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History of PUBG

Video game developer Brendan Greene, better known under the pseudonym PlayerUnknown, made a name for himself with the creation of the Battle Royale mode for the game "ARMA2". Recognized by the profession, Brendan Greene then worked on the development of H1Z1: King of the kill. However, the developers of H1N1 did not give him all the possibilities he wanted. As a result, Brendan Greene left H1N1 and decided to join Ginno Games (which later became PUBG Corporation) to develop a new type of battle royale.

In 2016, PUBG Corporation decided to work on a battle royale video game called "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" otherwise known as PUBG. After more than a year of work, the video game studio launched its first unofficial version of the game in March 2017. The same year, the official paid version of the game was released for the first time on PC and Xbox One in December.

The success of the game was so great that the game studio decided, in March of the following year, to offer its game for free on IOS and Android phones. Finally, the version of PUBG for the PlayStation 4 arrived in December 2018.

Since its inception, PUBG has been a huge hit with gamers. In 2020, the PUBG Corporation announced that it has sold nearly 70 million games since its official release.

Presentation of the game PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle royale that can be played between 100 and 64 players depending on the map you are on. In this game, you will be able to play in "first person view (subjective vision)" or in "third person view (objective vision)". You can play alone, in pairs, or even in teams of three or more players. Depending on your level, the objectives you reach and a lot of other bonuses, you will get skins to dress up your character.

The principle of the game

All players start the game in an airplane and decide where they want to parachute to begin the game. Depending on the game, the plane has a different trajectory.

All players start the game with no weapons, no stuff and have to find all the stuffs themselves. These are randomly distributed on the map. The location changes with each game. Depending on the map you are on, the weapons are not the same. Once you find weapons, ammunition or other items, pick them up. All the collected items will be put in an inventory. Be careful, the inventory is not infinite and you will sometimes have to throw away some things to get others. It is also impossible for you to accumulate all the weapons. You will also have to make a choice between the weapons you want to keep and throw away.

It is also possible to collect weapons, equipment or other items available from the bodies of people you have killed or who have been killed during the game.

When you start the game, it is possible to move around the map. However, every 5 minutes, the possible combat area will become smaller and smaller. The day will have to go to the new battle area. If he doesn't get there before the time limit, then his life will decrease little by little until he dies, unless he manages to get to the combat zone.

To win the game, you just have to be the last one alive. It doesn't matter how many kills you make throughout the game, if you are not the last one alive, you will not win the game.

PUBG: solo mode

In PUBG you can play alone. During the game, you will have to trust only yourself. You will have to find weapons, equipment, first aid kits and ammunition. To win the game, you must be the last one alive. In the single player mode, you have to be very careful with your movements and pay attention to noises or any other clues that can help you spot an enemy nearby.

PUBG : duo mode

The duo mode allows you to play the game with another partner. During the game, communication will be a formidable weapon. When you start the game, try to jump out of the plane at the same time as your partner and land in the same area. During the game, both of you will have to find weapons and defend each other. To win the game, at least one of you must be the last one left alive.

PUBG : squad mode

Unlike the "duo" mode where you can only be two players in the group, in the "squad" mode you can be between 2 and 5 players. In this game mode, you will face other teams, which are composed in the same way as yours. Even more than the "duo" mode, in this game mode, communication will be essential if you want to win the game. It will also be very important for your team to arrive in the same area when jumping from the plane. Just like the other two game modes, you will have to be the last team alive to win the game.

PUBG : FPS mode

Unlike many other "battle royale" type games that offer you games where you see your entire character, PUBG offers its players two options.

For fans of games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, you will be able to play in "FPS" that is to say a first person shooter. Your camera only shows you your weapon and your hands. You won't have a 360 degree view like you can have in a third person view.

Your field of view will be much more limited than a person playing in third person. However, it will be easier for you to shoot and adjust your enemy.

It's important to note that, to compensate for the lack of vision unlike a third-person player, PUBG has several options available to you to remedy this.

To switch to "first person" mode, go to the game options.

However, for players who can't play with this type of vision, it is possible to play with a third-person view. This is the default viewpoint set up on PUBG.

PUBG in the esport world

The popularity of PUBG is such that it is impossible for it to escape esports.

In 2018, the first competitions began to emerge. However, it was in July 2018 that the game's publisher decided to organize the first major in the history of PUBG.

The first major competition in history takes place in Berlin, and it brings in thousands of spectators. The cashprize is almost 2 million dollars.

The success of this event is so important that the following year, several world tournaments as well as a Global Championship.

The success of PUBG is such, that new rules are born in 2020. 3 tournaments will be held around the world throughout the year. Once these tournaments are completed, the top 32 teams over the season will qualify for a final Major.

Online betting on PUBG

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