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Free slot: Babushkas

Provider : Thunderkick

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How Babushkas works

In the ultra-competitive world of slot machines, providers have to redouble their efforts in order to offer to the growing number of players, machines that are both entertaining, with features that keep you on the edge of your seat, but also original, with unique graphics and animations of their kind. Well, this is what awaits you on Babushkas, the slot signed by the provider Thunderkick, and released at the end of August 2018.

As its name suggests, the Babushkas slot takes you to Russia and features one of the key objects of Vladimir Putin's country culture: Russian dolls! Thunderkick does a great job, offering very nice graphics, successful animations and a music perfectly in line with the universe approached which will either enchant you or drive you completely crazy!

The starting grid is one of the most classic in the world of slots, as it consists of five columns with three symbols each. Several features are present in the basic game, and it will be possible to get free spins on the Babushkas slot.

These different features are all related to the Wild symbol, represented by an egg with the letter W written on it. In fact, there are two versions of this Wild symbol: a classic one with only the letter W and another one, which looks identical but has a star on it. It is the latter that will interest us. Indeed, if this symbol appears, the egg will open to offer you one of three random features, all featuring a bear:

  • The scary bear: the lowest symbols will all be increased by one, two or three levels, depending on the size of the bear

  • Charming Bear: all symbols increase by one level

  • The dancing bear: this bear is the most interesting because it is this one that will allow you to get free spins, seven to be exact

The Babushkas slot has a low volatility and a 95% payout ratio (RTP), which puts it slightly below the average slot machine on the market. As for the maximum payout, it's 390 times your original bet, which isn't huge, but it's consistent with the low volatility of the machine.

The different symbols of Babushkas

Babushkas is a multi-symbol slot machine, and as previously mentioned, there is also a Wild symbol, which can substitute for any symbol.

As for the classic symbols, you don't have any common or premium symbols like in the majority of slot machines. Here you have a single category of symbols, six in number, which of course represent the famous Russian dolls:

  • The green doll, which can earn you up to 0.4 times your original bet

  • The blue doll, which can earn you up to 0.5 times your original bet

  • The purple doll, which can earn you up to 0.7 times your original bet

  • The pink doll, which can earn you up to 0.8 times your original bet

  • The red doll, which can earn you up to 1x your original bet

  • The orange doll, which can earn you up to 1.5 times your original bet

  • The yellow doll, which can earn you up to 2 times your original bet

Below are the potential payouts for each symbol in relation to a one euro bet.

Connections in Babushkas

Thunderkick Babushkas slot machine has a classic starting grid, but it has a connection system that is quite original. The slot offers you 17 fixed paylines, and to make a connection you need to connect a minimum of three identical symbols starting from the leftmost reel.

But what makes the machine unique is that the different symbols have levels, ranging from 6 to 0. And when you make a connection, your symbols have the possibility to move to the next level, provided that one of the symbols corresponding to the level is on the grid. For example, you make a connection with the green doll, which is level 6. If one or more symbols of the blue doll, which is level 5, are present on your grid, then the level 6 symbols will change to level 5 symbols. This will continue as long as there are symbols for the next level. If you manage to get to level 0, then you will get the ghost symbol, which can pay you up to 100 times your original bet!

How the bonus works in Babushkas

As it has been said before in this Babuskas review, you will be able to unlock free spins on the Thunderkick slot machine. To do this, you will need a bit of luck and a lot of patience. Indeed, the free spins can only be obtained via the Wild symbol, and falling on the dancing bear. When this is done, then you will be granted 7 free spins.

When you are in your bonus game, a wild symbol will appear on each of your spins on the third reel, giving you more chances to make connections and thus win, and why not hit the jackpot of 390 times your initial bet.

However, you will have to be patient, because it is not possible to buy the bonus on Babushkas.

Our opinion on Babushkas

As you could read throughout this article about Babushkas, we have again a very good creation from the provider Thunderkick, which is known for its risk-taking, often paying off. Here, we have good and pleasant graphics and animations and a music that fits perfectly in the Russian universe.

The basic game is entertaining, and the various features present are interesting. The connection system is unique and that is the great strength of this slot machine. But it's the free games that can win you the jackpot, which is 390 times your initial bet.

Babushkas is a slot machine that is considered to have low volatility and an RTP of 95%, which places it slightly below the average slot machine on the market.

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📈 What is the volatility of Babushkas


💸 What is the RTP of Babushkas


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Babushkas ?


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