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Free slot: Aztec Bonanza

Provider : Pragmatic Play

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ProviderPragmatic Play
Creation year2020

How Aztec Bonanza works

The Aztec Bonanza slot machine was created by provider Pragmatic Play and deployed in online casinos on February 18, 2020. The Aztec temples plunged into the Mexican forest are open-air gold mines. As you wander through the maze of temples, great surprises can await you. Make your way to your wealth through the stones and galleries.

Aztec Bonanza is a slot machine with a 2-4-6-4-2 pattern (expandable to 6x5) and filled with symbols connecting adjacent to each other.

With an RTP of 96.53% and high volatility, you can win up to 19,000 times your bet.

The different symbols of Aztec Bonanza

Different types of symbols are available on Aztec Bonanza :

  • Minor symbols: They are represented by the clover, the heart, the spade, and the tile. They pay differently depending on their rarity.

  • Major symbols: They are represented by gemstones of different colors. They pay differently according to their rarity.

  • Mystery Symbol: It is represented by a molten statue and turns into a specific payment symbol during a round of the game. All the special symbols on the game board change into the same symbol.

The different connections in Aztec Bonanza

On Aztec Bonanza, connections are made from left to right with a minimum of three symbols on the first three rolls. Connections are made adjacent to each other with a maximum potential of 384 possible pay lines at the beginning and 7776 possible pay lines when the entire grid is unlocked. Each winning connection triggers the cascade function, which allows the connected symbols to be replaced by new ones landing from the top of the grid.

Another feature is available on Aztec Bonanza that allows you to unlock small powers as the trick progresses.

At the beginning of a turn, the four corners of the game grid are blocked by stones. To destroy them it is necessary to link two winning connections interspersed with an avalanche. Each exploded corner gives you access to a power to continue the game round and help explode the other corners:

  • Top left corner: The holes generated by the previous connection are replaced by mystery symbols and become the same symbol.

  • Top right corner : Up to three minor symbols are replaced by three major symbols.

  • Bottom left corner: All symbols on scrolls 1 and 2 are replaced by large 2x2 symbols.

  • Bottom right corner : All symbols on rolls 4 and 5 are replaced by large 2x2 symbols.

After each connection, the avalanche functionality is activated.

How the Aztec Bonanza bonus works

The Aztec Bonanza bonus game is launched when all four corners of the game grid are unblocked and there is no longer any connection during the basic game. The bonus game is played on a 5x6 grid with 7776 possible pay lines. At each free round, a special random feature is launched:

  • Mystery Symbols: Mystery symbols appear on the game grid and turn into the same symbol.

  • Symbol Transform: Up to three minor symbols are transformed into major symbols.

  • Giant Symbols: Giant 2x2 symbols land on reels 1,2 and 4,5.

The avalanche system is also present during the bonus game.

Our opinion about Aztec Bonanza

Aztec Bonanza is visually a great success, as is its concept, which is totally innovative. The way to get the free spins is a total novelty in the world of slot machines. The high potential may seem very appealing on the surface, but you'll have to fight to even launch the bonus game or get a big payout. Because of this simple fact, few players enjoy this slot machine because of the few hits they get on Aztec Bonanza. While we think the concept of Aztec Bonanza is a very good thing, Pragmatic Play has clearly missed its winning frequency so that players can see its true potential.

Frequently asked questions

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Aztec Bonanza ?


📈 What is the volatility of Aztec Bonanza


💸 What is the RTP of Aztec Bonanza


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Aztec Bonanza ?


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