TeufeurS breaks record for the biggest win by a French streamer
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TeufeurS breaks record for the biggest win by a French streamer

Most of you already know the exuberant character that is TeufeurS, the online casino and video game streamer. His atypical and explosive personality as well as his crazy run from €6,000 to €1,000,000 in 2019 have propelled him to the forefront of the French-speaking scene.

2 years after that famous period when the former trucker was pushing the limits of madness and luck, here he is, very close to withdrawing the same amount after a casino session of less than 2 hours.

TeufeurS is known for his aggressive gambling style, he doesn't hesitate to bet big even if it means losing everything and depositing large amounts of money to make up for it. He knows and often says that by continuing to force fate, a big win will eventually happen. And indeed, after a crazy casino session, Teuf didn't hesitate to buy a bonus for €50,000 on his intuition alone. The result is impressive: nearly €850,000 in winnings on that one bonus alone!

How did TeufeurS come to buy this bonus, did he push his luck to reach the €1 million on stream? Luck7Bonus takes a look back at the crazy night of the man who now holds the record for the biggest live winnings by a French streamer.

The Dog House Megaways, the Pragmatic Play classic

Few slot machines manage to make it to the top, but it's even harder to stay there. Developers are constantly working to deliver new slots that are more original, more volatile, more beautiful and more technologically advanced, and it becomes difficult to compete with new releases over the long term.

Despite this, some slots survive the test of time by offering that extra something, impossible to describe, that continues to attract players who never tire of the same gameplay. At this game, Pragmatic Play is one of the most successful providers. Its most popular creations remain so for much longer than the market average. The Dog House Megaways is a perfect example of this, although this slot is a simple redesign of The Dog House with the addition of the ways connection system, it is one of the most played slots in the world and has been for almost a year.

Its phenomenal volatility can be very frustrating, but it also offers impressive payouts of up to 12,000 times the original bet.

Whether in the base game or in the bonus rounds, The Dog House Megaways can drastically change the course of a game session.

In the bonus game it is very important to get wilds with x2 or x3 multipliers. These are sticky and increase the number of ways considerably. If you also manage to get connections with premium symbols, the jackpot can quickly surprise you!

A record-breaking evening with Antho

Who is Antho the trainee?

On this legendary night, TeufeurS was accompanied by his new sidekick: Antho. For those who don't know this new character of the French gambling scene, Antho is Teuf's "intern". A friend of the latter, Anthosaure has had the opportunity to participate in earlier streams called "mornings" like Félix on the Bidule channel. It is not uncommon to see him alongside TeufeurS during his evening streams, Antho is often the one who farms the bonus hunts during the day before they are opened later on live. Since the trainee has been participating in Teuf's streams, the latter has been able to finish several wagers for substantial withdrawals, until Friday night when the amount withdrawn was beyond belief.

So has Antho become Teuf's lucky charm?

A good session and Gonzo's Treasure Hunt never stops

The evening started with a bit of humour and a bit of originality for the young duo. Thanks to a drone, spectators could observe the coastline of Malta before launching the casino session with a little over €9,000 in bonuses and a wager to complete.

However, TeufeurS doesn't like imprecise balances and prefers round numbers. So naturally he starts the stream with blackjack hands to reach €10,000. Within seconds, the balance drops to €0 and the Maltese resident finds himself depositing €50,000 with no bonus to really attack his casino session.

After a quickly achieved revenge against the blackjack tables and some bonus buys, Teuf has the very good idea to try out Evolution Gaming's new live game: Gonzo's Treasure Hunt.

During a fantastic round, consisting of 7 respins and several x2's, the duo witnessed a record-breaking win of €75,100, bringing the balance to over €116,000.

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Quickly returning to his game of choice, blackjack, TeufeurS is enjoying great luck on his side bets. These side bets are about the pairs, straights, flushes and other combinations that can be made with the cards used at the blackjack tables.

After several big wins and a balance of more than €200,000, we are back to slots where the luck doesn't show. Few bonuses and few winnings to finally come back slightly above the €150,000 mark. It is at this point that SlotsMaster decides to go for it, making sure to withdraw at least €100,000 if the bonus is terribly bad as it can happen on The Dog House slots. What is certain is that this was not the case here.

Teufeurs' good intuition

While his sidekick Antho is away for a few minutes, TeufeurS goes to the famous The Dog House Megaways and directly ups the bet to the maximum of €500 per spin, before displaying the €50,000 bonus buy feature in front of him.

With Antho back, the duo prepare to launch this crazy bonus and warns viewers and Twitter followers ahead of what could very well be a terrible as well as magical moment.

In just 2 free spins, a wild x2 was present on each of the middle 4 reels, enough to quickly pay off the purchase price of the bonus or even pay out big time as soon as premium symbols appear.

The duo's crazy reaction and the shutdown of the stream

TeufeurS can't believe his eyes

Quickly, it's a jackpot. On the 4th spin, the blue dog and rarest symbol, commonly known as Nestor, shows up on the first reel for a connection of 560 megaways and a payout of €374,400!

The amount may have seemed unreal, even to the main player who initially thought it was €37,000 and not a six-figure sum. Teuf and Antho then realised the madness unfolding before their eyes and jumped away from the screen as if the amount had become terrifying.

Each subsequent spin increased the jackpot a little more until the last spin adding almost €200,000 and bringing the total win to an impressive €848,250!

Here is the clip of this amazing bonus :

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Towards the €1 million in shock

After struggling to regain his composure, the hardcore gambler is bound to try one more challenge: adding the missing €50,000 to his balance to reach the million!

After several hands of blackjack with no real big wins, GamblerS tries what he does best, which is to go all in on a single hand of €50,000.

Unfortunately for him, his luck didn't follow for ever on the €1 million, and he had to cashout the €912,000 available in his bankroll. It's hard to blame him after such an emotional evening. Moreover, thanks to the euro/dollar exchange rate, the amount of the withdrawal is actually slightly more than one million dollars, enough to validate the million challenge?

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