Biggest slot streamer wins in July
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Biggest slot streamer wins in July

Right now, the big wins are coming in for our favorite streamers! So much so that we had a hard time keeping just five for this article! So, which streamers have seen their pockets grow lately?

#5 - Teuf: €224 000 in blackjack

Teuf and blackjack, it's typically a story of "I love you, me neither". One time it's fine, sometimes it's not fine anymore... and very often nothing is fine! But when he learns of a theorem established by Felix, it inevitably catches his attention and he decides to apply it. The theorem is simple: you win a hand, you add one. You lose, you take one back. And it seems to work for Teuf, who goes on to win five games and even reaches a full table, with SIX hands on the table! The tension is at its highest, with 72,000 Euros on the table. On the deal, it goes pretty well, with even two side bets falling, including a very nice three of a kind. With two doubles and a split, we even reach 102,000 euros in bets! The dealer reveals his cards and BUST! To the great joy of Teuf, who cashes in a total of 224,000 euros! Has Felix found the ultimate blackjack strategy? And above all, will he claim a commission on this big win from Teuf? In any case, you can find this incredible win right here !

#4 - ROSHTEIN : $416 125 on Dog House

Big wins and Rosh have become such a habit that it's almost normal. We're hardly surprised when it happens... Of course not, we're always so hyped when the Swedish streamer gets a big win! And the man who won $2,500,000 on Fruit Party earlier this month has done it again! During a bonus hunt, Rosh arrives at The Dog House, manages to land a base game bonus that offers him 14 free spins at a stake of $500 each. After a few decent spins, things get crazy and he manages to connect the top symbols in just two spins, one of which is the coveted "blue dogs"! In total, the Swede pockets a total of $416,125, his personal best on the famous machine! When we know how complicated this machine is to tame, we can only share the streamer's joy, as he does not hesitate to stay several hours on the same machine in order to get a bonus! Without a doubt, the dog is man's best friend! Discover or rediscover this incredible win by clicking here !

#3 - Bidule : €500 000 on Mega Ball

Ah the Mega Ball, this kind of bingo straight out of Evolution Gaming studios, this game that can be so exciting but also so frustrating at the same time. And it's not our dear friend Bidule who will tell us otherwise, he who has dropped so much money in this game! But lately, we have to admit that the French streamer has been quite successful on Mega Ball! Remember, in early July, the game show allowed him to win 300,000 euros with a multiplier x100. A gain that had made Bidule's balance above the million euros!

An amount that may seem difficult to beat, or even to equal! Well, think again, because the most Maltese of the French has done it again! Only a few days after having pocketed 300,000 Euros, Bidule tries again on Mega Ball. While he is at the same time on Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Live, Evolution Gaming's latest baby, the streamer doesn't seem to be focused on what's going on on Mega Ball! He's chatting with his cat when he sees the x100 multiplier appear again! Not yet, he's not going to do the same thing again? Well yes, and even better, because this time Bidule wins 500 000 EUROS by having taken 40 000 EUROS worth of cards! That's the maximum report on the game!

But then, does anyone know what happens in August?

#2 - ClassyBeef : $768 300 on Fruit Party

Winning big on a bonus buy-in is a great thing for any player, be it a streamer or a regular player like you and me. But winning big on the base is even crazier, because sometimes you have to be patient, very patient, extremely patient in order to hope for a spin that will make you a lot of money.

The streamers of the ClassyBeef group can testify to this! They managed to get a huge win in a base game on one of the most frustrating machines ever: Fruit Party!

Fruit Party is known for its very high volatility, meaning that the wins are less frequent but can bring you a lot! That's what happened to our friends at ClassyBeef, who pocketed a cool $768,300 for a $300 bet on the famous machine from Pragmatic Play! And the best part is that they didn't have to do much farming because the money came in... only 10 minutes after they arrived on the machine!

Find the incredible hit of ClassyBeef on Fruit Party just here !

#1 - Loopoo : €784 475 on Hop'n’Pop

Right now, if the term "getting lucky" had a face, it would most certainly be Loopoo's. The French streamer is known for his perseverance, as he tries to win stratospheric sums of money on a daily basis by purchasing bonuses at equally enormous sums.

If the reality of the casino often catches up with him, when the machine has decided to pay him, Loopoo wins huge sums! Recently, the streamer landed a max win on Gates of Olympus (€750,000) and lately, it's on the developer Hacksaw Gaming's latest, Hop'n'Pop that Loopoo won big.

By making a €50,000 bonus purchase, the young man followed his feeling and the least we can say is that he made the right decision! Very quickly, he managed to increase his multipliers, so much so that after five spins, he already had three multipliers maxed out at x64!

And with four more free spins to go, he manages to make a simply incredible connection that pays out 720,000 EUROS! At first, Loopoo thinks he's seen the wrong thing and wonders if he's seen an extra zero! But no, no extra zero, just a sick bonus! And in total, this bonus brings him almost 785 000 euros!

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