Tombstone and Deadwood: the twin sisters of Nolimit City
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Tombstone and Deadwood: the twin sisters of Nolimit City

In the online casino world, it is not uncommon for providers to take a popular slot machine and turn it into a 2.0 version. Sometimes they have the same name (The Dog House/The Dog House Megaways) and sometimes not. This is the case with the Tombstone and Deadwood slots. These creations from Nolimit City are twin sisters on which we will focus in the following article. So, for those of you who are not familiar with these two slot machines, we strongly recommend that you read this article.

Presentation of Nolimit City in a few words

There are many references in the world of online casino, and Nolimit City is part of this category. Indeed, this slot machine supplier has become, in a few years, a reference in the slot game world. Extremely volatile slot machines that can make you win large sums of money, original graphics and concepts, this provider born in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 has found the perfect recipe among the community of players to be appreciated.

Many players get their teeth into Nolimit City slots every day, but many also have the chance to realize how volatile the group's slot machines are.

Even though Nolimit City does not offer an impressive number of slot machines, the vast majority of them are references in the online casino world. The strength of the Swedish company's slot machines is the bonus buying feature, and in particular the possibility of buying the most volatile bonuses, which can cost you more than 2,000 times your initial stake.

What are the best slot machines from Nolimit City

A few years ago, Nolimit City was not one of the most important providers to have in your online casino, but that is now a thing of the past. In fact, in just a few years, this company has released slots that have become classics in the online casino world. Among the most famous slot machines of Nolimit City there are :

  • Tombstone ;

  • Deadwood ;

  • Book of Shadow ;

  • Tomb of Akhenaten ;

  • Tomb of Nefertiti ;

  • East Coast vs West Coast ;

  • Harlequin Carnival ;

  • San Quentin ;

  • Fire in the Hole ;

  • El Paso Gunfight xNudge ;

  • Buffalo Hunter ;

  • Infectious 5 xWays.

For those of you who wish to play these slots, you can do so for free directly on the Lucky7Bonus website. To access the slots, please click here.

Tombstone and Deadwood: when the little sister surpasses the big one

As mentioned in the introduction to this article, some slot machines are considered as sisters, as they are so similar in graphics and operation. This is the case for the Tombstone and Deadwood slots. The first mentioned was released on April 19, 2019 and immediately appealed to the community of players. Due to the popularity of this slot, Nolimit City decided to make a version 2.0, named Deadwood. It is almost a year later, on April 22, 2020, that this slot is offered to players. Like the first creation, Deadwood was immediately adopted by the player community. The players appreciate the high volatility of this slot.

Presentation of Tombstone in a few words

Tombstone is a slot that was released on April 19, 2019. This slot will take you directly to the world of the Wild West. Graphics, sound atmosphere, character or even the functionality in the base game will take you directly to the heart of the United States. It is a particular starting grid that awaits you on this slot, since it is divided into: 2/3/3/3/2. A feature is present in the base game, while 2 different bonus games can be unlocked. Premium symbols as well as classic symbols are present, as well as a wild symbol that can increase your final multiplier substantially if you are lucky.

Presentation of Deadwood in a few words

Almost a year later, on April 22, 2020, the Deadwood slot is offered to the general public. Like its little sister, a feature is present in the base game that can pay you out in a big way if you're lucky. Wild symbols can also appear with multipliers that can greatly increase your final win. Premium symbols as well as non-premium symbols are also available in this slot. Bonus rounds can also be unlocked. The starting grid is different from Tombstone, as it is divided into 3/4/4/4/3. The Wild West theme is also omnipresent in this slot.

What these two slot machines have in common

As has been stated throughout this article, Tombstone and Deadwood are similar in many ways.

For example, they are both slot machines that work with adjacent connections. This means that for a connection to occur, a symbol must appear at least once on the first three connection lines. On both slots, connections work only from left to right. Only the number of maximum ways differ in these two slots: 108 different ways to win for Tombstone, 576 for Deadwood.

The theme chosen is also very similar. As you can see, it is the theme of the Wild West that has been put forward. On the starting gate of Tombstone, you will find yourself at the entrance of a saloon, painted all in white. The animations, the music and the characters will make you feel in the heart of America. On the Deadwood side, it's the same story. This time, you won't be at the entrance of a saloon, but in the middle of a dry town where bars and houses are located on your right and left. The animations, the soundtrack, everything is there to make you dive into this historical period very well known in the United States.

Nolimit City is a company that is used to offering very volatile slots to its users and both Tombstone and Deadwood are no exception to this rule. When you visit these slots, you will come across two extremely volatile slots where you can win large amounts of money on any given spin. On Tombstone, you can win up to 11,826 times your original bet, while on Deadwood the maximum payout is a bit higher, at 13,060 times your original bet.

A feature is present in the basic game, both on Tombstone and Deadwood. This feature is triggered in the same way, you have to get a policeman symbol on the first reel and on the last reel. However, there are some differences in the way the two features work.

Does the bounty bonus mean nothing to you? Well, it's the ultimate bonus, whether it's on the Tombstone slot machine or on Deadwood. It's the ultimate bonus that can make you win massive amounts of money. But to get it, you will need a lot of luck on Tombstone, while it can be obtained more easily on Deadwood, but for that you will have to get out the checkbook.

There are still some similarities between the two slot machines, but we have decided to present you the most important and valuable ones.

The few differences between Tombstone and Deadwood

Of course, even though Tombstone and Deadwood have many similarities, there are also some differences between these two slot machines.

The first difference is the starting grid between the two slots. As you can see on the Tombstone slot machine, the grid is divided in the following way: 2/3/3/3/2 while on Deadwood it is divided in 3/4/4/4/3. This difference, which may seem small to some, is very important because it greatly reduces the number of possible ways. 108 on one side while on Deadwood it is 576.

The second obvious difference between the two slots is the bonuses. Indeed, Deadwood is a slot machine that offers three different bonuses, while Tombstone offers only two to its players. What the two slots have in common is the bounty bonus.

Where Tombstone offers only one bonus to its users, Deadwood offers two: one extremely volatile bonus and another that is much less volatile. This choice allows the user to choose the bonus they are most interested in based on what they are looking for.

Finally, the biggest difference between these two slots is again the bonuses. While on the Tombstone slot you will have to get the free spins by playing, on Deadwood you can directly buy the bonuses, both the simple bonus and the bounty. However, the amount spent will be different, as buying the single bonus will cost 71 times your original bet, while it will cost 750 times your original bet for the bounty.

Which online casinos can I play Tombstone and Deadwood at?

Which online casinos to play at Nolimit City is now a must have provider at the online casino you wish to play at. At Lucky7Bonus, the vast majority of the online casinos we provide offer this slot machine provider. In this article, we have decided to highlight three of our partners. In each casino that we will highlight, you will benefit from a unique welcome offer on the market. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is click on the casino that interests you the most. and Deadwood?

  • Cresus Casino → 150% up to €500 and 20 free spins when you register; → 150% up to €500 and 20 free spins when you register;

  • Casino Extra → up to €600 + 100 free spins;

  • Arlequin Casino → 150% up to €300 + 30 free spins.

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