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Free slot: CritterPop

Provider : AvatarUX

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Creation year2022

How to play CritterPop

AvatarUX is a popular provider for online casino players, for its highly volatile slots. With CritterPop, you will be surprised by the volatility and explosiveness of this game.

In the middle of the space is your starting grid, which is basically 5 columns of 3 symbols. The stakes vary from 0.20 Euro to 100 Euro per round.

Like the vast majority of Pop slots, the starting grid increases with each login, up to a maximum height of 6. Once this happens, you won't have any features that will trigger, but it could give you access to the most volatile free games.

Connections work in cascades on CritterPop. Thus, as soon as a connection is made, the symbol disappears to make room for new symbols.

Connections work from left to right, but also from right to left. A connection is made as soon as a symbol appears at least once on your first three columns, no matter where it is on the starting grid.

The farther a symbol goes, the more rewarding your connection will be.

12 different symbols make up the CritterPop slot machine. 11 payout symbols and a wild symbol, which allows you to connect with all other symbols in the slot machine.

Special features

To unlock the free games at CritterPop, you will need to get the bonus symbol three times on a single spin.

Depending on the height of your starting grid at the time of unlocking the free games, your bonus will become more volatile. The higher the height, the more volatile the bonus will be.

It will also be possible to buy the free games. The values shown in the following screen are for a starting bet of 1 euro.

The higher the starting grid, the higher the bonus price.

Before your free spins start, your bonus can be boosted. In the following screen, on the left, you can see all the options that can be obtained during these free spins.

During your free spins at CritterPop, if you manage to increase your column by one more height, you are entitled to 2 additional free spins. In addition, each connection will increase your multiplier value by +2, not +1.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CritterPop


  • Slot machine very pleasant to play

  • Very volatile game

  • RTP in the market average

  • Bonus purchase functionality


  • The basic game is not volatile enough

  • Slot machine that can be very frustrating

Reviews of CritterPop

CritterPop is a very good slot from the provider AvatarUX. Once again, the company has found an original concept to attract new players. The graphics are still beautiful, as well as the animations which are a great success.

This game is very easy to learn, which can allow players who are totally new to the game to have fun with it. Volatile as can be, this slot can let you walk away with a nice little jackpot: up to 20,000 times your initial bet.

The RTP of 96% puts this slot in the middle of the market, which is a very positive point to highlight. Another advantage of this game is the buy-in bonus feature, which gives you access to the most volatile bonus. Even if the amount of money you need to buy it is substantial, it can make you walk away with a nice sum of money.

Unfortunately, CritterPop is a slot game that can be very frustrating. First of all, the base game is quite boring. Once you get the free spins, it's pretty easy to see how explosive this game can be. However, even with the more expensive free spins, this game can literally blow your balance negatively.

Frequently asked questions

📈 What is the volatility of CritterPop


💸 What is the RTP of CritterPop


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine CritterPop ?


📈 What is the volatility of CritterPop


💸 What is the RTP of CritterPop


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine CritterPop ?


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