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Free slot: 60 Seconds Heist

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How 60 Seconds Heist works

In the world of online casino, it is not uncommon to see different online game providers using cultural monuments, such as artists, mythical musical groups or successful film licenses, to create slot machines. Very often, this guarantees success for the provider, because players, especially novices, like to find elements that they know on a slot machine. And the slot we are going to talk about today can be a big hit for its creator. Welcome to 60 Seconds Heist, a slot from Yggdrasil Gaming!

Released on February 24, 2022, the 60 Seconds Heist slot has its origins in the movie Gone in 60 seconds, a real blockbuster from the early 2000s with Nicolas Cage! Here, you play as a criminal at the wheel of his fast car, on his way to rob the slot and take home the loot! Graphically, the slot machine is really pleasant to play, thanks to very good animations. As for the sound atmosphere, everything is done to make you feel a great adrenaline rush! The starting grid is relatively classic, as it is composed of five columns, each with four symbols. Features are present in the base game, while you can also unlock free games on 60 Seconds Heist.

The first feature present in the basic game is the Turbo Lock Respin. This feature can be triggered randomly after a winning spin. All symbols that are part of a connection remain in place while the remaining symbols are respun. All new winning symbols lock for an additional spin. This feature continues for five seconds and then the final win is awarded.

The second feature is actually a gamble function. In fact, when possible, players can adjust a slider on the bonus bet feature. By increasing the bet, you increase your chances of unlocking the free games.

60 Seconds Heist is a slot machine with a high volatility, while the payout ratio (RTP) is 96.50%, which puts it slightly above the average slot on the market. As for the maximum payout, you're in for a treat as it's 60,000 times your original bet, which is a huge jackpot to try and hit! And as you'll see, at 60 Seconds Heist, it's best to keep your foot on the gas, because here, every second counts!

The different symbols of 60 Seconds Heist

60 Seconds Heist by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot machine with several symbols, which can be divided into two categories: common symbols and premium symbols. Symbols that perfectly respect the universe that is being discussed here. There is also a wild symbol, which can be represented in two ways: either by a female criminal or by a female FBI agent. And as in the majority of slot machines, it can be substituted for any symbol, except for the Scatter symbols.

Then there are the different symbols that you will need to connect in order to make wins. First of all, there are the common symbols, of which there are five. These symbols are considered as such because they are the symbols that appear most often, but have a much lower payout. As with many slots on the market, these symbols are represented by the highest values in a deck of cards:

  • The 10

  • The Jack (J)

  • The Lady (Q)

  • The King (K)

  • The Ace (A)

Below is a screen showing the potential payouts for each common symbol, based on a bet of one euro.

In addition to the common symbols, you also have premium symbols, which are more numerous as there are seven of them. These symbols are called premium symbols because, unlike the common symbols, they appear much less frequently, but because of this, they have a much more interesting payoff. They are represented by different objects and characters that belong to this universe:

  • The bundles of bills

  • Gold bars

  • The bag of diamonds

  • The pig-headed robber

  • The gang member

  • The monkey-faced robber

  • The driver, the most profitable symbol of the slot

As with the common symbols, below is a screen showing the potential winnings for each premium symbol, based on a bet of one euro.

Finally, there is also a Scatter symbol, represented by a stopwatch. This symbol will allow you to access the 60 Seconds Heist free games, which we will discuss later in this review.

Connections in 60 Seconds Heist

In Yggdrasil Gaming's 60 Seconds Heist slot machine, we are treated to a classic starting grid with a connection system that is a little less so. Indeed, here, no fixed paylines to allow you to make connections. Making connections has never seemed so easy!

For a connection to occur, and thus to realize winnings, the same symbol must appear at least once on the first three columns of your starting grid, regardless of the position on the game grid. The further your symbol appears on the grid, the bigger your win. Please note that on the Yggdrasil slot machine, the connections only work from left to right.

How the bonus works in 60 Seconds Heist

As previously mentioned in the introduction to this 60 Seconds Heist review, you will be able to access a bonus feature, called Win Time Free Spins. To access this feature, all you need to do is make three Scatter symbols appear on your game grid.

Note that you do not get a predefined number of free spins. Instead, a 60-second timer starts, and your bonus game ends when the time runs out. Your goal is to try to collect as many wins as possible before the timer runs out. Also, keep an eye on the edge of the grid! You'll see a light moving forward. Each time it completes a round, the associated multiplier increases by 1, and is applied to all subsequent wins. And the higher your multiplier, the faster it increases!

In addition, you also have the Scatter symbols that are there to help you! Indeed, you have the Scatter Extra Time which, as its name suggests, adds time to your clock, but also the Speed Boost, which increases the speed of the reels, the calculation of the winnings as well as the light going around the board, and this, for a short period.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase the bonus feature of 60 Seconds Heist. So you'll have to be patient!

Our opinion on 60 Seconds Heist

Yggdrasil Gaming has quickly established itself as one of the best online game providers in the market. This has been achieved by offering original, fun slots with ever increasing winning potential. And this is once again the case with 60 Seconds Heist, which ticks all these boxes and could well be one of the best slots of this year 2022.

The gameplay is simple, effective, and you are sure not to get bored on this slot, so much speed and adrenaline are at the rendezvous. The graphics and animations are very successful, as well as the sound effects. The features present in the basic game are very interesting and will ideally spice up your game session. But it's the free slot games that will be your best weapon to hit the jackpot of 60 Seconds Heist, which amounts to 60,000 times your initial bet!

60 Seconds Heist by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot machine that is considered to have a high volatility and an RTP of 96.50%, which ranks it slightly above the average slot machine on the market. Note that you can test 60 Seconds Heist for free directly at Lucky7Bonus.

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📈 What is the volatility of 60 Seconds Heist


💸 What is the RTP of 60 Seconds Heist


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine 60 Seconds Heist ?


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