The biggest casino streamer wins of August!
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The biggest casino streamer wins of August!

The year 2021 had a lot of surprises in store for us, and that goes for the online casino world too. Regular viewers have witnessed an exceptional growth in the stakes of their favourite streamers. The streamers want to show off and are willing to risk their bankroll to do so.

The leaders of the Slots game on Twitch have reached extraordinary stakes allowing them to get phenomenal winnings when luck smiles on them. In just over a year, streamers considered "highrollers" have gone from 10 or 20 euros per bet to 100, 200 and sometimes 500 or 1,000 euros! Although this is often very detrimental to their balance, sometimes record winnings come as a surprise to the streamers and their audience, much to the delight of the latter.

As at the beginning of each month, Lucky7Bonus offers you a look back at the most outstanding wins of the month that has just passed. In this article, you'll find the most incredible wins of the month of August by the stars of the industry and their favourite games!

Roshtein $2,000,000 on a spin

It's hard to take away the number 1 spot from Roshtein. The boss of the Slots game on Twitch has settled on the throne and has decided to never give up his position. After several record-breaking wins in recent months on the Mystery Museum slot, the Swedish streamer has done the impossible with a $2 million win in one spin!

His bets are getting bigger and bigger, and of course, record winnings follow. In front of a huge audience of over 20,000 viewers on average, and for long hours every day, Roshtein is constantly trying to push the boundaries of what is possible.

After fulfilling one of his dreams by winning €1 million in a single spin several years after his online casino debut, it has become almost commonplace for the streamer to win seven figures.

On his beloved slot, the man known as Rosh had a very specific goal: to get the x5,000 multiplier on a $400 bet.

Well, it's now done! During a free spins bonus with a value of $400 per spin, Roshtein managed to get a screen full of the best symbol: the pharaoh.

A win of $2,000,000 on this one free spin alone, which fills the black-hatted streamer with joy!

Trainwreckstv $1,470,600

The following win is impressive, especially since it is on a slot with a rather limited maximum potential compared to the most volatile slots: Snake Arena. Indeed, you can "only" win up to 2,758 times your initial bet on this slot. This is already an impressive multiplier, but it seems complicated to win more than a million dollars with this maximum ratio.

However, this is what Trainwreckstv has achieved, a Twitch streamer who is fairly young in the online casino world and is known for his ultra-aggressive play style.

And to say the least, his bet was more than aggressive when Trainwreckstv won, as he didn't even need to get a third of the maximum multiplier.

Indeed, it is with a $2,000 bet per spin that this incredible bonus on Snake Arena takes place, and as the snake continues to grow, Niknam begins to anticipate what could be an incredible win. After several huge connections, a total win of $1,470,600 is displayed at the conclusion of this fantastic bonus!

Loopoo € 512,000 in one spin

The next big win comes from a very well known French streamer in the Slots universe on Twitch: Loopoo. The young Maltese resident is also known for his betting and aggressive playing style. He is also known for his aggressive style of play. High bonus purchases and all in all, the one nicknamed El Avocado has a frantic pace.

It was on the recent creation of online gaming provider Hacksaw Gaming that Loopoo made this incredible win of over half a million euros. By going to Hop'n'Pop, the streamer wanted his viewers to understand why this slot is one of his favourites. In just one bonus purchase, with a wager of €100 per spin, Loopoo won €512,000 on a single free spin for a total bonus win of €540,000. That's more than enough to explain his special love for this slot machine!

Incredible winnings from Stake mini games

For some time now, a new trend has been taking hold in the online casino world on Twitch: sessions on the Original Stake. This type of mini-games is more and more widespread in the various online casinos which then offer a service exclusive to their platform.

This has quickly attracted the attention of the biggest streamers who do not hesitate to bet huge sums to hit the jackpot on these very special games.

Roshtein, a multiplier x1,000 per day!

The mini-game that is driving Roshtein and other Twitch streamers crazy right now is called Plinko. Marbles fall and bounce in their fall inside a sort of pyramid, the further away from the centre they land, the more money they earn. The Swedish streamer's objective is therefore simple: to get a ball to land on the most off-centre multiplier: x1,000.

In his quest for record winnings, he does not hesitate to bet several hundred and sometimes even several thousand dollars per ball thrown.

After obtaining the maximum multiplier x1,000 on a $1,000 ball and thus winning $1 million, Roshtein did not stop there. Every day, several hours are devoted to the search for this famous x1,000 and as a result, it is obtained quite often, sometimes even more than once a day!

Roshtein's record win on this mini game so far is $2,400,000 with a bet of $2,400 per ball! As a side note, Rosh once had fun betting $1 per ball and got 2 x1,000 multipliers in the same day just yesterday!

Trainwreckstv joins the Plinko family

Trainwreckstv, a good friend of Roshtein, has also finally ventured into the Plinko mini-game. And with bets of $2,000 per ball, it didn't take long for the record winnings to start pouring in. It started with a 130x multiplier (the one right next to the 1000x) for a $260,000 payout.

But Niknam obviously didn't stop there and went for the heights until he got a maximum multiplier for a $2 million win before repeating the feat the next day with an insane bet of $2,300 per ball thrown and a $2,300,000 win!

189,000 at Limbo

The following win may not be one of the most impressive of the month in terms of money, but its multiplier is most certainly one of the highest ever.

Casino streamer TeufeurS achieved this astronomical multiplier in a session that was unfortunately not live on Twitch. This Stake mini game is this time the Limbo, a kind of crash game in an accelerated and simplified version. Here, no aeroplane or spaceship, just a multiplier that increases almost instantly to the value decided by the algorithm. The player then chooses a target multiplier in advance, if the value is not reached: it is lost. If this value is exceeded, only the target multiplier is counted.

TeufeurS then had the good idea to target an unlikely multiplier: x190 000!

With a bet of €1 per spin, and after 9,261 spins, the impossible happens and the multiplier soars to over a million!The multiplier soars to more than a million and the player wins €189,000 on this one spin, very close to the €200,000 maximum winnings for this game!

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