San Quentin the most volatile machine in the world
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San Quentin the most volatile machine in the world

It's the slot machine that is currently all the rage in the online casino world: San Quentin xWays. Released in early 2021, this slot machine can potentially win you up to 150,000 times your initial bet.

Nolimit City has chosen to create the world's most volatile slot machine with the prison world. From the inmates with marked faces, symbols reminiscent of the world of prison, but also very elaborate graphics, this slot machine brings together all the elements to please the players.

Highly sought after on the lives Twitch of online casino players, San Quentin xWays is a real success story. Faced with this phenomenon, Lucky7Bonus has decided to explain, in a few lines, why this slot machine is so popular.

Which supplier created San Quentin?

San Quentin xWays is a creation of Nolimit City. This provider is very well known in the online casino world as it is the creator of many slot machines such as :

  • Tombstone

  • Deadwood

  • Pixies vs Pirates

  • Hot Nudge

  • Punk Rocker

  • Book of shadows

  • Barbarian Fury

Nolimit City is known in the online casino world for offering some of the most volatile slots in the world and San Quentin xWays is no exception to this rule. Created in 2013, this company has managed, in just a few years, to establish itself in the very restricted world of online casinos. With the creation of San Quentin xWays, Nolimit City will further establish its importance in the world of online casino.

How does San Quentin work?

The principle of the San Quentin xWays slot machine is very easy to understand.

Firstly, you should know that San Quentin xWays is a slot machine that uses xWays technology. Unlike the megaways technology where the slots are divided before the spin, in the xWays technology they are divided during the spin.

Secondly, San Quentin xWays is a classic slot machine. It offers basic game functions as well as free spins. What makes this slot machine special is that the bonus varies according to the number of scatters you get. The more scatters you get, the more chances you have to win the jackpot.

The special feature of this slot machine is the fact that it is possible to buy three different types of bonuses.

  • The first and least volatile bonus that will cost you 100 times your initial bet.

  • The second bonus is more volatile than the first and will cost you 400 times your initial bet.

  • Finally, the last bonus you can buy is the most volatile slot machine in the world. It unlocks all the functions of the slot machine. However, it comes at a price: 2,000 times your original bet.

Which casino to play at in San Quentin?

What setup do I need to have to touch the x150,000?

As you might expect, to get the perfect setup on the San Quentin xWays slot machine you need to be lucky, but it is possible. First of all, you absolutely have to get a bonus with 5 scatters. This allows you to have three wild cards throughout your game. Secondly, you need to get the best slot symbol. The symbol is chosen automatically. But before that, a little animation takes place. During this animation, a character may appear on the grid in the shape of "? ». The aim is to get as many question marks as possible. Indeed, the latter allows you to multiply the value of your prisoner who will then be designated by the slot machine.

Once this animation is made, another one will allow you to know the number of free spins you will have during the duration of your free spins. The more free spins you get, the more you increase your chances of winning a huge amount of money. But this is not enough.

Indeed, as explained, depending on the number of scatter symbols you get, you will get more or less wild. The goal is to have as many scatter symbols to get as much wild as possible. The wilds appear in x1, but can increase in value. To do this, the symbol "S crossed out" must be in the same column as the wild symbol. So, the more you increase the multiplier of your wild, the more likely you are to win a massive sum.

Finally, the last thing to take into account is the number of ways. You will need to be very lucky to have as many ways as possible on a round. Furthermore, even if you have all the luck on your side, it is absolutely necessary that the prisoner symbol that has a multiplier connects with your wild to increase the final win even more. Finally, it's fine to connect on the first three lines, but the goal is to connect across the entire slot machine. The farther you connect to the slot machine, the more money you will win on one spin.

The biggest multiplier in San Quentin

Faced with the hype of this slot machine, many streamers are trying, in a fairly recurrent way, to win the jackpot on this slot machine. From Roshtein to Bidule to TeufeurS, many streamers want to win the jackpot. A few days ago, it was one of the members of the ClassyBeef group who finally won the jackpot by postponing 5,125 times their starting bet. Indeed, whereas he had made a mistake in the purchase of bonuses, it is with the modest sum of 88 000 € that he will leave the slot machine. Lucky7Bonus invites you to find out how he reacted.

If you would like to try the San Quentin xWays slot machine, you can do so on Lucky7Bonus. To do so, please click here.

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