Top 10 casino movies
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Top 10 casino movies

In the history of cinema, the casino also has a very important place. Indeed, many films with a casino theme have been released throughout history. If you are a fan of films, but also of the casino, Lucky7Bonus has decided to highlight the 10 best films released with a casino theme.

The following 10 films are not ranked from 1 to 10 and were chosen completely subjectively.

Casino Royale (2006) :

Released in November 2006, this film is one of the best known classics of the "James Bond" series. In this feature film directed by Martin Campbell, James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, confronts Le Chiffre, the most powerful private banker in international terrorism. To achieve his mission, James Bond must win a game of poker against this dangerous banker. However, despite the surveillance of the British government for whom he works, Agent 007 and his partner are the target of numerous assassination attempts. For almost 2 hours and 18 minutes, James Bond carries out numerous missions to bring this dangerous criminal down.

Las Vegas 21 (2008) :

For blackjack fans, this film is made for you. In June 2008, Robert Luketic released one of the most classic casino films ever made. Ben Campbell is a student at M.I.T. who has to find a lot of money to pay for his studies. The little job he does in addition to his studies doesn't bring him enough money for his tuition fees. A very bright math student, Ben Campbell is spotted by a group of students to join a blackjack team. For hours after school, these brilliant mathematicians, with the help of a teacher, develop a strategy for counting cards in blackjack. Once the strategy is developed, the students travel to Las Vegas and begin to win tens of thousands of dollars. However, the students and the professor are spotted by the casino security who will do everything to stop their magnificent series.

For almost 2 hours and 20 minutes, this thrilling film, based on a real-life story, will take you into the world of casino and blackjack.

Casino (1995) :

In 1995 the film Casino by director Martin Scorsese was released. In his film, Ace Rothstein, played by Robert de Niro, is chosen to be the manager of Tangier's, one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Everything was going well until Ace Rothstein had some bad encounters that would change his life forever. While he was at the top of his game and the money was flowing, these bad encounters would push Ace Rothstein to decadence. For almost 3 hours, the director takes you behind the scenes of the casino and some of the mafia circles that surround him. A masterpiece that is absolutely worth watching for casino fans.

Ocean's eleven (2001) :

In 2001, director Steven Soderbergh released the film "Ocean's eleven" which was a great success in France with more than 4.5 million admissions. In this film, George Clooney plays the role of Danny Ocean, a man who wants to rob three casinos in La Vegas: Bellagio, Mirage and MGM Grand. Danny Ocean decides to share his robbery idea with Rusty Ryan, a close friend of his and played by Brad Pitt. To carry out their plan, the two men will surround themselves with a team of 10 men, specialists in their field and in the world of burglary. However, Danny Ocean has another idea behind his head: to get back his beloved who is in couple with the manager of the three casinos they want to rob.

For almost 2 hours, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon or Julia Roberts plunge you into the world of the casino while a suspenseful movie is very pleasant to watch.

The Gambler (2014) :

The Gambler is a remake of the film "The Gambler" released in 1974. Directed by Rupert Wyatt this remake has as main character Jim Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg.

A professor of literature, Jim Bennett is an unconditional fan of gambling. However, he gets a string of defeats and starts to borrow money from his girlfriend and his mother. However, his relatives refuse to continue giving him money so that he ends up in the casino coffers. Thus, this professor decides to turn to bad company to which he will owe a lot of money. In spite of his vice for gambling and his debt, he can't stop gambling.

The Last Casino (2004) :

In 2004, Canadian director Pierre Gill released the film "The Last Casino". This film tells the story of a Canadian professor who is in debt. However, this professor excels at blackjack. To pay off his debts, this professor goes to casinos where he is quickly blacklisted. Indeed, he became known for using techniques such as martingale. Put under pressure by the people he owes money to, this mathematics teacher finds a way out: he trains young people from his school to win instead of him.

This film is available in full on YouTube :

Rounders (1998) :

In 1998, Jonh Dahl directed the dramatic comedy "rounders", or otherwise known as "the players" in French. In this film, Matt Damon, first name Mike McDermott, is a poker virtuoso. However, the young man loses all his savings overnight and decides to ban this game from his life. Mike McDermott, then pushed by his wife, decides to go back to law school. While everything is going well in his life, an old friend of Mike McDermott's resurfaces. To save the life of his friend, who has just been released from prison, Matt Damon must make a choice. He decides to return to the world of poker.

Bob le flambeur (1956) :

In the 1950s, the casino was already well established in the film world, particularly in France. Thus, in 1956, the French director Jean-Pierre Melville released the film "Bob le flambeur". Former mobster, Bob, the main character of the film, is retired. However, he is addicted to gambling. Ruined by gambling, Bob wants to go back to work and wants to pull off a major coup: robbing the Deauville casino.

The Bay of Angels (1963) :

Another French film in this article, "La baie des anges", directed by Jacques Demy. In this one hour and thirty minute film, Jean Fournier is a young bank employee who very quickly becomes a regular casino player. Very lucky, he decides to leave for Nice where he meets a young woman he falls in love with. However, Jean and his wife do not share the same passion for gambling at all. So a Cornelian choice is offered to the young banker: love or gambling?

Croupier (1998) :

Very little emphasized in the films, the casino dealer will be the main theme of Mike Hodges' film. In this film called "Dealer", Clive Owen, the lead actor gets a job as a casino dealer. However, his girlfriend has very little interest in his new job, which is taking up more and more time in his life. In addition, young Clive Owen meets a young woman in the casino where he works. However, she is losing more and more money. Madly in love with each other, the two lovebirds want to use their work for Clive Owen to carry out a hold-up.

The "Las Vegas" series (2003-2008) :

Created by Gary Scott Thompson, this series tells the life story of a casino manager (Ed Deline) and shows all the issues facing the manager of the Montecito. Over the course of 5 seasons, representing a total of 106 episodes, the casino manager and his entire team and entourage track down cheaters, wacky customers, investigate disappearances, but also thwart attacks. In France, this series was very visible since it has been broadcasted on 4 different channels since its creation.

This series highlighted the world of the casino, its dark sides, but also all the measures taken to avoid cheating or fraud.

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