The most beautiful streamers wins on Cherry Pop!
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The most beautiful streamers wins on Cherry Pop!

If you're a fan of online casinos, especially slots, you must have heard of Cherry Pop! This slot developed and published by the online gaming provider Yggdrasil and designed by the AvatarX studio has become one of the most popular slots played in recent weeks. Cherry Pop is just as successful because it can drive you crazy with its gamble function, as it can make you rich with its high volatility! You can find all the information you need to understand this slot by clicking here.

This slot machine has become popular especially thanks to the streamers that keep playing it during each session in the various online casinos. And how can you not understand them when you see the incredible potential of Cherry Pop? Indeed, this slot with its original features has a payout ratio of over 96% and allows a maximum payout of up to 56,386 times your initial bet!

Lucky7Bonus offers you a top 5 of the most incredible winnings made on Cherry Pop by Twitch streamers.

5/ Bidule (18921€)

We'll start this best-of on Cherry Pop with an exceptional win by Bidule, the most famous French-language streamer. Contrary to the rest of the ranking, this win is not spectacular by its amount, but above all thanks to a record multiplier! Indeed, when you reach the maximum setup (9 symbols on each reel), the multiplier increases by 4 for each connection. This situation is complicated to achieve, even if it happens frequently. What is rarer, on the other hand, is to reach a multiplier of 75, and this is what Bidule has achieved!

Accompanied by his sidekick Felix, Bidule obtained a large number of connections that evening, which considerably increased the multiplier on Cherry Pop. The only small regret is that the bonus was bought at 525€, a rare occurrence for Bidule, a gambler par excellence and used to buying bonuses at 3000€, which would have allowed an even more incredible win. In the end, the two streamers made an exceptional gain of €18921.70, and this x75 multiplier will remain in the memories of the spectators present that day.

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4/ Bidule (42888€)

Watching this clip will make you realize how volatile the Cherry Pop machine is. If you can get past the gamble function, of course, this slot can give you some absolutely amazing payouts, and Bidule has understood this very quickly. When your luck is with you and the planets are aligned, Cherry Pop offers us moments like the one below, where a simple full line of 10, one of the weakest symbols, pays off massively!

On that day, after many attempts, Bidule got the colossal prize he had come to get on Cherry Pop. Thanks to an aggressive style of play that made his reputation, the number one French-speaking slot streamer took out 3000€ from his pocket (the maximum amount to buy the bonus), and won the modest sum of 42888€!

3/ Loopoo (73020€)

For a few months now, Loopoo has taken an important place in the online casino stream on Twitch, and is now a reference in the online gambling world. Thanks to increasingly daring bets and a bad faith that has become legendary, Loopoo has been able to find its audience and offer quality content. A big fan of Cherry Pop, the one who moved to Malta a few months ago has made exceptional hits and therefore won unimaginable sums of money on this slot machine.

Together with his friend kioShiMa, Loopoo decided to reinvest the winnings from a bad bonus hunt on Cherry Pop, and it turned out to be a great idea! By buying the free spins for €3,000, Loopoo wanted to make a big win, but what followed was more than she expected! A maximum setup was quickly reached, numerous connections and big hits with big multipliers allowed Loopoo to win 73020€, thanks in particular to a multiplier that reached x58.

2/ Teufeurs (82404€)

What would a Cherry Pop best-of be without Teufeurs? One of the pioneers of French-language streaming slots has succeeded, with Bidule, in make know the online casino (and making it more popular). Teufeurs has made a name for itself thanks in particular to video games and is a great fan of this Yggdrasil slot machine and plays it very regularly during frenzied sessions, sometimes several times per stream.

Cherry Pop can drive you crazy, but Cherry Pop can make you rich! That's why Teufeurs insists on playing this slot so often, thinking that a colossal gain could come from hundreds of attempts. And with perseverance, the big win on Cherry Pop that Teufeurs was chasing has arrived!

After less than a quarter of an hour of live performance, a bonus of 3000€ was bought by the streamer, and after 11 spins, more than 22000€ had already been won. However, there is a difference between a very good bonus and an exceptional bonus, and Teufeurs was lucky enough to get the second option. Using a x27 multiplier and a full line of "bells", which is one of the best symbols, Teufeurs won the colossal sum of €82,404, making it the second highest winning streamer on Cherry Pop.

1/ Loopoo (98910€)

And the one who takes the first place in this ranking of the biggest wins on Cherry Pop is none other than Loopoo! The one nicknamed "el Avocado" put on an incredible performance, winning the astronomical sum of 98910€. The young streamer decided to launch a morning stream in the run-up to Christmas and it was probably one of the best ideas in his life as an online gambler.

Loopoo finished the 12 spins of the bonus round of Cherry Pop by getting a x46 multiplier and pocketing almost €30,000 in the final round of the game! This amazing win comes with a purchase of €2250.

One thing is for sure, we haven't heard the last of Cherry Pop, and the record that is in the hands of Loopoo will surely be the property of another streamer in the days or weeks to come! So who from Teufeurs or Bidule will take over the honorary title of the streamer with the biggest win on Cherry Pop?

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