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Free slot: Cubes 2

Provider : Hacksaw Gaming

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ProviderHacksaw Gaming
Creation year2021

How Cubes 2 works

Cubes 2 is a slot machine developed and published by the online gaming provider Hacksaw Gaming. This slot was released in early 2021, is available at many online casinos and has immediately won over the online gambling community. Visually, Cubes 2 is a cross between Tetris and Rubik's Cube, with several different colored squares, it is also the second opus of this saga since this provider had already released Cubes in May 2020.

This slot machine is atypical, it has nothing traditional about it, both in its operation and in its format. Indeed, each game round starts with a 5x5 format. The grid is scalable, which means that with each connection it will grow, first to 7x7, then to 9x9 and, if a third connection occurs on the same spin, the grid will reach the maximum set up which is 11x11. For a connection to be valid, at least 5 colors must be stuck horizontally or vertically.

One of the main features of Cubes 2 is the presence of small crosses on the ends of the basic set up. These will act as multipliers if they are involved in a connection and will affect the winnings made. The value of the multiplier varies depending on the number of symbols that connect, which means that if 10 symbols connect including the cross, then the multiplier will be x10. If you manage to connect the same color with 2 crosses, then the multiplier value will be doubled.

The different symbols in Cubes 2

Unlike most slot machines, Cubes 2 does not offer different symbols but colors. The objective of this slot is to make clusters using identical colors. Wins will be won from 5 similar colors, aligned horizontally and/or vertically. All colors have the same value and 5 identical symbols pay 0.1 times your starting bet, while 25 symbols (maximum) pay 40 times your bet.

Below are the values of all the colors in the Cubes 2 slot machine (€25 bet).

The different connections of Cubes 2

As explained above, the objective of Cubes 2 is to make clusters of at least 5 identical colors. To win, these colors must be placed side by side, horizontally or vertically.

There are no predefined paylines in this slot, the connections are valid regardless of their location on the grid. The following image shows an example of a valid connection at the top, and an invalid connection at the bottom.

How the Cubes 2 bonus works

Cubes 2 offers its users access to 2 distinct bonuses, both of which contain different and original features. Both bonuses are called Free Spins and Multi-Color Free Spins. For each bonus, the grid remains the same size as the previous spin, unlike the base game which shrinks the grid to 5x5 between each spin.

  • Multi-Color Free Spins

This bonus is earned by seeing the same color appear on all 4 ends of the starting set up. Cubes 2 also allows you to access these free spins by paying 109 times your initial bet. You will then see 5 cubes containing either a color or a number of spins. The discovered colors will act as a reference color during the free spins and the bonus starts as soon as you reveal the number of spins awarded.

The bonus starts and the same features as in the base game will be present, both the evolving grid and the multipliers. However, as soon as they connect, the previously selected colors will be sticky, which means that they will be frozen for the rest of the bonus, including the multiplier.

You will be awarded between 5 and 10 free spins, and the maximum potential payout for the Cubes 2 Multi-Color Free Spins Bonus is up to 7,500 times your original bet.

  • Free Spins

This bonus is earned by making different clusters with 5 different colors on the same spin. You can also get it by paying 129 times your starting bet. 5 mystery cubes will then line up in front of you and this time only one color will be used as a reference color. Initially you are offered 5 free spins, and you can reach 12 free spins if you manage to reveal free spins before the color.

Once the Cubes 2 Free Spins bonus begins, the main objective will be to make connections with as many of the reference colors as possible. In addition to the traditional winnings from the various clusters, this bonus allows you to win huge amounts of money if you manage to accumulate enough reference colors:

  • 50 cubes = 500 times your original bet

  • 70 cubes = 2,500 times your original bet

  • 90 cubes = 7,000 times your original bet

The Free Spins bonus allows you to win up to 10,500 times your original bet.

Our opinion on Cubes 2

Cubes 2 is undoubtedly one of the best slot machines of the first quarter of 2021. After the huge success of Chaos Crew, the Hacksaw Gaming provider is back with this new slot with absolutely incredible potential.

Cubes 2 has many qualities that allow this slot to be called an exceptional online game: original and successful visuals, numerous features, a potential jackpot and two different bonuses that you can buy. All of this makes Cubes 2 an incredibly attractive slot.

This slot has a payout ratio (RTP) of 96.33% and a maximum payout of up to 10,500 times your original bet.

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📈 What is the volatility of Cubes 2


💸 What is the RTP of Cubes 2


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Cubes 2 ?


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