The failure of the fourth attempt of the Million or Nothing for Bidule
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The failure of the fourth attempt of the Million or Nothing for Bidule

Never 3 without 4? On June 28, 2021, after the French team lost the Euro in a penalty shootout, Bidule, the number one French casino streamer, tried his famous challenge once again. The Million or Nothing has a very simple objective: to reach a balance of at least 1 million euros or dollars while risking losing several hundred thousand during the exercise. When an excellent session or a huge win raises his balance to impressive heights, the young Maltese resident very often decides to go hunting for the million the next day.

On three occasions since the beginning of this year, in January, March and May, this mission has ended in failure. This was not enough to stop Bidule, who therefore tried for the fourth time to reach a 7-digit balance.

Starting his session with a balance of €600,000, the young gambler set himself a single rule: not to go below €300,000. The result wasn't what he expected, but it was still a memorable night with some impressive wins and turnarounds at unlikely moments.

Today, Lucky7Bonus looks back at Bidule's 6 hour battle with the casino in his fourth attempt at the Million or Nothing.

How did Bidule reach that balance?

Before you can start chasing the million, you must first have a substantial balance from a great casino session or a huge win.

In fact, Bidule got almost his entire balance on one free spin. Indeed, after starting a session at Cresus with a balance of €125,000, the losses kept coming until he was down to almost €50,000 and the French streamer had the good idea to go and buy Fruit Party bonuses at €10,000. After having pushed his luck several times on the same slot machine, a free spin pulverizes the maximum potential of the slot and blocks the winnings counter on half a million euros!

You can enjoy this huge win and Bidule's reaction in this video:

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After more than 2 years in the casino and for the first time live, Bidule hits the maximum slot multiplier with a €100 bet per spin.

The Maltese resident has just had time to recover from his incredible win and is already looking ahead to the million-dollar chase that lies ahead.

Which casino is Bidule attempting this challenge at?

The €500,000 win and the Million or Nothing #4 was achieved at the Cresus casino. This online casino is one of the market leaders and one of the first online gaming establishments to partner with Lucky7Bonus.

Their team of professionals has elevated this operator to the top of the casinos since its inception in 2014. With one of the most complete catalogues on the market and a reliable and secure platform, Cresus Casino deserves its place in our ranking of the best online casinos.

If you want to take advantage of a welcome offer exclusively reserved for the Lucky7Bonus community, join Cresus by clicking here.

The night in review

A better start than previous challenges

The casino streamer got off to a rocky start in the previous Millions or Nothing challenges, as his first three attempts were met with a nasty surprise as his balance melted away very quickly from the start of the live game.

The strategy adopted here was simple: play very volatile Blackjack, or buy bonuses by paying the maximum bet allowed on the slot. Meanwhile, a slot machine is farmed on the side (paying spins are activated automatically). With such high stakes, the balance can quickly drop. However, after more than an hour of streaming, 550,000 euros of the 600,000 euros started are still there.

Bidule then decided to give a chance to a family of slots that have not been popular lately: the Pop.

After losing €18,000 on Cherry Pop without seeing a single bonus round, Tiki Pop saves the day with a win of nearly €55,000!

Although the balance doesn't drop too much, nearly €200,000 is already lost after 2 hours of live play, so it's up to Renars, Bidule's favourite dealer to deal the right cards in Blackjack to allow the young Maltese resident to climb back above €600,000.

Getting saved

In a casino session with such high stakes, big wins are needed to offset the drastic losses of such a volatile playing style.

After nearly 3 hours in the stream, the balance of Bidule has dropped below half a million euros again and it's time to find the slot that will save the night. It's now Juicy Fruits's turn to work miracles by offering a €100,515 win!

After launching Book of Shadows at the request of the audience, Bidule realises that he has to listen to his instincts and immediately leaves this slot to go to Wild West Gold, a very volatile slot from Pragmatic Play. This turns out to be a great idea as the first bonus buy-in ends incredibly well with a win of €155,750!

This jackpot gives the streamer the highest balance of his online casino career at €721,000.

After a crazy Blackjack session playing the maximum bet on all seats at the Renars table at the same time, Bidule is saved by Power of Thor Megaways with over €82,000 in winnings before Buffalo King Megaways responds with a jackpot of almost €104,000!

With Blackjack and Megaball failing to save the bankroll, Bidule is about to leave the stream by heading to the VIP live roulette table with €323,700 on his bankroll. He then goes for broke on his famous Bidulation and maximizes the small numbers by betting the remaining €23,700. Having set a limit of €300,000, this round of roulette could very well be the last bet of the night.

That was without counting the red 5, which keeps the session alive with an incredible €153,000 win!

A late night against Blackjack

After a wire save, Bidule returns to the Blackjack tables, where he bets over €10,000 on every possible hand by filling the table. These full table bets are very risky, but are also the only opportunity to win big to get back to the starting balance and hope to continue the challenge.

The casino streamer follows the table and doesn't hesitate to double up on several hands to reach 6-figure bets against a dealer who refuses to go over 21 (Bust). Bidule will even risk going below €300,000 in balance when placing large bets in the hope of recovering some of his winnings if he loses.

Unfortunately for him, few side bets and a good defence from the dealer will get the better of the Maltese resident, who finally admits defeat and tries the roulette rescue once again.

At 5am, after more than 6 hours of live action and intense emotions, the roulette ball sounded the death knell for Bidule, who saw the million go down the drain after trying everything again with a €20,000 bet.

Despite this, the French streamer describes this session as one of the best streams of his life and we can imagine that this is only the beginning and that Bidule will not hesitate to offer us another crazy evening in search of the Graal in Million or Nothing #5!

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