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Free slot: Books & Temples

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Creation year2019

How Books & Temples works

Are you passionate about ancient Egypt and the many secrets it holds? Then Books & Temples is for you! This slot machine was designed in 2019 by the online games provider Gamomat and you can find it on many gaming platforms. You'll play as an explorer searching for buried treasures around huge Egyptian temples.

Books & Temples features a usual format for online games from Gamomat. Indeed, 5 reels are present and contain 3 symbols each. The objective of this slot is to make connections using identical symbols on at least the first three reels. Books & Temples does not offer many base game features, but this slot does have 2 bonus features!

The only original feature present on the Books & Temples slot machine is the presence of a symbol representing the Egyptian god Horus. This serves as a wild, which means that it substitutes for any symbol and makes connections easier. Each time it makes a connection, the wild will expand, meaning that it will expand across the entire reel.

The different symbols in Books & Temples

There are 10 different symbols in the Books & Temples slot, which must be connected to win. The classic symbols all have the same value, appear more often and pay the least. They are represented by the highest values in a pack of cards, namely the Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

The infographic below shows the payout range of all classic symbols in the Books & Temples slot game (€1 bet).

Books & Temples contains symbols that are much more difficult to connect but also have a higher payout: these are called premium symbols. They are represented by objects or characters reminiscent of ancient Egypt, including

  • the eye of Horus

  • the winged scarab

  • Bastet

  • Anubis

  • the Sphinx

  • The Explorer

The following image shows the value of each premium symbol in the Books & Temples slot machine (€1 bet).

Books & Temples' different connections

Like most slot machines, the objective of Books & Temples is to connect 3 to 5 identical symbols from left to right to win. To be valid, these connections must be made on the paylines provided. The longer the connection, the higher the payout. There are 10 connection lines on the Books & Temples slot machine, which you can see in the following image.

How the Books & Temples bonus works

Books & Temples manages to stand out from the competition by offering its users 2 distinct bonuses containing totally different features, which will vary the pleasures and enrich your gaming experience.

  • Books Bonus

This bonus is earned by seeing at least 3 book symbols (also known as wilds) appear on the same game spin. You will be awarded 10 free spins and have the opportunity to retrigger if during the free spins 3 scatters appear simultaneously.

As usual, the "Books " bonus will award you a random symbol before the free spins start. It will be your reference symbol and will be expandable, meaning it will span the entire reel. Wins will be made if 3 classic symbols appear at the same time, regardless of their location on the grid. If your reference symbol is premium, then 2 premium symbols will be enough to win.

  • Temples Bonus

You will be eligible for the "Temples" bonus if you get at least 3 symbols that are temples. You will be awarded 12 free spins and you have the possibility to retrigger during the free spins.

The principle of this bonus is simple: every time a wild appears, the lowest value premium symbol is transformed into the symbol above it on the payout scale. This is repeated until the explorer (best symbol) has replaced all premium symbols. This feature will have the effect of having more high value symbols on the grid, which makes it possible to have a high chance of making strong symbol connections, and therefore winning huge prizes.

Expandable wilds also allow you to claim free spins:

  • 1 wild = 1 free spin

  • 2 wilds = 3 free spins

  • 3 wilds = 12 free spins

Our opinion on Books & Temples

Gamomat stays true to its principles with Books & Temples by not making any effort on the visual of its slots and by betting everything on efficiency. Indeed, the slots of this provider all look the same and offer more or less similar features, but Books & Temples still manages to stand out by offering 2 different bonus features, both of which are equally interesting.

Books & Temples is a very volatile slot. The payout ratio (RTP) is 96.10% and the maximum multiplier on this slot can be as high as 2000x your original bet!

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📈 What is the volatility of Books & Temples


💸 What is the RTP of Books & Temples


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Books & Temples ?


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