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Upper bracket round 1 match 4: MST vs NV

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Rocket League History

Rocket League has become one of the most played games in the world. However, this game as it is known almost never existed.

In 2008, the video game studio Psyonix decided to release a game called "Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars". The principle of the game is very simple: players control a car, compete in an arena and must hit the ball into a cage. The team that scores the most goals before the end of the game wins.

As you can see from the video, the foundations of Rocket League as it is known today are laid. However, the game did not meet the expected success. It is only 2 years after its release that the game becomes profitable for the company. But in the meantime, due to the lack of a profitable game, they decided to move on to other tasks.

However, the idea and concept still appealed to the designer Corey Davis who kept his first creation in a corner of his mind. For several years, the Psyonix team worked on a new game project that was born in July 2015 - Rocket League.

This game as it is known today, takes the basics of "Super Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars", but underwent a graphic improvement, but also the addition of new game modes.

To make itself known, Rocket League is offered for free during the entire month of July 2015 to PS4 players. The game hits the bull's eye with players and the creators see their community growing day by day.

The success of Rocket League is not ephemeral, but real. In 2019, the creators of the studio's flagship video game claim that nearly 60 million players have played the game since its release.

Rocket League Game Overview

Rocket League is a game that mixes the universe of soccer and cars. The principle is simple, but very effective. In the vast majority of the game modes, players compete on a soccer field and must score more goals than their opponents to win the game. However, even if it seems easy, the player has to take into account several factors: the weight of the car, knowing how to regulate the use of its "boosts" and a lot of other elements that make the game very addictive and enjoyable to play.

The principle of the game

Small cars, a soccer field, a very large ball that looks like a soccer, this is the very simple recipe that allows Rocket League to be a reference game on the market.

If you don't like to play against other players, it will be possible for you to play this game alone. However, if you like to test your level against other players, the multiplayer mode is also very present. The multiplayer offers several game modes, from 1 vs 1 to 4 vs 4.

Soccer is not the only sport featured in Rocket League. Football is not the only sport featured in Rocket League, as you can also play with a field hockey puck or a basketball. However, the rules for basketball are different from those for field hockey and soccer.

In order to score goals, the player will have the right to a few aids. For example, he will have the opportunity to use his 'boost' several times during the game. With it, the player will be able to accelerate faster or even keep himself in the air.

To recharge his boost, the player will have several possibilities. To recharge the boost, the player will have several options. Boost capsules and paddles are scattered on the field. To catch them, the player will have to roll over them and his boost gauge will automatically increase.

Finally, all players can designate their vehicle as they wish. However, of all the options available to change the appearance of your vehicle, only the chassis will have an influence on the handling of your vehicle. All other changes will not affect the mobility or speed of your car.

Rocket League : 1vs1

The 1 vs 1 mode allows you to compete against the best players of Rocket League. During 5 minutes, you will have to score more goals than your opponent to win your game. If at the end of regulation time, you are tied with your opponent, then you will have an overtime. The first player to score in overtime wins the game. This game mode is available in both casual and competitive modes. In the competition mode, you will be ranked according to your number of wins and losses. The more wins you have, the higher your rank and the more formidable your opponents.

Rocket League : 2vs2

If you like to play with a friend of yours, you can also play 2 vs. 2, both in the "casual" and "competitive" modes. Just like 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, otherwise known as "doubles", the game lasts 5 minutes. In case of a tie at the end of regulation time, you will play in overtime where you will have to score first to win the game.

Rocket League : 3vs3

The "3 vs 3" mode, also called "standard" mode, allows players to compete in 3 vs 3. Like the other two game modes, the game lasts 5 minutes and ends in overtime if there is no winning team. The team that scores the first goal wins the game. This game mode is also available in the "casual" mode as well as the "competition" mode.

Rocket League : 4vs4

The "4 vs 4" also called the "chaos" mode pits two teams of four players against each other. This game mode is also played in 5 minute games with a winning goal in overtime. Unlike the other game modes, this mode is much more "chaotic" and "nervous".

This game mode is available in casual as well as competitive. However, for players who wish to play in teams in this game mode, communication is a must, as it is just as important as your skill.

Rocket League : Dropshot

The dropshot game mode was released in March 2017 on Rocket League. This game mode is very different from the others offered by the studio. The game can be played in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or even 3 vs 3. Unlike a classic mode, there is no soccer cage to score goals. The players will appear in their respective camps. At the beginning of the game, the ball appears. In this game mode, the boost is automatic and therefore the player does not have to roll on certain parts of the field to get it.

As you can see, hexagons form the ground. Each time a blue player touches the ball, it becomes blue. If an orange player touches it last, it becomes orange. If a blue player touches the ball last and the ball lands in the orange camp, then the hexagons touched by the ball will light up orange. If an orange player performs this action in the blue camp, the same thing happens.

However, if the ball is touched last by a player of the orange team and falls back into the orange case, then nothing lights up. Same thing for the blue team.

Once the floor is lit, the blue or orange team must send the ball back to the same area so that the floor collapses. If the team sends the ball into an unlit area, then the area becomes lit, but will not collapse.

To score, the team must drop the ball in an empty area. The team that scores the most points during a game wins. Games are played in 5 minutes. At each goal, a small countdown is started before the game continues. When a team scores a goal, the areas touched by the opposing team remain. In the event of a tie, the team that scores first wins the game.

Rocket League in the esport world

Despite its recent release in 2015, Rocket League has been quick to establish itself on the global esport scene. As early as 2016, the first continental and global tournaments saw the light of day, bringing together thousands of people.

From 2016 to 2020, the Rocket League year was divided into two seasons. First, the best teams competed in two continental tournaments. Then, the best teams from each continent would meet for the World Championships. Thus, every six months, a new team had the opportunity to become world champion.

In August 2020, Psyonix decided to change its rules. In August 2020, Psyonix decided to change its rules. The season will no longer take place in two seasons, but in three periods in one year. Thus, during the three periods there will be continental championships that will end with Majors. According to the places of the teams in each tournament, they will accumulate points which will allow them to reach the great World Championship which will take place only once a year.

This format is intended to allow smaller teams to have easier access to this type of competition and thus increase their chances of reaching the Grand World Championship.

Throughout the year, nearly $4.5 million will be up for grabs at the major competitions.

Online betting on Rocket League

Rocket League is so popular that it is also possible to bet on this game. In fact, during competitions, the Stake site, present on Lucky7Bonus, offers users to bet on all the matches of the current competition. So, just like a normal sports bet, you will have odds. The more likely the team is to win, the lower the odds will be, and vice versa if they are more likely to lose.

The betting options available to you are not necessarily "win" or "lose", you will also be able to bet on the number of goals during the match and a whole lot of other options.

If you would like to know more about Stake's sports betting options, click here.

Best sites for Rocket League betting

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