish world or rather the world of fire: Muspelheim, where Surtr is the master of the place. This one will intervene as a Wild, as soon as he will put his feet on the grid of the game, then a respin will be triggered to try to get a connection or a second Wild symbol.

Helheim is the 3rd world and that of the dead. The principle is relatively simple, you can't have a dead spin, as soon as a turn doesn't offer a connection, then the dead come on the board to re-launch a free spin until they get at least one connection.

Nidavellir is the realm of the dwarves, also known as the world of shadows. Count on them to make several Wilds appear on the game grid with each new spin of this bonus!

Alfheim is the kingdom of the light elves. This bonus is very interesting since the Wilds become Sticky, so you can get many Wilds on the 12 free spins of the Alfheim bonus.

You are now halfway to Asgard! Of course, a break in the famous world of the Vanes gods is necessary. Welcome to Vanaheim, where as soon as a connection is made on the grid, the symbols will move down one line until no connection is made. This gives you the opportunity to make the same connections over and over again!

The role of the giants is very important in Norse mythology and a world is attributed to them: Jotunheim. Big Wilds taking 4 squares can appear during this bonus and even if they are not on all the squares of a roll, the hand of a giant will come to recover the Wild to place it on all the roll in question, of what to carry out magnificent connections.

Midgard is probably the most famous world of Yggdrasil, since it is the world of men and therefore represents our human condition on planet Earth. During this bonus, several reels will synchronize, that is, they will make the same symbols appear in an attempt to make a big connection. With each new spin, the reels will be selected randomly.

Asgard is the world of the Aesir gods, the gods mainly known by the general public, with Odin and Thor, for example. The bonus is quite classic, but a new frame is proposed at the top right of the game grid, called "Prizes". This will offer you a reward for each new spin, either by multiplying the win of the spin or by adding new free spins. This can range from multipliers between x 2 and x 5 and free spins between + 1 and + 3.

For the impatient, you can of course buy the Demi Gods III slot bonus from Spinomenal for the modest sum of 100 times the starting bet. To reach the final Asgard level, you will need to purchase the slot bonus 9 times.

Our opinion on Demi Gods III

Released in 2019, the Demi Gods III slot is a show of strength from its provider Spinomenal. The theme is perfectly respected and even dug thanks to the 9 different bonuses taking you to very specific worlds, whose features are adapted and staged. Graphically, the slot is magnificent and the animations are exceptional, no false notes! The musical atmosphere will immerse you perfectly in this mythical and mysterious world.

Advantageous for players with an above average RTP, a very high jackpot and an average volatility, which may not suit experienced players looking for big numbers. The different features on the 9 bonuses in Demi Gods III are well balanced and you can play Demi Gods III for many hours to discover everything. Even in the base game, a feature is present with the raven so you won't get bored.

Lucky7Bonus highly recommends that you play Demi Gods III by Spinomenal for free at the top of this page or take advantage of an exclusive welcome offer at one of the site's online casino partners. These offers will allow you to start your new Viking adventure with a boosted balance and maybe test the 9 slot bonuses.

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📈 What is the volatility of Demi Gods III


💸 What is the RTP of Demi Gods III


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Demi Gods III ?


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