Tilt at the online casino
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Tilt at the online casino

Definition of tilt in a few words

When you watch someone playing live online casino on Twitch, some of them do not hesitate to use the word "tilt". For several months, it is not uncommon to hear this word coming out of the mouths of the most famous streamers. However, tilt is a phenomenon that can have serious consequences for your online casino session, and even for your life in general.

Tilt is a state in which the player begins to lose all his or her ability to think and plays very aggressively or much less safely than usual. Tilt is a real danger for the player and it is rare that the player realises that he is entering a state that could lead to his downfall if he does not recognise the signs quickly enough.

Signs of tilt

Tilt is a way of thinking, reflecting and playing that is totally different from what we normally do. Fortunately for gamblers, there are a number of signals that allow us to realise that we are tilting and thus potentially putting ourselves in danger.

  • Loss of control over our rationality. Indeed, when a person is in a tilt, they lose all rationality. Whether it's the way you play, the amount of money you play, or sometimes even the choices you make during your sessions at a casino, the loss of rationality is a huge sign that a person is going into a tilt.

  • No fun at all. If you decide to go to an online casino, it is primarily to have a good session, regardless of whether you come out a winner or not. However, a person who is in the midst of a tilt will not see it that way. Indeed, the person will no longer enjoy playing. A big win will no longer make the player react and he will only be present by mimicry and not in full consciousness. This is a dangerous state that can lead to the loss of the player. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • Loss of temper. If you are a normally calm person and your session at your favorite online casino is stressing you out, then it's time for you to end your session. Indeed, loss of composure and stress are two factors that show that a person is tilting. Online gambling should remain a pleasure, not a strain.

  • Getting angry quickly or excessively. It's been several minutes now that your scale keeps going down and no gain is coming in, so your brain starts to tilt and you start to get angry. Indeed, getting upset is a sign that a person is moving from a normal state to a tilted state. If this is the case, take a step back from the situation.

How to prevent tilt?

Tilt is an emotional and psychological state that puts the player in a state of limbo. Like many emotional states, tilt has signs that let us know we are not in our usual state. Therefore, the question of how to prevent tilt becomes legitimate. Firstly, people who experience tilt are often prone to :

  • Stress.

  • A long period of bad luck in online casino or gambling.

  • People get bored when they play online casinos, they don't enjoy playing anymore.

  • Lack of sleep.

Indeed, tilt can be caused by your daily life. You have a stressful job, you don't get much sleep and you decide to play at the online casino to relax, all factors combined are likely to cause you to tilt. Also, if you are having a long period of bad luck with gambling, don't chase your losses. Indeed, some people tilt because they lose a lot of money in one go. The worst mistake you can make is to try to make up for lost money. Remember, online casino is always a winner in the long run, it should remain a pleasure and not a way to make money.

How to react in case of tilt during a session?

If you've had a hard day and want to go to your online casino to relax, it might be a good idea. However, before you play, you set yourself several rules: don't lose too much money, don't tilt if you lose, etc.

The beginning of your session goes perfectly well, you keep winning and you see your balance rise consistently. After more than an hour of playing, you hesitate: continue or withdraw the money? Thinking that luck is on your side, you decide to raise your balance. However, the wheel seems to have turned and you can't win any more money. Your balance has dropped considerably and the smile that was on your face at the beginning of your session has now become strained and tense. You no longer enjoy playing, you bet more and more money when you have less and less. You become irritable as soon as someone tries to explain to you that it is time to stop. Playing is no longer fun, your only goal now is not to have a good session, but just to get your money back. When you win money, no emotion comes out of you anymore.

What has just been described is a perfect example of a person tilting. So, if during one of your sessions you feel that your state is starting to change, that your session is no longer fun and that you are gambling more and more money, take a step back and simply stop gambling.

Come back to the online casino as soon as you feel better, but especially when you have taken a step back and reflected on what happened to you at that moment. It is important to keep the online casino fun.

Tilt and casino addiction: same or different?

As you read this article, you may think that tilt and casino addiction are similar. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Tilting can lead to a person gambling huge sums of money, but only on their current game session. It is very rare that a person who tilts will take his or her credit card back to play again. A person who is addicted to casino gambling will want to chase his or her losses.

Tilt is also a "second" state that causes the player to do, think, and do things that they are not used to doing. However, as soon as the game session ends, even if the player is angry or frustrated, he or she will return to a normal state a few hours after the session has ended. This is not necessarily the case for a player who is addicted to the casino. Indeed, a player who is "hooked" by the casino will be very upset, several hours or even days after the end of his session. As gambling is too important a part of his life, he will not be able to get out of this state without the help of an institution.

Tilt, as stated in this article, is a state that the player can control. Indeed, there are several signals that allow players to realise that they are tilting and therefore potentially putting themselves at risk for the current session. A person who can't get enough of the casino won't even think about taking a step back from the situation. The person who is completely addicted to the online casino will think about slot machines all day long. As soon as they get the chance, they will play from their mobile phone or even their computer. This is not the case for a tilted person.

However, even if the two things are different, the barrier between the two is not very big. Indeed, a non-addictive person who tilts could very easily become an addicted person to the online casino. However, going the other way is much harder to do.

So, if you feel that you are no longer enjoying playing online casino, that you are playing compulsively, that your finances are deteriorating because of it, we strongly advise you to stop.

States all over the world are setting up telephone numbers or websites for people who can no longer control their gambling addiction. So, if you feel that you are starting to go to the wrong side and that the casino may be putting you at risk, we strongly recommend that you turn to one of these institutions.

A few months ago, Lucky7Bonus did an article about gambling addiction. To find out more about this life-destroying addiction, click here to read it.

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