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History of CSGO

Counter Strike is one of the most popular online games in the world. Created a little over twenty years ago now, this game with very basic graphics is still very attractive to the video game community.

In 1998, the video game studio Valve released the game "Half-life". This FPS (first person shooter) was a huge success and won numerous awards. Aware of the potential of this type of game, Minh Le and Jeff Cliffe decided to take inspiration from the basics of "Half-life" to create Counter Strike.

On June 19, 1999, two students named Minh Le, better known by some with the nickname Gooseman, and Jeff Cliffe released the first version of Counter Strike. This last version is only a beta and yet it is already the talk of the town. With very simple graphics, this FPS is a remarkable success and it catches the eye of Valve Corporation, a video game creation studio that decides to employ the two students.

Thus, it is almost a year later, on November 8, 2000, that the game Counter Strike is officially released on PC. It is now possible to compete online, from any location in the world. A great technological advance for the time, but also a precursor of the video games such as it is possible to play nowadays.

Over the course of its existence, Counter Strike has undergone changes. In 2003, the creators of the game decided to release version 1.6 of Counter Strike. This new version 1.6 was a real success since its release in 2000, and it will increase the popularity of Counter Strike and make it one of the biggest references of the video game.

To acquire the game, Valve Corporation decided to create the online content distribution platform "Steam". Thus, all new players must go through this new platform to play the game. Initially unwelcome by some players, this platform has managed to seduce and is now known to be one of the references in the video game market.

The success of this version 1.6 is such that most of the players are refractory to the new games proposed by Valve Corporation. In March 2004, the video game studio released "Counter Strike Condition Zero" and a few months later "Counter Strike Source". However, these new versions of Counter Strike are not at all successful and it is version 1.6 that continues to be popular with players.

However, the emergence of new games resembling Counter Strike (Call of Duty, Battlefiled, etc.) is starting to overshadow and the supremacy of Counter Strike is beginning to be challenged.

Despite the failures of previous games offered to its community, the creators of Counter Strike hit a big blow in 2012. Indeed, despite the reluctance of many players, very attached to the version 1.6, Valve Corporation released "Counter Strike Global Offensive" otherwise known as "CSGO". Against all odds, this game is a remarkable success with its community and also attracts many new players. Since 2012, the game has hardly undergone any changes and yet it remains one of the most played online video game pioneers in the world.

As proof, in 2020, CSGO is one of the most played online games in the world.

This photo was taken on October 5, 2020 on the Steam website.

steam csgo

Faced with the emergence of "battle royale" type video games, that is, if the player dies, he does not reappear and the last one alive wins the game, the designers of Counter Strike decided to release "Danger Zone". This game mode released in December 2018 did not have the desired effect and very quickly fell into oblivion.

Presentation of the CSGO (counter strike global offensive) game

As explained before, CSGO is now the most played game in the Counter Strike series. Released in 2012, it has been a worldwide success whether on PC or consoles. Unlike Counter Strike 1.6 when it was released, CSGO has expanded its range to consoles. Paying at first, CSGO became a free to play in 2018. So, if you want to play this game, all you have to do is go to Steam, type "CSGO" in the search bar and you just have to download the game.

csgo wallpaper

The principle of the game

The principle of Counter Strike is very basic, but nevertheless terribly effective. Indeed, during all your games, you will be either terrorists or antiterrorists. In order not to propose a too repetitive game, Counter Strike offers many game modes to its users. However, depending on the game mode you choose, your objectives will not be the same.

The classic mode: This game mode is the base of Counter Strike. The goal is very simple, either you are a terrorist or you are an anti-terrorist.

If you are playing the "bomb scenario" game mode, the terrorists must plant the bomb and explode it or eliminate the entire opposing team to win the round. On the other hand, the anti-terrorists have to eliminate the entire opposing team or prevent them from planting the bomb before the time runs out. The game is played in a maximum of 30 rounds and the winner is the team that wins 16 rounds.

Then you have the "hostage scenario" game mode: in this game mode, the terrorists must hold the hostages or kill all the anti-terrorists to win the round. The anti-terrorists must rescue at least one hostage or kill all the terrorists to win the round. Like the bomb scenario, a team must win at least 16 rounds to win the game. The maximum number of rounds in a game is 30.

The casual mode: If you are a new player and you don't know Counter Strike at all, you will have to play in the "casual" mode first. In this mode, matches will be played in 15 rounds and the first player to win 8 rounds wins the game. At the beginning of each round, the player will receive 1000 dollars and equipment. Unlike the "competitive" mode, which Lucky7Bonus will talk about in a few lines, there is no "friendly fire". This means that it will be impossible for you to kill your teammate.

casual mode csgo

The demolition game mode: In this mode, players compete in 5 versus 5 on maps specially created for this game mode. In this game mode, the terrorists will have to set off a bomb and detonate it while the role of the anti-terrorists will be to prevent the opposing team from setting off the bomb and to defuse it if it has been set off.

The player starts the game with one weapon and will receive a new weapon for every opponent killed. Unlike other game modes, you will not be able to buy equipment.

Finally, the game is played in 20 innings. The first team to reach 11 innings wins and in case of a tie during the 20 innings, there is no extra innings. In addition, starting with the 11th inning, the teams reverse roles.

demolition game  csgo

Arms race game mode: in this game mode, there is always the terrorist team and the anti-terrorist team. The goal of the game is very simple: each time you kill a person, you change your weapon. There are 16 weapons in total and the last kill is with the knife. Be careful, if an enemy kills you with a knife, without it being the last kill to win the game, you will be downgraded in weapon. The player of the team that makes the fastest kills with all the weapons wins the game for his team. The game is played in 10 vs 10 on special maps for this game mode.

arms race csgo

Team Death Match Game Mode: In this game mode, terrorists and anti-terrorists must kill each other as many times as possible within a given time. To win the game, it is not enough to kill as many people as possible, but to get the most points.

Indeed, a kill will bring you a certain number of points. Depending on your weapon, bonuses and so on, a kill can bring more points than another.

The winner of the game is the team with the most points. The player plays with the weapons he wants, depending on your team, you will not have access to certain weapons. However, he can activate an option that allows him to have random weapons every time he is killed.

The game mode is played in 10 vs 10 on special cards and each game lasts 10 minutes.

The flying sniper game mode: in this game mode you will be either a terrorist or a counter-terrorist. As a terrorist, your goal will be to activate the bomb and detonate it. For the anti-terrorist, the goal is to keep the bomb from being planted.

In this game mode, only a sniper and a knife are available. Also, the gravity on the maps available for this game mode is very low.

sniper csgo

The Wingman game mode: In this game mode, players compete in 2 on 2. The terrorist team must plant the bomb and the anti-terrorist team must defuse it if it has been detonated. The game is played in 9 winning rounds so a total of 16 rounds maximum. Like the competitive mode, allied fire is enabled. Players must purchase armor and a defusing kit, and a ranking system is built in to put players of similar skill levels in the same game.

wingman csgo

The battle royale game mode "Danger Zone": This game mode takes place on a large map and is played by 16 or 17 players, if you are alone, to 18 players if you are two or three in the group. During the game, you will be asked to complete missions and this money will be used to buy equipment. You will also be able to collect money on the map. The winner of the game is the last person alive.

Finally, Lucky7Bonus has decided to highlight the most famous mode of Counter Strike, "bomb scenario", but oriented towards competition. The rules of this mode are as follows:

Like the classic mode, the competitive games are played in 30 rounds of 1 minute 55 seconds and 5 against 5. From the 15th round onwards, terrorists become anti-terrorists and vice versa. The winning team is the one that wins at least 16 innings. In the event of a tie, the teams may go to extra innings.

The terrorists must detonate at least one of the two bombs on the map or kill all the antiterrorists to win the round. If they fail to do so before the time limit or are killed by all the anti-terrorists, then they lose the round.

The player starts the game with $800, a handgun and a knife. However, he will have to buy the rest of his equipment. At the beginning of each round, the player will be able to buy equipment with the money earned in the previous round.

Friendly fire is allowed. That is, a person can kill a teammate if the teammate shoots at him or her. However, there are penalties if the person kills a teammate too many times.

For this game mode, special cards are used:

cartes csgo map

CSGO: terrorist round

How does a round play out when you are the terrorists? First, in round 1 of the game, you start your game with a handgun and a knife.

As terrorists, you have two choices to win your round. The first is to kill the five anti-terrorists facing you. The second is to plant a bomb between choice A and choice B. Once the bomb is planted, you must be careful that it is not deactivated by an anti-terrorist. If you manage to plant the bomb and also kill all the opponents before the bomb explodes, the round is won. If you manage to detonate the bomb without killing the enemies, the round is still won.

terrorist csgo dust

Depending on the actions you take during your round, you will earn dollars that will allow you to buy weapons or equipment. Planting a bomb will earn you a certain amount of dollars, while killing an enemy will earn you a different amount.

If you are a terrorist, you will not have the same choice of weapons as if you are a counter-terrorist. Buying a new weapon can be done in all rounds except the first. If you buy a weapon, you can simply buy ammunition throughout the game to continue playing with it. However, buying grenades, flash grenades or other equipment also has a cost, so managing your money is very important in a game.

Finally, communication and strategy are the basis of the competition. As you can see in esports events, players spend their time communicating and improvising a new strategy depending on the scenario of the round.

planting bomb csgo

CSGO: Anti-Terrorist Round

On the other hand, the anti-terrorists have a very specific role: to prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb or detonating it. If the opposing players succeed in planting the bomb, the anti-terrorists have 40 seconds to defuse it. If the anti-terrorist players succeed in defusing the bomb, then they win the round.

However, if the opposing players plant the bomb and the counter-terrorist team kills all the terrorists, but does not defuse the bomb, then they lose the game.

The other way for antiterrorists to win a round, kill all the players on the opposing team before they plant the bomb.

anti-terrorists csgo

The anti-terrorists also have weapons and equipment that are different from the terrorists. Like the terrorists, the anti-terrorist team starts the game with $800 and will have to buy equipment as the game progresses.

Just like the terrorist team, the counter-terrorism team will need to have perfect communication if they do not want to be overwhelmed.

CSGO in the world of esports

Becoming a reference in the world of video games since its creation, Counter Strike has also become one of the world references in the esport scene with its game CSGO.

It is in 2012, the year of the official release of CSGO that the first LAN takes place in Sweden. Faced with the success of the game and the emergence of many LANs around the world, the first "major" is organized during the year 2012. As the years go by, the competitions get bigger and bigger and gather more and more players. Organized around the world, the competitions also attract a growing audience. The importance of CSGO in the world of sports is such that competitions are no longer held in small venues, but in very large ones.

esport csgo

The popularity of Counter Strike is so impressive that the cash prize offered during the big competitions is more and more important. From the first LAN held in 2012 to January 1, 2020, a total of nearly $93.8 million has been distributed, making it the second highest cash handout game behind Dota 2.

The amount of money CSGO has put on the line demonstrates the still impressive popularity of this game. Another figure that shows that this game is still all the rage, during the 2018 ELEAGUE MAJOR finals in Boston, the final gathered almost 1.8 million viewers on the various streaming platforms. A record at the time for a video game and a major competition final.

Vanguardists with the creation of Counter Strike in 1999, the developers of CSGO were also the precursors of the emergence of video game competitions throughout the world and also of their broadcasting. As proof, on Wednesday, October 7, on the Esports category of Twitch, CSGO was the most watched game.

esport csgo

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