Trackmania Cup and its 3 winners, KCorp at the top of the LFL and no FIFA World Cup: a look back at the eSport news of the last few weeks!
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Trackmania Cup and its 3 winners, KCorp at the top of the LFL and no FIFA World Cup: a look back at the eSport news of the last few weeks!

The favorite team of the Trackmania Cup finally wins its first victory during this legendary competition, but questions about the absence of CarlJr's team, Trackmania World Champion during this Trackmania Cup final.

League of Legends Summer Split is the talk of the town, especially in France with the KCorp team or the records achieved by players in the LCS.

Why the FIFA World Cup was cancelled a week before the start of the competition?

Even in the summer, professional gamers in the eSports world do not stop. The competitions are going on and everyone is preparing for different world cups to try to get some nice cash prizes! What about all these big competitions with the global health situation? Lucky7Bonus takes a look at the latest news in eSports over the last few weeks.

The Trackmania Cup 2021 final

It was the long awaited semi-final and final this Thursday, July 29 on Zerator's Twitch live for this Trackmania Cup 2021. However, fewer spectators were present for the latter, which took place entirely online, compared to previous years. This didn't prevent us from enjoying the beautiful show: the confrontation between the 3 finalist teams: the Team BS+ (Glast, Snow and Dofault); the Team Papaleak (Gwen, Aurel and Papou) and the Team Mint (Tjalic, Legu18 and Tricky). 9 French-speaking players to compete on the maps created especially for the occasion.

Finally, the Team Papaleak literally "rolled over the competition". The team is composed of Aurélien Bouard alias Aurel, Valérian Ramamonjy alias Papou and Gwendal Duparc alias Gwen. The latter has already won the Trackmania Cup last year, in 2020, at only 16 years old. Despite a fragile set up for Gwen at the beginning of the final, he managed to get into the game and win alongside his teammates.

They therefore win the Trackmania Cup 2021 as well as the 2021 euro prize.

Like every year since 2014, we were waiting for the team of CarlJr, several times champion of the Trackmania Cup in solo and duo, as well as his excellent companions Bren and Kenny. But they announced to participate for fun this year, especially because the Trackmania World Cup 2021 ended on July 04 and CarlJr became world champion for the fourth time. A lack of time and a need to rest?

See you next year in Bercy for the Trackmania Cup 2022 which has already been postponed twice due to the health situation and Covid-19. The competition was initially planned for 2020 in this mythical venue.

The Karmine Corp finishes the LFL Summer Split 2021 on a high note.

The LFL is the French League of Legends, since 2019 the best French teams compete on this championship in France. The winner of the season is decided after a round robin match. At the end of the LFL season, the 5 best teams are qualified for the playoffs.

In this atmosphere, the favorite team and carried by the French streamer Kameto, the KCorp managed to impose itself last June on the first games of the LFL by achieving the feat with 9 wins for 9 games in total. Continuing this success, the team finished at the top of the LFL standings with 14 wins to 4 losses.

View post on Twitter

Karmine Corp can look forward to their next opponent in the finals on August 14th. It could very well be the 2nd place team: Vitality Bee, or even the 4th place team: Solary, who caused some damage to KCorp during their confrontation at the Karmine Corp Xperience (KCX).

This great position in the rankings gives KCorp a spot in the second annual European Masters, which they won in the spring of 2021.

Kameto and KCorp's eSports teams are still growing, as they announced during the Karmine Corp Xperience, the new KCorp team on Rocket League. Will they succeed in marching on France and Europe on this new eSport game?

The start of the LCS Summer Split 2021 playoffs

Also on League of Legends, the game's legendary teams compete in the LCS Summer Split: League of Legends Championship Series, with the goal of earning a spot in the World Cup. After several weeks of fierce battles in the Summoner's Rift, the top 8 teams will face off in the playoffs, where each of the top 4 teams will share$200,000 ($100,000 for the 1st team, $50,000 for the 2nd team, $30,000 for the 3rd team and $20,000 for the 4th team). However, the real challenge for all these teams is to finish at least in the top 3. The top three teams in the LCS will earn a spot in this year'sLeague of Legends World Cupin China.

Still, we were treated to some great action from these legendary teams. Zven, the ADC of Team C9, has set a new record in his 4 years of LCS experience: he has completed a total of 5 pentakills. The last of which was during their last match against Team Liquid, when Zven completed another pentakill to put his team in 4th place for the playoffs. The destiny decided to shout vengeance, the next step for the C9 team with Zven, will be... a new BO5 against Team Liquid. The match will take place on Sunday August 8th from 10pm. Feel free to follow the LCS directly on their Twitch channel.

Twitch clip: Pentakill of ADC Zven from Team C9 https://clips.twitch.tv/SmilingHardTofuPermaSmug-qOrqSpj3KLEgptXv

The cancellation of the FIFA 21 World Cup

Like last year, the professional players of FIFA 21 will not be able to play any matches during the FIFA World Cup. Specifically, the eWorld Cup, which was scheduled to take place from August 6 to 8, and the eNations Cup, which was scheduled to take place from August 20 to 22, are cancelled.

32 qualifiers are very disappointed with this decision, but the health situation is of concern to the FIFA team and they prefer to cancel in order to avoid any problems during their events.

"It is with a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of the upcoming FIFA eWorld Cup as well as the FIFA Nations Cup.

We are committed to protecting the integrity of our competitions and maintaining our approach to safety and sanitary conditions at our events. " Twitter post link: https://bit.ly/3ynhsmY

French player Julien Perbal aka Fouma was qualified for this World Cup, following his recent title of European Champion. We can imagine their disappointment, knowing that everyone knew about the cancellation, just over a week before the start of the competition in London.

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