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Free slot: Cash Elevator

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ProviderReel Kingdom
Creation year2021

How Cash Elevator Works

Welcome to a rather special building with a rather dark universe. This 13-storey building is full of surprises where you'll have to use your crazy lift to get to the top and hope to hit the jackpot! Cash Elevator is a slot game developed by online game provider Real Kingdom for the Pragmatic Play provider. It is available at most online casinos as of May 11, 2021.

This slot has an attractive payout ratio (RTP) of 96.64%, a high volatility like most Pragmatic Play slots and a very impressive payout potential of up to 20,000 times the original bet. Cash Elevator features a classic 5 reel grid with 3 symbols on each reel. In addition to a base game feature that emphasizes the lift theme, this slot has 2 different bonuses. The free spins bonus is the most volatile while a respin bonus can be very interesting. The base game feature consists of removing the lowest value symbols from the grid as you gain height. There are 2 possibilities to do this:

  • Getting a connection with the lowest symbol on the current floor will automatically move you up one floor;

  • Getting an up arrow symbol will automatically move you up the number of floors shown on the symbol.

Be careful, if you get a down arrow symbol, you will go down the number of floors shown on the symbol, this will result in adding the low value symbols that are not present on the upper floors. You can go down 1, 2 or 3 floors, conversely, it is possible to gain between 1 and 12 floors when going up. On the 12th floor for example, only the 2 highest value symbols are present on the grid whereas all 13 symbols are present on the 1st floor. When you start on Cash Elevator, you will be placed on the 3rd floor. If you reach the ground floor, you will then be propelled to a random floor between the first and 12th. If you reach the 13th floor, you will trigger the Hold and Spin feature.

The different symbols in Cash Elevator

There are many different symbols in Cash Elevator and the lift feature will help to reduce this diversity as you climb the floors. The Wild symbol represented by a man or a woman can appear and trigger the Dead Lover free spins. There are no Scatters and the pay symbols are divided into 2 categories:

  • High value symbols, often called premium, are represented by the Cash Elevator symbol, a cat, a pocket watch, an old telephone, a key, a car and safes. They are high in value, but are more rare;

  • Low value symbols, often called common symbols, are represented by the high values in a deck of cards.

Below are the potential payouts for a €1 bet.

The different connections in Cash Elevator

There are many different connections available in Cash Elevator. Indeed, 20 different connection lines are predefined. Whether it's lines, diagonals or buttons, connections are made from left to right with a minimum of 3 reels with the same symbol. The image below shows you each connection line available on this slot.

How the Cash Elevator bonus works

As previously explained, there are no Scatter symbols in Cash Elevator, so in order to get a bonus, you must reach the 13th floor or see a Wild appear on an entire reel. The first bonus is a classic respin. When you reach the 13th floor, either way, the Hold and Spin bonus is triggered and a floor is randomly selected. The grid is then cleared of symbols. You are prompted to choose from 3 crows, you will then be given a number of symbols to start the bonus. Only coins, banknotes and multipliers can appear on the grid and stay there. Coins and notes are Money symbols, which have a value corresponding to a win. You start the bonus with 4 respins, when a symbol appears on the grid, the spin counter is reset to 4. The bonus ends when the grid is completely filled or no symbol appears for 4 consecutive spins.

  • Coin symbols have a random value;

  • The banknote symbols have a value related to the current floor;

  • X symbols have a multiplier that affects the total winnings. The X symbols multiply each other.

The second bonus is the Dead Lovers free spins, which is the most volatile. To get it, you just have to see a Wild appear on the whole reel during the paying spins. Again, you will have to choose from 3 options to get the number of free spins between 6 and 12. If both Wilds appear on their respective reels during the same payout round, then the number of free spins varies between 12 and 24. A floor is chosen randomly and the free spins start with a wild occupying the entirety of reels 1 and 5. When a connection is made with the lowest value symbol on the current floor, the Wilds move one reel closer together to occupy reels 2 and 4. A new connection with the lowest possible value symbol merges the 2 Wilds on reel 3 and awards another 5 free spins. Each connection with the lowest value symbol moves the Wilds one reel apart, placing them on reels 2 and 4 and then 1 and 5 before they repeat the same pattern until the free spins end.

Our review of Cash Elevator

With Cash Elevator, Pragmatic Play has come up with a truly original and atypical slot game. The tier system is refreshing and very exciting. The graphics are of high quality and the world is worked to the point of giving the sensation of being in an attraction. Although offering few base game features, Cash Elevator makes up for it with 2 different bonuses and a very high volatility. It's very difficult to make connections when you're on the lowest floors, but fortunately the ground floor feature makes up for this by propelling you higher. Cash Elevator is an excellent slot machine with a very impressive payout potential of up to 20,000 times the original bet. Don't hesitate to try your luck in this infernal lift!

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📈 What is the volatility of Cash Elevator


💸 What is the RTP of Cash Elevator


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Cash Elevator ?


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