Bidule loses the Million or the Street challenge again!
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Bidule loses the Million or the Street challenge again!

Will he ever make it? Last night, Bidule, the famous casino streamer, tried for the third time in a few months to get a $1,000,000 balance on an online gaming platform. This attempt unfortunately ended in another failure, even though the French gambler experienced a night of many twists and turns with joys, sorrows and incredible hits.

The Million or the Street challenge is very simple: when Bidule manages to win several hundred thousand euros (or dollars) by approaching or exceeding the half-million mark, this gambler par excellence puts it all on the line in order to get as close as possible to a seven-figure balance. After two failed attempts in January and March, the Maltese resident has once again taken the risk to try this crazy challenge at Bidule's long-time partner Gamdom.

Lucky7Bonus takes a look back at that crazy night when Bidule once again tried his hand at winning more than $1 million in a casino session for the first time in his gambling career.

How did Bidule manage to reach this balance?

Bidule managed to get a balance of $543,000 (at Gamdom online casino the balance is in dollars) after several crazy sessions. A little over a week ago, the French streamer decided to deposit $50,000 of his own money at Gamdom and chain together the bonus hunts. This practice consists of trying to get as many bonuses as possible on different slot machines and opening them in a row, once your balance has fallen to 0.

Successful bonus hunts follow one another, so much so that Bidule ended up with a $300,000 bonus hunt this weekend! Unlike other hunts, this time the gambler didn't use table games to increase his balance. After an excellent farm, Bidule got 104 bonuses with a break even of 61, which suggested a more than successful opening.

And it was arguably one of the best hunts of Bidule's career, with many outstanding free spins, especially from the slots where the bonus was earned at $100. This success was evidenced by the bonus on Gems Bonanza, a slot from online gaming provider Pragmatic Play. This highly volatile slot won Bidule almost $70,000 on a single bonus!

This memorable night saw the streamer finish with $543,000 and convinced Bidule to try the now famous the Million or the Street challenge again for the third time.

Which casino is Bidule trying this challenge on?

The Million or Street challenge was carried out at Gamdom Casino. This online gaming platform is one of the most complete on the market. Indeed, you can find on this site all the best slot machines of the market as well as many sports bets and esports bets. There is something for everyone on Gamdom since on this platform you also have the possibility to bet your CS:GO skins.

Gamdom is a reliable and secure online casino and has been a historical partner of Bidule for several years now. This site accepts crypto-currencies, and if you register with the code "Bidule" or the code "Lucky7", you will be offered a safe containing rewards of up to $50! For more information on Gamdom, click here.

Summary of the evening

A bad start

It's normal when you start a casino session to see your balance go down. However, when the negative spiral starts to last, it's very difficult to get out of it. That's what Bidule experienced last night, having tried absolutely everything to get this Million or the Street challenge off to a good start.

Slot farms, bonus purchases, blackjack sessions, Crazy Time, everything the French streamer tried did not work. Bidule did win a few hands of $25,000 blackjack, but it wasn't enough to turn a profit and the young gambler soon found himself in a deficit of almost $200,000 in just one hour.

The Gamdom Roulette Comeback

Bidule didn't give up and came close to hitting the jackpot on the Book of Shadows slot machine, which nearly won him $300,000. This was the limit the streamer set for himself, ensuring that he would not go any lower and lose his entire balance.

Taking a chance, Bidule decided to try out other online games. A big roulette fan but not very lucky at Evolution Gaming that evening, the Maltese resident chose to try his luck at Gamdom roulette. The latter is one of the original games offered by this platform. The principle is the same as a classic roulette, the only difference being that there are only 15 numbers. As usual, Bidule placed a bet on 0, and was incredibly lucky to see the famous green number appear twice in a row!

This incredible run netted the streamer about $200,000 and his bankroll topped $570,000.

The high stakes session to finish

Bidule's reaction was as good as it got, but unfortunately the joy was short-lived. Indeed, the return to the slots did not go as planned as most of the bonus purchases were not successful and his balance was only going down. Bidule then decided to take a chance, buying bonuses for astronomical sums.

The last purchase of the night was a $50,000 bonus on the Fruit Party slot. This last attempt unfortunately ended in another failure.

A final unsuccessful hand of $20,000 blackjack dropped Bidule back to $300,000, which was the limit the streamer had previously set for himself. The harsh law of online gambling has struck again, with the casino still winning in the long run. Bidule still hasn't managed to reach his goal, but that's only a temporary setback! This third attempt at the Million or the Street challenge ends with Bidule on the street. A $300,000 street nonetheless.

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