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Creation year2022

How Musketeer Megaways works

Game provider iSoftBet is offering a new slot on June 14, 2022: Musketeer Megaways. Based on the famous novel "The Three Musketeers", this new slot plunges you into the heart of the 17th century with its iconic characters such as D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos. The theme is original and so are the features, so you won't have time to get bored on Musketeer Megaways, as the game can vary so much!

Today Lucky7Bonus introduces you to one of iSoftBet's latest slots by discussing the technical graphics of Musketeer Megaways. Next, we'll look at the different symbols, the connections with the Megaways technology, how the bonus works and finally we'll share our Musketeer Megaways Review.

Visually, the Musketeer Megaways slot has beautiful premium symbols and a rather simplistic background. The game's grid takes up a lot of screen space, which we don't mind. However, the common symbols are simplistic and don't even seem to fit the slot's theme.

Players have the option of activating the All 4 One Mega Game mode on the base game, with the button on the far left of the game grid. Instead of having one grid, 4 grids will appear on the screen, increasing your chances of making connections. Note that the stakes will vary: from 20 cents to 20 euros for the 1 For All mode and from 50 cents to 50 euros for the All 4 One Mega Game mode.

Technically, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is 95.51% for the 1 For All version and 96% for the All 4 One Mega Game version, which is quite decent compared to the general slot average. The volatility of Musketeer Megaways is high, so don't expect regular wins, but the slot can pay you well if you win.

The max win amounts to 50,000 times the starting bet, which is a substantial sum that can reach 2.5 million Euros with the highest bet.

The different symbols in Musketeer Megaways

Musketeer Megaways slot has many symbols. Count on the Wild symbol to substitute for any other symbol present on the game grid. Scatter symbols are represented by Diamonds, at least 4 Scatters are required to unlock the free spins in Musketeer Megaways.

Otherwise, the premium symbols are represented by Richelieu, a hat, a gold purse and a scroll. The best symbol can pay up to 20 times the starting bet. Premium symbols are more profitable, but their rate of appearance on the grid is lower than that of the other symbols.

These are common symbols, represented by Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9. These symbols pay less, but you will see them regularly during your sessions at Musketeer Megaways. See all the symbols in the image below with the associated payouts for a starting bet of €0.50.

The different connections in Musketeer Megaways

The Megaways technology has an important influence on the connections in Musketeer Megaways. First of all, at least 3 of the same symbols must be on the first three reels from the left. Except for the best symbol Richelieu where only 2 symbols are needed to make a connection.

The 6 reels can hold up to 7 symbols and add up to a total of 117,649 paylines for a single grid. So you can see that the number of ways can be very high in All 4 One Mega Game. The image below gives you a great idea of how the connections work at Musketeer Megaways.

How the Musketeer Megaways bonus works

There are several bonus features that are present during the base game on both modes, as well as during the free spins of Musketeer Megaways. Let's first discuss the different bonus features that we can get during the base game.

Mystery symbols can appear suddenly during your session. These will all turn into one and the same symbol, perhaps allowing you to make a nice connection. The Max Megaways can be triggered at any time, this one will force all the reels to have the maximum number of symbols, that is to say 7 symbols with 117,649 paylines for this round of the game

The Lose to Win feature can guarantee you a winning spin on the base game, this bonus can be triggered at any spin on the base game.

Getting 4 Scatters symbols on the 1 For All mode will give you 5 free spins and 1 extra free spin for every extra Scatter on the game grid.

During the bonus, you get 4 grids with a multiplier for each of these grids. Each time a connection is made on a grid, its multiplier increases by + 1 and can go up to infinity. The multipliers are not global, so you'll have to hope that the multiplier on the right grid is increased to win big.

Thanks to the All 4 One Mega Game mode, the bonus will be a little bit different. Indeed, the rules and features are the same, except that an All 4 One symbol is added and can fall on all 4 grids of the game. In the event that all 4 grids have one of these symbols during the same spin, then all grid multipliers increase to match the best multiplier present in the bonus.

For example, in the screen below, all multipliers would become x 5. Otherwise, the All 4 One Mega Game mode bonus is no different than the first bonus! There is an additional feature for the less lucky among you: the bonus guarantee. In the situation where you have not had more than 10 logins during your bonus, then 3 extra free spins will be added.

Please note that it is not possible to purchase the Musketeer Megaways bonus from iSoftBet, so you will have to rely on your patience to win the free spins!

Our opinion on Musketeer Megaways

Musketeer Megaways Richelieu Riches is an excellent slot from the provider iSoftBet. The technical plan is excellent with a high RTP, a good volatility and a jackpot amounting to 50 000 times the starting bet. Too bad for the graphics, which remain rather simple, especially regarding the symbols, the atmosphere can leave something to be desired.

The possibility to play with one single grid or 4 different ones for just over 2 times the stake is a good compromise. The bonus features are hardly different between the two modes, but the different features that can be randomly triggered during your session make sure that you don't get bored quickly while playing Musketeer Megaways.

Lucky7Bonus strongly recommends that you play Musketeer Megaways for free at the top of this page, or take advantage of an exclusive welcome offer from one of the site's partner casinos, to get your new adventure off to a great start!

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