4 Corners of Rome
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Free slot: 4 Corners of Rome

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ProviderGames Global
Creation year2022

How 4 Corners of Rome works

4 Corners of Rome is a creation of the provider Microgaming. This slot is available since June 20, 2022 at some of the online casinos that are present at Lucky7Bonus.

Passionate about history? Then you will be very happy to play this creation. As its name suggests, it pays tribute to Ancient Rome, a historical period that is very much used in the gambling world.

The musical atmosphere is quite captivating, while the graphics will immerse you perfectly in this universe. The starting grid is special. It is divided into 5 columns with 3 and 5 symbols inside, depending on the place.

On columns 1 and 5, symbols are located in each corner, so that column 1 and 5 contains only 3 symbols. These symbols have a special feature: they trigger the functionality in the basic game.

You can win bonus games in 4 Corners of Rome.

The connections work with predefined lines. A game round stops as soon as a connection is made. However, during the functionality in the basic game, the connections are different.

The minimum bet on this slot is 0.10 euros, while you can have a maximum bet of 30 euros. Depending on the platform you play on, the bets may vary.

4 Corners of Rome is a free slot game to try at Lucky7Bonus.

The functionality in the base game is triggered as follows:

  • The same symbol must appear on the diagonal. In the following screen, you can see that the blue spade symbol is on the diagonal of each other. Therefore, the functionality is triggered.

Before the feature starts, all the symbols on the diagonal of the symbols turn into one and the same symbol, the one present in the connecting squares.

After that, it is quite simple to understand how it works: every symbol that can connect will stay. New rounds of the game will be started.

The functionality in the basic game ends when there are no more symbols to connect.

In the following screen, only the blue ones can be connected. However, all symbols can stay and connect. Of course, they must be part of a connection row and appear at least once in your first three columns.

At the top left of your starting grid is a multiplier symbol. The multiplier symbol increases every time two bonus symbols appear.

As soon as the feature is triggered, it will increase the total value of your connection. It will then return to its initial value: x 1.

The different symbols of 4 Corners of Rome

4 Corners of Rome is a slot with 8 payout symbols. Four symbols are among the highest paying symbols. They are called premium symbols because they appear much less than all the others.

These are represented by: a wild, a Roman hat, wine and a scroll. The wild symbol allows you to connect with all the other symbols in the slot.

In the following screen the values of each symbol are displayed. The starting bet is 1 euro.

Four non-premium symbols are also present. These are called so because they are the lowest paying symbols in the slot machine.

They appear much more than the others. These symbols are represented by the four symbols of a classic card game.

The following screen shows the values of each symbol for a starting bet of 1 euro.

A wild symbol is present in 4 Corners of Love. The wild symbol, represented by a W, allows you to connect with all the other symbols.

The different connections of 4 Corners of Love

40 different lines make up the starting grid of 4 Corners of Love. To know the different connections, please refer to the following screen.

The connections on this Micromaging slot are classic. That is, as soon as a connection is made, the game round stops.

For a connection to occur a symbol must appear at least once in your first three columns. In addition to that, it must be part of one of the forty connection lines.

The further the same symbol is present and goes, the more rewarding your final win will be.

Connections on the 4 Corners of Love slot machine work only from left to right. In addition, only the highest paying payout per line is taken into account.

How the 4 Corners of Rome bonus works

To get the 4 Corners of Rome bonus, you will need to get the bonus symbol three times on a single spin.

It will also be possible to buy the free games. This will cost you 50 times your initial stake.

If you decide to buy the bonus games, you will have to spin a wheel. If you fall on the red, you will not have access to the free games. If you fall on the green one, your free games start.

Before your free spins, you will need to choose the volatility of your free games.

The fewer free spins you have, the more volatile your bonus is. Conversely, the more free spins you have, the less volatile your free spins will be.

Depending on your choice, your free games will be different. However, the basic principle of the slot machine remains the same. The four corners do not disappear and are even essential to your free spins.

Our opinion on 4 Corners of Rome

Lovers of Ancient Rome, 4 Corners of Rome may be a slot that interests you. The theme is perfectly reflected in the graphics and the various symbols. The musical atmosphere is also very pleasant.

This Microgaming creation can be quite difficult to understand if you are a novice in the casino world. The functionality in the base game is quite difficult to get to grips with. The different bonus games can also be confusing for many.

For those who know the world of gamblig, this slot can be very interesting.

First of all, it is a slot machine on which you can win up to 6,300 times your initial bet.

Regarding the volatility, it is considered to be high. This means that the slot machine will not pay you back consistently. However, if it decides to pay you, it can be massive.

Finally, the RTP is 96.12%, which puts this slot just slightly above the market average.

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📈 What is the volatility of 4 Corners of Rome


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