Tiki Pop, the new jewel of Yggdrasil
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Tiki Pop, the new jewel of Yggdrasil

If you are passionate about online gambling, you couldn't miss the meteoric rise of the "Pop" slot machines! These online games, designed by Yggdrasil and developed by the AvatarX studio, were among the most played slots at the end of 2020, thanks in particular to the various streamers that regularly offered content on Cherry Pop, Bounty Pop, Pop Rocks and Wild Pops.

Faced with this ever-increasing demand from the gamblers' community, the creators of these online games have decided, to the delight of gamblers, to release a new slot machine of this kind, called Tiki Pop!

This slot will be available at most online casinos from 22 February and is based on the basic principles of Cherry Pop, the flagship slot of 2020. Tiki Pop will delight the community with its famous "Pop" slot gamble feature, as well as its 33,614 potential connections and maximum payout of up to 32,000 times your starting bet!

Lucky7Bonus offers you an overview of the Tiki Pop slot machine, Yggdrasil's latest creation, which is sure to become one of the most played slots in the coming weeks! We also offer you the possibility to test Tiki Pop in preview by clicking here.

Which provider has created Tiki Pop ?

Tiki Pop is a slot machine created by the Avatar UX studio, a company working in collaboration with the online game provider Yggdrasil. This provider has been a reference in the world of online gambling since 2013. Based in Malta, the developer Yggdrasil has recently reached the top of the ranking of the best providers, thanks to revolutionary technologies and slots with original functionalities.

Some of Yggdrasil's best known slot machines include :

  • Cherry Pop

  • Bounty Pop

  • Lucky Neko Gigablox

  • Multifly!

  • Golden Fish Tank

  • Valley of the Gods

How does Tiki Pop works?

Tiki Pop is a 5x3 slot machine. The aim is to make connections using identical symbols, at least on the first three reels, with this slot reading in both directions. Each time you make a connection, the reels concerned will expand by one slot and each symbol that has connected will disappear to make room for two new symbols. In base game, the maximum setup is 5x5 and when this is reached, all winnings are doubled.

The Tiki Pop slot machine uses PopWins technology, which greatly increases the number of potential connections. In fact, here the connections are adjacent, which means that a connection is valid when the same symbol is present on at least the first 3 reels, regardless of its location.

Like all machines stamped "Pop", the element that will make Tiki Pop very attractive is the bonus present on this slot, with a gamble function that can make you crazy but also make you rich! Indeed this bonus offers you 7 free spins and you can try to increase this number (up to 15 free spins) by taking the risk of losing everything.

During the Tiki Pop bonus, the multiplier will increase by 1 for each connection and the grid will expand if, on the same spin, you manage to make connections on all the reels. The multiplier will increase by 2 for each connection when the maximum setup (5x7) is reached.

Find all the information you need to understand the Tiki Pop bonus by clicking here.

Which online casino to play at Tiki Pop?

Many online casinos will be offering to play at Tiki Pop in the coming days or weeks. Lucky7Bonus offers you the best platforms on the market with exclusive bonuses negotiated especially for you :

The biggest multiplier on Tiki Pop

Slot machines such as Tiki Pop are building their reputations thanks to the originality of the graphics, the atypical functionalities but above all because of the incredible potential of these slots! Indeed, Tiki Pop can pay up to 32,000 times your initial bet, which means that you can expect to make huge profits.

In order to have the chance to win astronomical sums of money, several conditions must be met. First of all, even if you can achieve great hits in the base game, you will have to reach the bonus part of Tiki Pop. To do so, 2 solutions are available to you:

  • Obtain the bonus in a natural way by seeing 3 scatters on the same game round.

  • Buy the bonus, for an amount of 100 times the starting bet. 7 free spins are offered to you, and you have the possibility to increase this number by using the gamble function twice, to reach a total of 15 spins. If you are unlucky, the money put into the bonus will be lost without even playing it.

In order to give yourself a chance to get close to the maximum multiplier on Tiki Pop, you will have to reach the maximum setup during the bonus, with 7 symbols present on each reel. When you reach this point, 4 additional free spins will be offered to you and will allow you to make more connections. To make big wins on Tiki Pop, the ideal is to make many connections, which will increase your winnings but also the multiplier, which will act on each win.

If the multiplier is very high and you make connections on all reels with high value symbols, then your winnings will be huge and you can potentially get closer to the maximum Tiki Pop payout.

Ready to play with real money ?

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