LoL News - LEC, EU Masters & LFL August 2021
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LoL News - LEC, EU Masters & LFL August 2021

There's no rest for professional eSports players during the summer, especially League of Legends teams where the 2021 Summer Split is taking place, whether it's the French or European competitions. Lucky7Bonus brings you a roundup this week of the latest eSport news.

Don't know anything about League of Legends competitions and the terms KCorp, LFL, EUM, Summer Split? Don't worry, we'll explain it all in this article by reviewing the events of the last few days.

End of the Karmine Corp reign

Thursday night, Misfits Premier players became the summer champions of the LFL (French League of Legends). Big pressure for this team who managed to get to the top after easily defeating Solary and after slaughtering Vitaly Bee in 3-1. This time, they were facing the behemoth of the moment: the Karmine Corp.

For several months, Karmine Corp has been a sensation, winning the LFL and the Spring 2021 EU Masters, a feat carried by the public and streamer Kameto. Everyone was waiting for this team to win during the Summer Split 2021. We talked about it at the beginning of August in this article, the KCorp qualified for the playoffs with 14 wins and 4 losses, ending up at the top of the LFL ranking. The team only had to play in the LFL final to be crowned champions again.

Despite their dominance throughout the Summer Split, the disappointment was felt by the fans and the entire team surrounding the Karmine Corp. The team was on the verge of their second title. The final took place at the ESpot in Paris, in front of 85 people. The favorites were of course the Karmine Corp team, but the public still celebrated the victory of Misfits Premier.

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Yet, the BO5 started off well for Kamine Corp, with a rather straightforward first win, Misfits Premier then followed up with 3 wins, leaving a bitter taste and a real disappointment for KCorp supporters.

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Don't worry though, the Karmine Corp will be at the EU Masters Summer Split 2021 as they finished in the Top 3 of the best teams in this LFL. More on that later in this article. No disgrace for the KCorp whose midlane player Lucas Fayard aka Saken received the award for the best player of the LFL Summer Split 2021.

Team Vitality defeated by Fnatic at LEC, on the doorstep of the Worlds

The LEC (League of Legends European Championship) brings together the elite European teams in League of Legends. These teams aim to achieve the best results and climb the rankings during the Spring and Summer Split to earn a spot in the Worlds, the League of Legends World Championship.

Vitality had hopes of perhaps proving itself during the League of Legends Worlds. Unfortunately, that hope was short-lived as Vitality lost 2-3 on the BO5 to Fnatic during the League of Legends European Championship playoffs.

Unfortunately many errors and approximations at certain crucial moments of the games for the players of Vitality, who will have made only one playoff game in only 2 years. Fnatic's team managed to win, while destroying Vitality's dreams.

The EU Masters Summer Split starts on August 16th

The European Masters is the European League of Legends tournament and it starts its Summer Split on Monday, August 16, just yesterday. A total of 28 teams will compete for the title, all of them coming from European regional leagues, several nationalities are represented. Currently in the Main Event, we find the French teams Karmine Corp and Misfits Premier, Berlin International Gaming and PENTA 1860 for the Germans, or Tricked Esport for the Northern European countries.

There are 12 teams ready to compete during the Main Event. However, the other 16 teams will have to pass the "Play-in". Quickly, the 16 teams are divided into 4 groups, the matches are back and forth in 1 match for a total of 6 matches per team. The top 2 of each group will go to the playoffs where the matches will become BO3, the winning teams of each match in the playoffs will be qualified for the Main Event and will be able to try to win these EU Masters Summer Split 2021.

The teams that you can find during these Play-in are : Vitality Bee for France, Fnatic Rising for Northern Europe, White Dragons for Portugal, Iron Wolves for the Baltic States and AGO Rogue for Poland.

Feel free to follow the competition in the coming weeks on the OTP Twitch channel, supporting the French teams of KCorp, Vitality and Misfits Premier. Maybe we will have another match between Karmine Corp and Misfits Premier, a rematch during these EU Masters Summer Split 2021? Can Karmine Corp keep its title?

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