Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: unusual sports and bets!
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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: unusual sports and bets!

Every four years since the 1896 Games in Athens, the modern Olympic Games have been organised to allow athletes from all over the world to represent their country in their favourite sport. Over time, new sports have emerged and in each cycle, the International Olympic Committee may decide to introduce new disciplines to the Games, often with the aim of attracting a new audience.

Postponed for the first time since the 1944 Games, the 2020 Games are now being held in Tokyo, one year late. Many disciplines have been added to the Olympic programme for this rather special edition. Some of these sports may not be well known to the general public and this can be a good opportunity to have fun betting on some unusual disciplines!

In this short article Lucky7Bonus offers you a look at the most unusual sports and bets of this edition of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Where to bet on the Olympics?

Before you try your luck on one of the sports of this edition of the Summer Games, you should choose a quality bookmaker. The bookmaker must be secure and complete, the odds must be interesting and the way it works must suit you.

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The most unusual sports of the Olympic Games and the possible bets

As you know, the most famous sports are obviously present at the Olympic Games and it can be interesting to bet on football, basketball and tennis if you are a regular. But for many spectators, the main attraction of this special competition period is the more unusual disciplines.

Would you like to increase your own interest in a sport you know little or nothing about by betting on the winner? Nothing could be easier with Casinozer, Stake and Gamdom.


You've probably heard of rowing, a sport that involves rowing a boat as fast as possible through the water, but you may not spend a lot of time watching the various competitions around the sport. Well, the Olympic Games are the place to be!

The sport combines power and timing as athletes must row in rhythm to get the most out of their push.

The size of the boat, the different compositions of rowers in solo or team rowing and the different weights allow for a large number of different events.

Tonight, from 5.50am, there are 6 different events to bet on, with odds for the favourite ranging from 1.02 to 2.2, while the outsiders are priced from 4 to 101 for the French Team in the coxless pair event on our partner Casinozer.

Don't know anything about it? It may be more reasonable to look at the top 3 bets. The odds range from 1.05 to 101 and the team or athlete selected will simply have to finish on the podium to validate your bet.


Always on the water, Canoe Kayak is a leisure activity for many people, often in summer, but in this period, real professionals represent their country with the strength of their arms in these small boats badly handled by strong currents!

6 different events will take place on Wednesday 4 August and you can bet on each of them thanks to our different partners.

Between the slaloms and the downhill events, you are bound to find what you are looking for in this discipline where the strength of the currents and the rocks make the outcome of each race uncertain. Indeed, the odds are much more even in the canoeing events than in the rowing events.


Athletics encompasses a large number of specific disciplines at the Olympic Games, some of which are much more common than others.

Pole Vault

Renaud Lavillenie was the world record holder at 6.16m until his friend and rival Armand Duplantis raised the mark to 6.18m. So, will the Frenchman succeed in beating the new star of the discipline by outdoing himself at the Tokyo games?

Lavillenie is coming back from a sprained ankle, which explains the odds of 1.74 for his victory against 1.03 for Duplantis.


This sometimes misunderstood sport, between running and walking, will be on display at the Olympic Games on 31 July for a 50-kilometre race for the last time before they are cancelled!

Frenchman and world record holder Yohan Diniz and his rival Maruo Satoshi, often mistaken for the creator of Bitcoin, are both rated 2.5 for a win on Casinozer while the odds can go up to 21 for the underdog athletes.

Throwing events

The various shot put, discus, javelin and hammer throw events are not well known in Europe, yet they offer great competitors. The odds are quite mixed and it can be difficult to find the underdog who will turn the competition around.

In any case, the odds go up to over 100 for some athletes!


For the first time in history, Skateboarding will be present at the Olympic Games this year and the bettors will have a field day!

If you're a connoisseur or just want to take a chance, our partner Stake has odds for the Park event ranging from 2.4 for favourite Heimana Reynolds to 350 for outsider Dallas Oberholtzer!


Among the most impressive sports, diving has a place in the top rankings at the Games. Athletes do not hesitate to jump from a height of 10 metres and perform impressive tricks. It is still possible to bet on 3 different events:

  • The 3-metre springboard with odds ranging from 1.65 to 100 on Stake ;

  • The 3-metre synchronised springboard with odds ranging from 1.3 for Team China to 100 for Japan;

  • The 10-metre platform where China's Jian Yang is favourite with 1.6.

Field Hockey

The summer version of Ice Hockey is present at the Olympic Games and the games are crazy intense. If you're feeling brave enough to bet on this very special sport, there are plenty of games going on tonight.

Most of the matches are expected to be one-sided, but one match stands out: New Zealand - Spain. Indeed, the odds are significantly closer than for most of the clashes with a draw rated at 4.8.

Water Polo

A pool, some friends and a ball: that's all you need to start a game of amateur water polo. Some top athletes have made this their sport and will compete in the Summer Games!

The Olympic Games water polo tournament is not yet very advanced, leaving you the opportunity to bet on a large number of matches or simply on the winner of the discipline.

In the women's game, the USA is the favourite, while the men's game is much more evenly matched with odds of 4 for Hungary, Serbia and Spain and 5 for Croatia or Italy.

It is also one of the few sports where Montenegro, a small country in terms of size, has a very high level team, close to being among the favourites. The Montenegrin victory is rated 9 on Casinozer!

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