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Free slot: The Magic Orb

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Creation year2022

How The Magic Orb Hold & Win works

Game provider iSoftBet is using its Hold & Win technology on almost all its new slots in 2022. The Magic Orb slot was no exception, released on March 17, 2022, it offers several bonuses and its features are interesting. However, the graphics are clearly not up to the standard that iSoftBet can offer us.

Lucky7Bonus presents you today The Magic Orb Hold & Win from the provider iSoftBet in great detail. First, we will discuss the technical aspects and features present in the base game, the different symbols, the connections and how the slot bonuses work. Finally, we will share with you our general opinion of The Magic Orb Hold & Win.

Find the game grid composed of 7 reels and 7 symbols inside. The setting is dedicated to magic, but the artistic direction is not very consistent. The colors of the logo could make us imagine a mystical forest with a hidden treasure. While the background plunges us into the middle of a desert worthy of the Thousand Spikes of the Warcraft world. The outline of the grid is not especially beautiful, showing us the face of a possible dwarf leader at its top. It's a great mix of style.

Moreover, the illustrations for the Mini, Major, Maxi and Mega bonuses really don't look good next to the slot and almost spoil the atmosphere that the provider iSoftBet wanted to share with us. However, The Magic Orb slot machine comforts us with its interesting technical aspects for the players.

The Magic Orb's theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.94%, which is just below the general average of 96%. The volatility is high, which means that the slot won't pay out very often, but when it does you can expect to win a nice sum.

The Magic Orb Hold & Win jackpot is 20,776 times the starting bet. Bets start at 20 euro cents and can go up to 20 euros at Lucky7Bonus online casino partners.

The Magic Orb Hold & Win Slot Machine features a Super Bet that will increase your chances of unlocking more winnings and bonuses, but you must pay 25% more for your bet. For example with a €1 bet, it becomes €1.25 with the Super Bet.

Find the Avalanche feature on The Magic Orb base game and bonus. This feature will allow new symbols to reappear when connections are made. The symbols included in the connection will disappear, the other symbols above it will fall down and make way for new symbols at the top of the grid, thus making it possible to chain connections on the same spin.

The Magic Orb Hold & Win symbols

There are not many symbols in The Magic Orb Hold & Win slot. First of all, we can notice the Wilds symbols that can replace any other symbol. Otherwise, you can find the premium symbols represented by big gems with a golden outline. These symbols will not appear as much as the common symbols, but the payouts are much more interesting. For example, the best symbol can pay out up to 500 times the original bet.

The common symbols are smaller gems of the same color as the larger ones, but the payouts are much smaller. In fact, the best common symbol can win up to 10 times the original bet. See all the symbols in The Magic Orb Hold & Win in the image below with the associated payouts for a starting bet of €1.

The different connections in The Magic Orb Hold & Win

The connections in The Magic Orb Hold & Win are simple to understand because they work in clusters. That is, the symbols just need to be next to each other to connect. At least 5 of the same symbols are needed to make a connection, of course connections can be made in any direction on the grid. The image below summarizes very well the different connections possible in The Magic Orb.

How The Magic Orb Hold & Win bonus works

As you may have noticed, there is a mysterious symbol in the middle of the Magic Orb Hold & Win grid. What does this orb do? It can trigger random bonuses during the base game, including the free spins of the slot machine. Let's take a closer look at what you can win with this orb:

  • Multiplier: a mutli will be applied to the win of this spin, this can be x 2, x 3, x 5 or x 10

  • Destruction: a specific symbol is kept on the game grid, all other symbols are removed. The idea is to be able to keep a good symbol and get even more to make a nice connection

  • Wilds - Wild symbols are added to the game grid on this particular spin

  • Transforms - a certain type of symbol will transform into another symbol to increase your chances of making connections during the spin

  • Free Spins - You win the free spins in The Magic Orb

  • Hold & Win: Triggers The Magic Orb Hold & Win Bonus

By unlocking The Magic Orb bonus, players can get 6 free spins to try and get closer to the slot's jackpot.

During the free spins, a global multiplier is present and starts at x 1. This will increase by + 1 with each new connection. Your objective will be to make as many connections as possible to increase the overall multiplier of your bonus, all wins will benefit from the multiplier.

With each new spin during the free spins of The Magic Orb, the middle orb will be able to randomly cast its different powers: Wilds, Destructions or Transformations.

Alternatively, the Hold & Win bonus can be triggered by the orb. This bonus will place coins on the game grid with varying values. To win the Mega jackpot, the entire grid must be filled. Otherwise, the other jackpots Maxi, Major and Mini can fall on any square of the Hold & Win bonus.

Please note that it is not possible to purchase The Magic Orb Hold & Win slot machine bonuses. You will have to rely on your luck to unlock any of the game's bonuses.

Our opinion on The Magic Orb Hold & Win

iSoftBet develops its Hold & Win technology on all its latest slots, so it becomes a habit to have at least 2 bonuses present on the provider's slots. The Magic Orb is no exception and we are not going to complain, it improves the content and allows us to vary the pleasures.

Technically, The Magic Orb is a very interesting slot from the provider iSoftBet, its RTP is average, the volatility is high, which will interest both new and experienced players. The jackpot amounts to more than 20,000 times the starting bet to make some people happy!

However, the graphics are really not up to par, if the slot had been released in 2015, this would not have shocked us. The animations make up for it when the orb is activated in the middle of the grid. The theme is not clearly defined and brings together several different worlds, which is a shame.

Lucky7Bonus recommends that you play iSoftBet's The Magic Orb Hold & Win for free at the top of this page or take advantage of an exclusive welcome offer at one of the site's online casino partners. This will allow you to start with a boosted balance and play longer at The Magic Orb.

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📈 What is the volatility of The Magic Orb


💸 What is the RTP of The Magic Orb


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine The Magic Orb ?


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