The NBA playoffs: a must-see event for bettors!
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The NBA playoffs: a must-see event for bettors!

What is the NBA and the Playoffs in a nutshell

The NBA, otherwise known as the National Basketball Association, is the main basketball league in the United States. It was founded in 1946 and quickly became the benchmark for orange ball in the United States. Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan are just some of the players who have made the sport explode around the world over the generations. In recent years, basketball has taken on an increasingly important role in French sport, thanks in particular to French speakers Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Evan Fournier, Nicolas Batum and Rudy Gobert.

The NBA is a closed league where 30 teams are divided into two conferences: the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. Each year, teams play 82 games in the regular season. Once the regular season is over, some franchises finish their season while others play the playoffs.

Difficult to understand for the uninitiated, the playoffs are the most anticipated moment each year by spectators and television viewers around the world.

In the year 2021, the NBA has decided to test a new way to approach the playoffs with the play in tournament. Lucky7Bonus will explain in a few lines how it works.

At the end of the regular season, the top 6 teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs in their conference. The 7th team in the Eastern Conference plays the 8th team in the Eastern Conference and the same thing happens in the West. The winner of this match qualifies for the rest of the finals where they will play the 2nd team in their conference. The loser of this match will meet the winner of the match between the team that finished 9th and 10th in their conference. The team that wins this match will meet the 1st place team in their conference.

Below is the playoff table for the 2020-2021 season.

Once these matches are over, the playoffs begin. For a team to qualify for the next round, it must win at least 4 matches. This 4-win system works throughout the entire playoffs.

Analysis of the Eastern Conference

This season, the Eastern Conference offers a very open field where some very good teams will meet sooner or later. With the finals only a few days old, we offer a quick analysis of each series.

Philadelphia Sixers vs Washington Wizards

On paper, it's the match-up that looks the most lopsided, as it pits the 8th place team in the Eastern Conference (Washington) against the team that has dominated all season, the Sixers. After 3 meetings, the mass seems to be said between the two teams since the Sixers dominate on the score of 3-1 and are only one game away from going to the semi-finals. Even if the Wizards are led by a very big Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, they can't do anything against Joel Embiid, the Sixers pivot. The Cameroonian is very dominant in the paint and is also very well surrounded. Thus, this series seems largely to the advantage of the Sixers who are heading straight to the semi-finals.

Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics

On paper, this quarter-final seems totally unbalanced, as it pits the 2nd in the conference against the 7th. The Celtics have been struggling all season and had to go through the play in tournament to get to the finals. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has been very consistent. While last year the Nets were eliminated in the first round by a 4-0 score by the Toronto Raptors, the New York team has been drastically strengthened this summer with the arrival of : Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Boston, on the other hand, had made it to the conference finals where they failed.

While the first two games were largely dominated by the Nets, Boston still managed to win the third game of the series. However, Boston's men were unable to contain the Nets' offense during Game 4, which allowed Kevin Durant's teammates to take a very nice lead in this 3-1 series. Given the Nets' superiority over the games, it seems hard to believe that Boston can turn the tide, especially with 3 games in a row to win.

Bucks de Milwaukee vs Heat de Miami

Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the semi-finals (4-1). The Milwaukee Bucks (3rd in the Eastern Conference) were facing the Miami Heat (6th in the Eastern Conference) in the first round of the playoffs. The Bucks were disappointed to have been eliminated by the Heat last season, but they got their revenge by winning the series easily with a score of 4-0. During the series, only the first game was close. After that, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates did the job by inflicting 3 severe losses on Erik Spooelstra's men.

Hawks d'Atlanta vs Knicks de New York

This is the final series of the Eastern Conference and it pits two surprise teams from the regular season against each other: the Atlanta Hawks and the New York Knicks. From a sporting point of view, the two teams seem to be equal. However, on the court, it is not the same. Although the series was 1-1 in the first two meetings, it seems to have turned in Atlanta's favour. Indeed, two games later, the score is now 3-1. The New Yorkers will need to pull off three wins to advance to the Eastern Conference semi-finals. Atlanta, on the other hand, will have to secure just one win out of their next three possible matches.

Western Conference Analysis

Just like the Eastern Conference, the Western Conference also offers a great picture this year. After several games have already been played, we decided to make a summary of the results with a brief analysis of each series.

Utah Jazz vs Grizzlies de Memphis

On paper, it's the most unbalanced series in the Western Conference, as it pits the 1st place team (Utah) against the 9th (Memphis). However, it's a series that has some nice surprises in store for us as Memphis managed to win the first game of these playoffs, on the floor of Utah. Rudy Gobert's teammates then went on to win all three games, taking the series lead 3-1. However, the fate of the Grizzlies does not seem to be sealed yet. Led by a huge Ja Morant, the franchise is not willing to let Utah get rid of them so easily. Thus, it is a series that still holds great promise.

Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers

The series between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers was expected, but not at this point in the playoffs. Indeed, LeBron James' Lakers were the favourite team of the regular season. However, the team led by LBJ was decimated by injuries throughout the year, so much so that they were forced to play the play in tournament to qualify. On their side, the Suns are one of the nice surprises of the season. Reinforced this summer by the arrival of Chris Paul, the Phoenix franchise was consistent throughout the season, which allowed it to finish in 2nd place in the Western Conference, a feat that had not been achieved for many years. As you might expect, this is a very close series between two teams that have the potential to finish in the Western Conference Finals or even the NBA Finals. While the first game was won by the Suns, LeBron James and his teammates took the next two games.

If the Lakers had won the fourth meeting between the two teams on their home floor, they would have had a great chance. However, LeBron James and his teammates fell flat on their face against a great Suns team that won a valuable game on the Lakers' floor, bringing the series to 2-2.

Trail Blazers de Portland vs Nuggets de Denver

This quarter-final between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Denver Nuggets is full of surprises. On paper, Denver seems to be a team above Portland. However, after 4 games played, the two teams are tied at 2-2.

Predicting this series seems impossible, given all the ups and downs between the two teams. While the Blazzers won the first meeting easily on the Denver floor, the Nuggets then went on to win the second with two straight victories. Just when it looked like the tide was turning for Denver, it was Portland who won Game 4 by a wide margin.

Even for those who love betting, this series seems to be very difficult to predict and it is quite possible that you will break your teeth if you try your luck.

Dallas Mavericks vs Los Angeles Clippers

It is a series that will bring back fond memories for basketball purists. Last season, this confrontation had already taken place during the quarter-finals of the playoffs. It was in favour of the Los Angeles residents that the series turned out to be a 4-2 victory. This season, the deal seems to be more for the Dallas Mavericks. Led by a huge Luka Doncic, the Texans won the first two games of the series on the Clippers' floor. For their first home game of the series, Doncic's teammates were unable to contain Paul George and company.

Leading 2-0 in the series, Dallas had two games at home to potentially finish the series. However, this is not to know the men of Los Angeles who have not said their last words. The Clippers won both games on Dallas' floor, bringing them back to 2-2 in the series. Like the previous series between the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets, this one also seems impossible to predict.

Possible semi-finals and finals:

Even though some of the quarter-finals are not yet over, it is possible to make predictions about certain games. So Lucky7Bonus decided to imagine what the future of the 2020/2021 playoffs could be.

The possible Eastern Conference table

First, let's start with the first Eastern Conference semi-final.

With a 3-1 win over the Washington Wizzards so far, it would be very surprising if the Sixers did not make it to the semi-finals. They could be up against the Atlanta Hawks. The men coached by Nate McMillan have taken a big step forward against the New York Knicks as they are currently 3-1.

If they both win, the two teams could find themselves in the semi-finals in a very exciting clash.

The other Eastern Conference semi-final could see the Bucks take on the Celtics and/or Brooklyn.

This semi-final promises to be exceptional, as both teams are so strong on paper. At the beginning of the season, this match-up seemed to be for a conference final. But the magic of the NBA means that one of these two teams will have to go home in the semi-finals. Even if the Sixers and Hawks (or even New York) are three very high level teams, the Bucks and Nets still seem to be above them. So, this potential semi-final looks like one of the best match-ups there could be in the playoffs.

It is a series that will bring back fond memories for basketball purists.Even though Atlanta has a very complete roster, Joel Embiid and his teammates seem to be on a different planet. The Sixers' pivot is on a mission: he wants to win the title.

However, he should meet the Brooklyn Nets on his way. Although the Bucks were impressive in the first round of the playoffs, the Nets seem to have a much more complete roster, both on the court and on the bench. This season, it is the Bucks' bench that seems to be their weak point. As a result, even if the series is extremely tight, the Nets should be able to get through it and potentially join the Sixers in the finals.

The possible Western Conference table

This year, the Western Conference has its share of surprises. Indeed, of the four series in this conference, three are tied: 2-2 (article written on Monday 31 May). Thus, the outcome of these quarterfinals seems very difficult. However, Lucky7Bonus has decided to take a look at the possible semi-finals.

The first semi-final would pit the winners of the series between Utah and Memphis and Dallas and the Los Angeles Clippers against each other. On paper, it seems difficult to see Utah, first in the Western Conference, being eliminated by Memphis, a team full of talent but still lacking experience. Leading 3-1, the Jazz should get the job done and advance to the semis. On the other side, this series seems impossible to predict. While Dallas won their first two games on the Clippers' floor, it was the Los Angeles men who went on to win the next two games on Dallas' floor. While last year the Clippers eliminated Dallas, this season we think Luka Doncic's teammates will get their revenge. So, the first semi-final could see the Jazz take on Dallas.

In this series, it seems that the first of the Western conference this season (Utah Jazz) have a more complete squad to win this series. This one should not be easy to win, but Quin Snyder's men seem much more experienced.

On the other hand, the second semi-final should pit the winner of the Portland-Denver series against the winner of the Phoenix Suns-Los Angeles Lakers series.

Both series are currently at 2-2 and it seems very difficult to predict what will happen next, given all the twists and turns in every game played. However, Denver's experience suggests that the team led by Nikola Jokic should eventually qualify at Portland's expense.

On the other side, the series between Phoenix and the Lakers offers us the long awaited suspense. On paper, the teammates of LeBron James seem superior to the men from Phoenix. However, led by an excellent Chris Paul, the Suns are not afraid of the defending champions. Even if the Suns are young and fiery, it seems that they lack the experience of the Lakers, whose squad is composed of many veterans used to the finals. Thus, it seems likely that LeBron James, on a mission, will end up winning this series. However, they will have to watch out for injuries. Indeed, this is a series where many players have already suffered some minor injuries that could be detrimental to the rest of the competition.

Lucky7Bonus reckons that the second Western Conference semi-final will see the Lakers and Denver face off. This match-up could bring back fond memories for the men from Los Angeles as it is the match-up from the last Western Conference Finals which saw the Lakers win by a score of 4-1.

Again this year, even though the Lakers seem to be struggling a bit more, it seems that the defending champions have an even stronger roster than last year. So even though Denver is a very high level team, it seems hard to believe that they could knock off an even stronger Lakers team than last year.

Which teams are expected to make the playoffs this year?

So which teams are expected to compete in the final this season? Unlike other years when some teams seemed to stand out, this season has some big surprises in store.

As far as the Eastern Conference is concerned, it seems that we are heading straight for a final between the Sixers and the Nets. This series promises to be explosive and exceptional as there are some very good players on both teams. Even if the Sixers are on a mission and Joel Embiid seems to be on another planet, Brooklyn's squad is much too rich. Even if defensively it's not the best in the NBA, the Nets have the best offensive trio in the NBA with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving. Even though the Sixers have the third-best defense in the NBA on the season, the Nets' offense is such that it is nearly impossible to stop, especially if the trio is on fire. So, even though the series is shaping up to be very close, the Brooklyn Nets should make it to the Finals.

In the Western Conference, the Lakers are expected to face the Utah Jazz in the final. On paper, it's a final that seems very indecisive. On the one hand, there is the best team of the regular season, impressive throughout the season and the playoffs. On the other, there is a defending champion team desperate to retain its title. Even though Utah has the best defense in the regular season, it seems difficult to see Rudy Gobert and all his teammates stopping a LeBron James on a mission. The best player in the world becomes very difficult to stop once the tension and pressure builds. So, the series looks to be a tough one between two teams that will go head to head, but the Lakers should still win it, with difficulty.

So, the NBA Finals this season should be between the Lakers and the Nets. On paper, this is the most exciting series, awaited by all basketball lovers. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden will all be on the same floor with one thing in mind: winning the title. The two teams are the most complete and plentiful in the NBA this season. This season, the Nets seem to be superior to the Lakers, who never really had the opportunity to show their real level, because of repeated injuries of some players considered as executives in this franchise.

So it is a final that promises to be exceptional. In sporting terms, it brings together the best players in the world. Each of them will give their heart and soul to win this title and thus go down in the history of the sport. If the Nets win, LeBron James will become even more of a legend in the game. If the Nets were to win this title, Kevin Durant would win his third title, which would put him in the big leagues. In short, this could be an explosive final, and the repercussions should be felt around the world. It's a very difficult final to predict. If LeBron James is on a mission and is well surrounded, then the Nets will have a hard time containing him, especially if the magic trio is not on fire. However, if Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden are at the top of their game, then there will be nothing for the Lakers to do and the Nets should logically win this final.

Whether you're a basketball lover or someone who doesn't know anything about the game, this is the most anticipated final of the season, as it promises to be an exceptional series that could go down in the history of the sport, as there is so much talent on the floor.

What to bet on in the playoffs?

The great thing about the NBA playoffs is that they last for several weeks, every night of the week. This means that there is no excuse not to bet on one of the many games that are available to bettors every night.

So you can bet on mundane things like :

  • Winner of the match ;

  • Gap between the two teams ;

  • Which player will score 20 points or more (for example);

  • Winner of the match at half-time;

  • Quarter time winner ;

  • Will there be extensions?

  • Number of points of a team + or - ?

Depending on the site you decide to bet on, you can also bet on the final score of a series. This is an option that is not offered at many bookmakers, so we recommend that you use the sports betting sites available at Lucky7Bonus.

Before the matches start, a whole range of sports bets are offered. During the match, the catalogue can also change. Depending on the site you play at, you will have the right to withdraw your bet for a sum of money, even if the bet is not yet over.

On which sites can you bet on the playoffs?

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For example, you can bet on the following sites

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