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History of the game Overwatch

Overwatch is a first-person shooter (FPS), developed and published by the company Blizzard Entertainment. The game surprises by its originality and its graphics of a new kind. Overwatch stands out from other first-person shooters because the plot takes place in a neo-futuristic world, in 2077 to be exact.

Overwatch is a fairly new game, but its progress is remarkable. Released on all consoles, Overwatch received excellent reviews and made a thunderous start at its release, becoming almost instantly one of the most played games of the moment.In just 3 weeks, Overwatch was already generating 10 million users. Released on all consoles, Overwatch received excellent reviews and made a thunderous start at its release, becoming almost instantly one of the most played games of the moment!

In just 3 weeks, Overwatch already generated 10 million users. Today, Overwatch still has around 20 million monthly users and is a huge commercial success, reinventing itself to keep its community happy. Even today, Overwatch is still around 20 million monthly users.

A huge commercial success, Overwatch never stops reinventing itself to satisfy its community. A second installment of the Overwatch franchise, Overwatch 2, is expected to be released soon. Overwatch has become a must-have game in the gaming industry over the past few years.

Presentation of the game Overwatch

As mentioned before, Overwatch is a FPS (first person shooter), in which you take over a character of your own choice on different game maps. Strategy is a key element in Overwatch. The choice of the heroes you will play as is crucial in order to lead you to victory. No less than 32 heroes are available in Overwatch, each with their own combat characteristics.

The visuals and graphics are what Overwatch is all about. The stunning quality of the images makes the gameplay very enjoyable for players. 28 maps are available with different characteristics depending on the map, which requires you to review your strategy at the beginning of each game in Overwatch! The futuristic side brings a freshness and uniqueness that makes Overwatch stand out from other shooting games.

The principle of the game

Overwatch is simple: 2 teams of 6 players compete online in various game modes to win!

Players will have to choose among 32 players and have the possibility to play through 29 maps on Overwatch. The objective is clear, use your weapons to inflict as much damage as possible on your opponents in order to complete your various missions in the allotted time.

4 categories of Heroes are available in Overwatch:

  • Attack : they inflict the most damage to the enemies.

  • Defense: Their goal is to slow down the progression of the enemy.

  • Tank: These characters are the most resistant and serve as bulwarks.

  • Support: They have the power to restore health points and armor to teammates.

Several game modes are available in Overwatch. Indeed, the success of the video game also lies in the variety of online features. You can choose between Attack, Escort, Attack/Escort and Control modes. Choose a mode, win the battle, and earn points to advance to the next level on Overwatch!

Attack game mode

The Attack game mode in Overwatch is one of the most played features of the franchise due to its competitiveness and simplicity. This attack mode is very easy to understand: 2 teams compete against each other (Attackers vs. Defenders). Attackers have to collect a series of predefined objectives in a given time while defenders have to do everything possible to prevent them from doing so.

Attack/escort game mode

Overwatch also offers its community its attack/escort mode. The principle is identical to the attack mode described above. However, the way it works is not quite the same. Overwatch's attack/escort mode allows attackers to capture a convoy in the first instance, with the defenders in place to block them.

The second part of the attack/escort mode sees the attackers, once the convoy has been recovered, attempt to escort it to the desired destination against the defenders who will be keen to prevent this.

Escort game mode

Escort mode is a big hit on Overwatch. The goal of the attacking team is to move a convoy from point A to point B in a given time. The attacking team has to get the convoy through checkpoints. When you pass these points, extra time is added to the timer. The convoy can only move forward if the players of the attacking team are located around the convoy. The more players you have, the faster the convoy will move.

The defending team's only goal is to prevent the convoy from reaching its destination. The defending team can also move the convoy backwards if there are defenders around in order to slow down its progress.

Control game mode

The control mode of Overwatch is also very interesting, and much appreciated by players. Here, no attackers or defenders! Overwatch offers a simplified battle between two teams of 6 players. The principle of this control mode is very simple: The two teams oppose each other in order to regain control of a single given objective at a time.

Overwatch control mode is played in two winning games. The first team to win two rounds wins the game!

Esports and Overwatch competitions

The fame and success of Overwatch has accelerated the development of this video game. With the esport industry booming, there was no way Overwatch could not be a part of this adventure!

Overwatch esports is a showcase of the game's best players from around the world. The rise of Overwatch in the esports scene has been impressive. Very quickly, many tournaments and competitions are organized regularly, with more and more players.

For this reason, the Overwatch League was created. This competition, which began in 2016, is one of the most important esport tournaments in this field. This annual meeting explodes from 2018, with more and more participants and followers from the Overwatch community.

With $1 million reserved for the winner and hundreds of thousands of viewers, the Overwatch League is a must-attend competition in the esport world!

An Overwatch World Championship was created in 2019. It takes place during the Blizzcon, and sees the best players from each country compete in heated games.

Online betting on Overwatch

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