Koray Aldemir wins the WSOP Main Event!
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Koray Aldemir wins the WSOP Main Event!

The most prestigious poker tournament of the year has finally delivered its verdict! After an epic battle that lasted for hours on end, German professional poker player Koray Aldemir has added the most beautiful line to his already impressive record by winning the Main Even at the World Series of Poker tonight. After 9 days of intense daily battle, the 31 year old poker enthusiast turned the $10,000 entry fee into a more than deserved $8,000,000!

The level of play is a key factor in this frantic race for the bracelet, along with emotional management and mental strength. The Austrian-based prodigy didn't waver during the entire tournament, especially during the magnificent two-day final table. Coming into the event as a favorite due to his exceptional skill level and massive stack, Aldemir did not waver and played a near perfect game, following his strategy of keeping his chip lead and putting himself at risk as little as possible.

Lucky7Bonus takes you back to the night that saw Koray Aldemir win the WSOP Main Event and walk away with $8 million! In this short article, we'll take a look at the details of the final day of the biggest tournament of the year, followed by a look at some of the highlights of the 2021 edition of the Main Event at the world's biggest poker festival!

Jack Oliver eliminated in 3rd place

Coming into this Day 9 with the second-largest stack (77,300,000 chips) but far behind the German chip leader (264,600,000 chips), Jack Oliver fought back but was quickly outplayed by American George Holmes. After seeing his stack slowly decline, the English player managed to get back into the race by doubling up his stack. The second coin flip proved fatal for the British player, who ended his exceptional adventure in 3rd place in the world's most prestigious tournament.

Although it's hard to accept that he was eliminated so close to the finish line, Oliver can take comfort in the $3,000,000 he won! Moreover, this 2021 edition has allowed this extremely talented young player to make a name for himself in this very special world. Indeed, this prodigy from Manchester will have left his mark, thanks to a very interesting level and an analysis of his opponents rarely seen before. One thing is for sure, poker fans have not heard the last of Jack Oliver!

Aldemir's Ultimate Reward

After the British player was eliminated, the pressure was on once again, thanks to the organizers who had the good idea of putting the $8 million prize money for the winner directly on the table! The final heads up was finally underway and it pitted Koray Aldemir, a seasoned professional player, against George Holmes, an amateur player living his "One Time" to the fullest. The matchup may have looked lopsided on paper, but the World Series of Poker Main Event is no ordinary tournament and the impossible can happen.

Only logic was respected in this face-off! Indeed, after more than 5 hours of fight, it is Aldemir who is crowned winner thanks to a call of genius which allowed this final table to rock in the irrational. The German's two pairs held up against the American's top pair and allowed Koray Aldemir to become the world poker champion at only 31 years old! This is the first bracelet for this extremely talented player who dominated the end of the tournament head and shoulders. In addition to the pride of winning the WSOP Main Event, this accomplished player also increases his bankroll by $8,000,000!

Main Event highlights

  • $10 000 : The price of entry to the 2021 Main Event

  • 6,650: The number of entrants in this tournament

  • 9: The number of final table entrants

  • 1,000,000: The dollar reward for final table participants

  • $62 011 250 : The total prize pool for this Main Event

  • 17: The ranking of Nicolas Vayssieres, who finished first in France ($305,000)

The final payout:

  • 1. Koray Aldemir (Germany) : $8,000,000

  • 2. George Holmes (USA) : $4,300,000

  • 3. Jack Oliver (United Kingdom): $3,000,000

  • 4. Joshua Remitio (USA) - $2,300,000

  • 5. Ozgur Secilmis (Turkey) - $1,800,000

  • 6. Hye Park (USA) - $1,400,000

  • 7. Alejandro Lococo (Argentina) - $1,225,000

  • 8. Jareth East (United Kingdom) - $1,100,000

  • 9. Chase Bianchi (USA) - $1,000,000

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