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History of LOL (League of Legends)

League of Legends is a video game developed and published by RIOT GAMES. It is a strategy game directly inspired by DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients). The two video games have a strong resemblance because the same developers for both franchises.

Created in 2008, before an official release at the end of 2009, League of Legends quickly became the must-have video game of the last few years. The success was immediate, so much so that it became one of the most played games in the world. In 2011, more than 30,000,000 players were counted on League of Legends servers. Two years later, in 2013, Riot Games announced 70 million unique users, with an average of 5 million concurrent players.In 2019, Riot Games announced the release of League of Legends on smartphones and tablets. The game is called League of Legends: Wild Rifts and is released in December 2020.

Due to its simple premise and the fact that this game is a free-to-play, League of Legends was able to find its audience quickly before becoming a true institution in the world of gaming. The developers of League of Legends have remained close to their community, keeping millions of players loyal to the game.

The meteoric rise of League of Legends has dramatically changed the global gaming landscape. In 2010, the developers of the franchise decided to create a League of Legends esport section. This decision was an instant success, but also a long-term one. Indeed, League of Legends is one of the most important games in the esport world, and it is also the most watched franchise during tournament broadcasts and competitions!

League of Legends Game Overview

League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game. League of Legends battles take place on a closed map. It is a team-based strategy game that pits two teams of five champions against each other in an attempt to destroy the opposing base.

These teams are formed before the game. Each player must choose a "champion" to fight with in the League of Legends battle arena. Each champion has specific characteristics that will allow them to attack or defend once the game starts.

Strategy is one of the most important elements in League of Legends. Strategy is one of the most important elements in League of Legends, as the choice of character and their various skills is one of the keys to winning the battle. The second point not to be underestimated is the cooperation between players of the same team. The positioning of troops and the choice of champions with the resulting complementarity are also very important in League of Legends.

Thanks to a simplified principle, great graphics and a growing community, League of Legends is one of the most successful games of recent years!

The principle of the game

The principle of League of Legends is clear: 2 teams of 5 players compete on a symmetrical map trying to defeat their opponents. To win, each team must destroy the enemy "Nexus", a building located in the center of the opponent's camp.

In League of Legends, each player on each team must choose a champion to take possession of during the game. Currently 158 champions are available in League of Legends. Each champion has 5 skills that will determine the character's gender. These heroes are divided into several main categories:

  • Tanks: Defensive champions, usually serve as shields for other players

  • Fighters: mixed heroes, able to attack and defend

  • Assassins: characters with great mobility, very useful to go after the enemies entrenched in their camp

  • Mages: champions capable of inflicting considerable damage but not often

  • Supporters: heroes who are very important to teammates, and can protect and heal other team members

  • Shooters: characters that favor long-range shooting, not very defensive but can inflict a lot of damage

In addition to choosing a champion, each League of Legends player must select two summoner spells to use during the game. During battle, each character will gain experience and gold by killing opposing minions or champions.

Choose your champion and your skills, enter the battle arena, eliminate the enemies and their obstacles, and win in League of Legends!

League of Legends: Summoner's Rift (Main Mode)

Summoner's Rift is the main mode of League of Legends. It is the most popular and most played version of the franchise. This game mode is played on the base map with the same name as the game mode.

Each player defines his position in order to defend his side and attack the opponent's defenses as best as possible. Generally, the starting positions in League of Legends Summoner Rift Mode are a toplaner, jungler, midlaner, ADC, and support, so that all five champions are evenly spread across the map.

There are different variations of the League of Legends Summoner's Rift mode:

  • Blind mode : you do not see the enemy champions before the game.

  • Draft mode : the selection of the champions is done turn by turn while being visible by the two teams, all the champions must be different.

  • Ranked games solo/duo : a ranked game according to the draft mode playable in solo or with a partner. (only for Summoners level 30)

  • Flexible ranked games : a ranked game according to the draft mode, no matter the ranking.

League of Legends : ARAM

The ARAM (All Random All Mid) game mode in League of Legends is a much more simplified mode of the video game. Unlike Summoner's Rift, which has three paths to the opponent's camp and defenses, ARAM only has one central path! The battlefield where the two teams will compete is called the Howling Abyss in this League of Legends ARAM mode.

ARAM mode stands for "all random all in the middle", meaning that champions are randomly assigned to each player. If you have the right points and the champion you're offered isn't right for you, you can re-roll to get another character.

League of Legends : Map

The main game map of League of Legends is strongly inspired by the map of the game DOTA. It is a mirror map, meaning that it is symmetrical. Each side is identical in order to keep the battle fair. These two sides are separated by a river. This League of Legends map allows 3 passages (toplane, midlane, botlane) for players to reach the opponent's base, protected by 3 turrets for each path.

Each Nexus is located in the extremities of each side. The Nexus is guarded by two turrets that must be destroyed in order to engage in combat against the opposing base. Each turret is guarded by henchmen, controlled by artificial intelligence.

Between each lane on the League of Legends map are areas called jungles. In between each lane on the League of Legends map are areas called jungles. Inside these jungles are monsters and dragons that you can attack in order to gain gold and experience.

League of Legends: Tactical Combat (TFT)

In June 2019, League of Legends will launch Tactical Combat. Also known as TFT (TeamFights Tactics), this mode is a multi-set strategy game in which you will face seven opponents. The goal of this game mode is to form a powerful team to fight for you. The last survivor wins in this new League of Legends mode!

In Tactical Combat, between games, you'll have the opportunity to spend gold coins collected during the game to purchase new champions and strengthen your team. In this mode of League of Legends, you can upgrade your characters by lining up multiple identical characters. Strategy will again be the name of the game, so choose your champions carefully!

League of Legends in the esports world

The explosion of League of Legends in the eyes of the world has opened up new opportunities for the franchise. The popular video game entered the esports world in 2010, less than a year after its release. On that date, the first League of Legends competition was created at the World Cyber Games in Los Angeles. This tournament was a success, leading to the creation of regional, national and continental tournaments around the world.

As the years go by, the success of League of Legends esports competitions is exponential, and these tournaments are becoming more and more popular and incredibly lucrative, with many records being broken. In fact, in 2019, over 100 million viewers watched the League of Legends tournament finals with millions of dollars reserved for the winners!

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most important video games in the esport scene.

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