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FIFA History

FIFA is a soccer video game created and published by ELECTRONIC ARTS. This game is the world reference of soccer on consoles. FIFA is the largest sports video game franchise on the planet. This game is considered one of the greatest video games in history by its longevity and number of users. Since its inception in 1993, FIFA has sold more than 280 million copies, with over 10 million players annually.

The history of the FIFA saga began in the early 1990s. The very first FIFA game was developed in 1992 and released in 1993 with the title FIFA INTERNATIONAL SOCCER, produced by EA and developed by Extended Play Production. This first Fifa is the launching iron of the saga, which continues to endure in time and to release a game of great quality every year since 1993.

The developers decided to strike a blow with the next game because the release of FIFA SOCCER 96 was a real revolution. For the first time, the gameplay is in 3D.

The following year, FIFA 97 develops the appearance of the Futsal mode. The "Motion Capture" technology is created at this time, making this game much more realistic.

The next step in the FIFA adventure was a technological and commercial battle with Pro Evolution Soccer (PES ), successor of ISS. This simulation created by the Japanese giant Konami caused some complications for Ea Sports, with the arrival on the market of a much fiercer competitor than expected.

Then, the arrival on the market of new consoles such as the XBOX 360 by Microsoft and the Playstation 3 by Sony respectively in 2005 and 2006 open new possibilities for Fifa to develop. These new features are beneficial for the franchise, which, with FIFA 09, will strike a blow and overtake PES, taking the lead in sales. This is still the case today, in 2020.

Once the market monopoly is regained, FIFA attacks the graphics in a spectacular way. The result is sublime on the opus FIFA 09, FIFA 10, FIFA 11, which surprise each year players who are more and more numerous. In 3 years, the sales of Fifa doubled. There were 12 million copies sold in 2013 (compared to 6 million in 2010).

The FIFA online game modes are created and redesigned in the following years with the addition in 2009 of the Fifa Ultimate Team game mode, first as DLC and then integrated into the Fifa video game directly in 2012. Players flocked to the game and the sustainability of the franchise was assured.

During the year 2014 in France, FIFA 15 was sold to 1.3 million copies, which makes this opus the best-selling cultural product that year.

Even today, FIFA is one of the most played video games online. Electronic Arts has managed to outwit the competition and reinvent itself to become a superpower in the gaming industry. The Fifa franchise is undoubtedly the biggest sports simulation saga in the world.

FIFA Game Overview

FIFA is a soccer simulation game. This franchise, developed by EA Sports, is the most popular in its field. We can play solo or with others. It can be played online with the Rivals Division or the Fifa Ultimate team mode. There is also the career mode in which you play as a club or a player in the making. FIFA is the reference in sports gaming. Each year, in the fall, a new opus is available. You can buy the FIFA game in dematerialized version directly on the consoles or in specialized stores.

The principle of the FIFA game

The principle of FIFA is simple: play soccer matches with the best teams and players in the world against the computer, other users playing Fifa online or with your friends on the same console or from home via the online mode. There are different variations on these games. Let's take the example of FIFA 21, the latest EA Sports creation, released on 09/10. There is the kick-off mode, the career mode, the FIFA Ultimate team mode, the Volta Football mode, the Champions League mode and the pro club mode.

The career mode on FIFA

The FIFA Career Mode is a staple of the franchise. It is a historical adventure of the different FIFA games. There are two options:

  • Player Career: this mode consists in taking control of a single player. This one can be already existing in FIFA or created by you (appearance, basic level of the player...). This one starts in the lower divisions and your objective is to make him progress so that he becomes one of the best existing players.

  • Coaching Career: It's up to you to take control of the club of your choice in FIFA, whether it's a small club or an already legendary institution. You'll encounter all the pleasures and constraints of top-level soccer (recruitment, injuries, scheduling, lineups...). It's up to you to get your team to the top and/or keep your club at the top.

The FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) mode on FIFA

The Fifa Ultimate Team mode is one of the most popular variants for FIFA players, whether they are casual or professional players. It's an opportunity to create your own team from scratch. Recruit your dream team, combine players from different nationalities, different leagues and enjoy the right to play with legends such as Maradona, Pele, Zidane and many more!

Earn credits by winning matches. Earn credits by winning matches and use them to buy players, accessories and equipment on the transfer market.

Play FIFA Division Rivals during the week, earn challenges and points, and qualify for the FUT Champions mode. This event takes place every weekend, from Friday morning to Sunday night. The rule is simple: 30 online matches to play over the weekend, the more you win the bigger the FIFA rewards are!

The kick-off mode on FIFA

The kick-off mode in FIFA is the most classic mode if you want to play a match. It is a kind of friendly match which is the fastest way to get into the game. Choose any team from the FIFA catalog, choose your rules and play! You also have the possibility to play with the male and female Nations present in all FIFA opuses (since 1993 for men, since 2016 for women).

Volta mode in FIFA

The Volta mode is a feature added to the kick-off menu since FIFA 20. It is the improved version of the mythical FIFA STREET, released in 2005, based on street and freestyle soccer. This game mode allows dribbling enthusiasts to let their creativity go and play on a reduced field in different game modes (3vs3 , 4vs4 , 5vs5). You can customize fields and players, play in kick-off mode or test the Volta story mode, a great novelty in the FIFA saga.

FIFA in the esport world

The video game FIFA was a precursor in the world of esports. Indeed, competitions have existed for more than 15 years, making FIFA a precursor in e-gaming.

Faced with a strong demand from gamers, and due to the fact that the best FIFA gamers had difficulty competing against players with a level equivalent to their own, the franchise decided to create an E-sport tournament. In 2004, the first FIFA competition was created under the name FIWC (FIFA Interactive World Cup) in partnership with the developer Electronic Arts. This competition took place in Switzerland with more than 23,000 FIFA players and was won by a Brazilian named Thiago ''Thiago'' Carrico Azevedo.

The advancement of FIFA has been growing exponentially over the years. With a stratospheric number of competitors and ever increasing prize pools, it is difficult not to associate FIFA with esport!

Bruce Grannec, a French FIFA player, has won the FIWC, the most challenging tournament, twice in 2009 and 2013. He is the player with the biggest record in this competition, tied with the Spanish Alfonso Ramos.

FIFA has an undeniable place in E-sport. As a proof, in 2019, during a tournament called FIFA eNations Cup, no less than 20 million people participated in this competition, coming from more than 60 different countries with more than $400,000 reserved for the winners.

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