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Free slot: Boilin' Pots

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Creation year2022

How Boilin' Pots works

In the world of online casino, the different online game providers are constantly trying to think outside the box to come up with new slot machines that are both highly volatile, where you can win big, but above all, original! Today, too many slot machines that come out look the same, which can bore players, who not only want to win money, but also want to do it on slots where they can have fun. This is not only due to the theme chosen, but also, and more importantly, to the features that are available. So, what about the creation we are going to talk about today? Welcome to Boilin' Pots, a slot machine straight from the studios of Yggdrasil Gaming!

Released at the very end of May 2022, you can already find this slot machine at many online casinos promoted by Lucky7Bonus. Here, get out the grimoires and potions of all kinds because the slot takes you to the heart of a pot! Graphically, the slot is very pleasant, we find ourselves in a universe that is not without reminding Merlin the Enchanter. The music that accompanies your sessions, as well as the sound effects, are also very well done. If the game grid seems at first sight very classic, with five reels that host three symbols each, you will see that you will be able to extend this starting grid, thanks to a particular symbol that we present to you a little further down. In addition to this feature, you will find one more in the basic game. But that's not all, because you can also unlock free spins on Boilin' Pots.

The first feature present in the basic game is centered on a particular symbol, represented by an arrow pointing down. When one of these symbols appears, an additional row is added to the game grid, and this can be up to seven rows.

This arrow symbol also proves itself very useful when it comes to triggering the second feature of the base game. That's because if you manage to get four arrow symbols on the same paying spin, it triggers the Wild Respin feature. Here, respins continue to be awarded as long as winning combinations are formed. In addition, respins allow wild symbols to appear on the reels, and even take over an entire reel. The feature ends when no more wins appear.

The Boilin' Pots slot has a volatility that is considered high and a payout rate to the player that is estimated to be 96%, which puts it in the middle of the pack of slots on the market. The maximum payout is 10,114 times your original bet, which is a very nice jackpot.

The different symbols of Boilin' Pots

On Boilin' Pots, you will find a number of symbols, which fit perfectly into the universe discussed here. These symbols can be divided into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols. 

But before that, let's talk about the Wild symbol, represented by a mushroom with the dedicated inscription on it. This symbol can replace any symbol, with the exception of the Scatter symbol, as in most slot machines. However, it has no particular value, it just takes the value of the symbol it replaces. However, it is possible to see it taking over an entire reel during the Wild Respins feature.

Let's move on to the classic symbols, starting with the common symbols. These symbols are considered as such because they appear more often, are easier to connect but have a lower payoff. There are five of them, and they contain different ingredients that can be found in the pot:

  • A Mandrake root

  • A blue hand

  • One eye

  • A dragon's wing

  • A vial of potion

Below are the potential payouts for each common symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Then you have the premium symbols, of which there are also five. These symbols are considered as such because they appear less frequently, are more difficult to connect, but in return have a much more interesting payout. They are represented by different gems:

  • The green gem

  • The blue gem

  • The orange gem

  • The red gem

  • The grimoire

As with the common symbols, below are the potential payouts for each premium symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Finally, Boilin' Pots has a Scatter symbol, which you can't miss because it says Bonus on it. It is this symbol that will allow you to access the free spins of the slot, which we will discuss in the dedicated section.

Connections in Boilin' Pots

As you will have noticed, in the Boilin' Pots slot machine, we are entitled to a rather classic starting grid at first sight, the fact that we can enlarge it is something very unusual, and therefore very appreciable. Moreover, the connection system is not the most classic, since you do not have fixed paylines.

Here, in order for a connection to occur, and thus to realize winnings, the same symbol must appear at least once on all three columns of your starting grid, regardless of its position on said reel. The farther your symbol goes on a payline, the bigger your win. With the basic 5x3 game grid, you have 243 ways to connect, but if you manage to expand the grid to its maximum, you will have no less than 16,807 ways to connect! Please note that the connections on this design only work from left to right. Below is an example of a valid connection and an example of an invalid connection.

How the bonus works in Boilin' Pots

As mentioned in the introduction to this Boilin' Pots review, it is quite possible to access a bonus feature on Red Tiger. In order to access the free games, you will need to land a minimum of three Scatter symbols, which will pay you 10 times your starting bet. If you land four Scatters, you will get a payout of 100 times your original bet. 

This feature is played on a maximum size grid, 5x7, on which either cash or win symbols may appear. Cash symbols can have values of 1, 2, 3, 5, 25 or 50 times your bet, while win symbols can be 100, 200, 500, 1,000 or 5,000 the starting bet. Here, only the middle line pays out, so you only win when symbols are found there.

You get three free spins, and every time a Cash or Win symbol appears on the payline, the number is reset to three. The feature ends when the spins are complete and the total win is paid out.

If you don't have the patience to get the bonus naturally, you will be able to purchase the bonus feature on Boilin' Pots for 49.5 times your original bet.

Our opinion on Boilin' Pots

Let's say it like it is, Boilin' Pots ticks all the boxes of a successful slot machine! Indeed, Yggdrasil offers us here a fun slot, very original and very well made, with very good graphics and sound effects.

The gameplay is very simple to understand, allowing any player to play it and have fun! The basic game seems very basic at first glance, but this is only a facade, as you will have the possibility to enlarge the game grid, giving you more ways to connect. The basic game features are interesting, but it's the Boilin' Pots bonus that will give you the best chance of getting the maximum slot win, which is 10,114 times your initial bet.

Boilin' Pots by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot with a volatility that is considered high and an RTP of 96%, which puts it right in the middle of the pack of slots on the market. Note that you can test this slot for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of Boilin' Pots


💸 What is the RTP of Boilin' Pots


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Boilin' Pots ?


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