The x 150 000 obtained on San Quentin xWays !
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The x 150 000 obtained on San Quentin xWays !

Presentation of San Quentin xWays

Released at the beginning of 2021 by the provider Nolimit City, San Quentin xWays is a slot machine that is much talked about in the online casino world. Indeed, this slot is one of the most volatile in the world with a maximum payout of up to 150,000 times your starting bet. Although the base game can be very generous, it is the bonus feature that can help you win the jackpot.

As you can see in the previous screen, the starting grid is composed of 5 vertical columns and 3 horizontal lines. In order to get the bonus games, at least three bonus symbols must appear on your screen during the same game round. The more bonus symbols you get in the same game round, the more grids you will unlock. For example:

  • For 3 bonus symbols: 3 unlocked grids

  • For 4 bonus symbols: 4 unlocked grids

  • For 5 bonus symbols: 5 unlocked grids

What makes San Quentin xWays famous is the bonus buy function which allows you to buy all the bonuses of this slot machine, even the maximum bonus with 5 bonus symbols. This means that each bonus purchase has a different value:

  • Bonus purchase with 3 symbols: 100 times your starting bet

  • Bonus purchase with 4 symbols: 400 times your starting bet

  • Bonus purchase with 5 symbols: 2,000 times your starting bet

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The first x 150,000 on San Quentin xWays

A few days ago, Nolimit City announced that a Canadian player has won 150,000 times his starting bet on the San Quentin xWays slot machine. A video of the jackpot won by the Canadian was even posted on the provider's YouTube channel.

The starting set-up

As you can imagine, if the player won 150,000 times his initial bet, luck was on his side. Nolimit City did not specify whether the player got the bonus with spins on the machine or whether he bought it. It is with the 5 unlocked grids, the second most profitable symbol x 5 and 14 spins that the bonus game will take place.

The bonus process

The first 7 laps pay only very little to the Canadian, but allow to increase the wild in a consequent way: x8, x4, x4. It is from lap number 7 that the first big connections start to take place, with notably a gain of 2 155 €. The next two spins do not give anything, but once again increase the wild: x16, x16, x4. From spin 5 to spin 2, the balance increases, but not significantly. The wild in x4 goes to x8 which now gives: x16, x16 and x16.

Then the turn of a lifetime comes. It is on the 12th spin completed that the Canadian will win a colossal amount of money. The grid connects the three wild x16 and the second most rewarding symbol x 5. With a win of €72,100 on this round alone, he wins 120,166 times his initial bet. Finally, the last round brings his balance up to €80,000, which immediately stops the remaining rounds since the maximum win has been reached.

Lucky7Bonus offers you the complete bonus video.

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