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MysteriousPragmatic Play

Free slot : Mysterious

This is the free slot machine Mysterious from the provider Pragmatic Play

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How Mysterious works

A haunted mansion, ghosts lurking in it... this is the universe that Pragmactic Play has chosen to develop for its Mysterious slot machine. Released in February 2020, this slot machine has an explosive potential as it can pay up to 20,000 times your initial bet. With a minimum of 10 cents per spin and a maximum of 100 euros, you will spend some wild sessions on this slot machine. With an RTP of 96.5%, this slot machine is in the middle of the pack.

Mysterious is a classic slot machine, consisting of 4 vertical reels and 4 horizontal lines. On the left side of the screen, the three ghosts that haunt the mansion have a wild function. Each person has a different function, which we will come back to later.

The different symbols of Mysterious

Mysterious is a slot machine with 9 different symbols. The "mysterious" symbol is the one that pays the most. Depending on the number of times you make connections and the symbol you connect, your winnings will vary. It is important to note that the Mysterious symbol is a symbol and not a wild one.

Of course, depending on how much you bet per round, the winnings will not be the same. Here, the value of the round is €1.

In addition to having 9 symbols, this slot machine has 3 wild symbols, which are randomly triggered. First, you have the wild "lady".

When this wild appears, it substitutes all the symbols of the line where the wild appeared with the same symbol. In addition, your winnings are paid out in two parts. Firstly, when the wild appears, some symbols may connect. Thus, you will be paid before the function is activated.

If when the function is activated, you have new connections, then you will be paid a second time. The wild symbol cannot replace the free spins and the two other wild symbols.

If when the function is activated, you have new connections, then you will be paid a second time. The wild symbol cannot replace the free spins and the two other wild symbols.

Finally, the "Lord" symbol is the last wild card in this slot machine. If the symbol makes a connection during your turn, then the payout of the lines it connects will be multiplied by two or even three. Like the other two symbols, it cannot replace the "free spins" symbol and the other two wild symbols. Each wild can be added together.

The different connections in Mysterious

Mysterious is a slot machine that offers you two methods of connection: if you are partly without bonuses, then you only have 256 ways to win money. Connections are made from left to right and you must have at least one symbol connected on the first three lines to win money.

When you get a bonus, your starting grid will increase by two vertical columns. In addition, the number of winning paths will increase considerably from 256 to 4,096. However, unlike the non-bonus game rounds, you no longer need a minimum of 3 connections to win money, but 4.

How the Mysterious bonus works

In order to get the bonus on Mysterious, you need the "free spins" symbol to appear at least three times on your screen.

If you get 3 symbols, you start your free spins with 8 spins. If you get 4 then you start your free spins with 12 spins.

Before starting your bonus, you will have to choose between two bonuses.

The first bonus (the one on the left in the top image) is a bonus where a clock may appear. Each time this clock appears, your final multiplier can increase. If you get two clocks in the same round, then you will get free spins in the free spins. On top of that, the final multiplier can increase considerably. Wild clocks appear randomly and disappear with each round.

The second bonus (the one on the right) is completely different from the first. With each wild that appears, these remain until the end of your rounds. However, for a wild to return to your screen, another wild must appear during your turn. For example, if you have one wild, and it is placed in a place where it connects, if a second wild does not appear then your wild does not connect.

So if you have 7 wild on your screen and an 8th appears, then the wild will connect with all possible symbols.

Our opinion on Mysterious

Mysterious is a very pleasant slot machine to play. Because of its unique universe and its volatility, which can be extreme, even in base games, this slot machine is a real success for Pragmatic Play.

With all the bonuses on offer and the many wild cards at your disposal, it will be impossible to get bored on this slot machine.

Be careful, this is still a slot machine that can be extremely frustrating. Indeed, it is not uncommon to get a bonus without any wild symbol or to get a bonus with lots of wild but they don't connect.

In short, Mysterious is a slot machine that can be extremely interesting for gamblers who want to make a wager as well as for gamblers who are looking for a boost balance.

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