The annoying things about slot machines
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The annoying things about slot machines

New slot machines are released every week, from time to time nuggets can emerge to become legendary slots, streamers and players do nothing but talk about this particular slot machine for months and months! Except that as players play this slot, they start to notice the flaws and especially some details that can be quite infuriating.

Today on Lucky7Bonus, we are sharing with you the little things that make us rage about slot machines or particular features. We apologize in advance if this article brings back bad memories.

Misplaced niches on The Dog House Megaways

The Dog House Megaways is just one of many examples to address the broader topic of "dead bonuses". Released in 2020, this slot has been played a lot and remains a favorite among players at most online casinos. The volatility is very high on this kind of slot as the maximum payout is 5,000 times the starting bet. To learn more about this slot, consider reading our review by clicking here.

High volatility means lots of losses and a hell of a dead bonus! The Dog House Megaways bonus will depend heavily on the Wilds, by choosing the 7 free spins with Sticky Wilds, the player's goal will be to get as many niches on the reels as possible and at least 1 on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Unfortunately, the niches do not always arrive in large numbers and on the reels that you would like. Very often there are only 3 Sticky Wilds during the bonus and their positioning can be very disappointing, for example: a niche on reels 2,3 and 5, the connections are then made on the first three reels, but cannot be bigger because of the lack of Wild on reel number 4

Another situation is that the Sticky Wilds fall on the same reel, this can be a good thing if you get the best symbols on multiple reels, but it greatly reduces the chances of getting a full line before your free spins end. There is nothing more infuriating than spending time getting a bonus on The Dog House Megaways and ending up winning nothing because of the poor positioning of the slots.

False joys on Nolimit City's slot machines

The provider Nolimit City is very popular for its slot machines with many animations on very special themes. The problem is that it is very difficult for a new player, and even for regulars, to fully understand what is going on on the screen. Connections explode, many features are present, dozens of symbols appear... visually, any beginner will find himself totally lost in relation to what is happening on the screen.

And even with a little experience and an hour of play on the Mental slot, for example, it can be difficult to anticipate a big win, because the effects are so constant. After 15 seconds of animations, symbols splitting in two, connections with strange symbols, the player expects to hit a big win, when nothing happens.

The player can be overwhelmed with a sense of incomprehension and disappointment, which can quickly become a source of frustration when playing slots from the Nolimit City provider. If you, like many, have great difficulty in fully understanding Mental, Lucky7Bonus has put together a review explaining everything, just click here.

The end of the Curse of the Werewolfs Megaways bonus

What could be more frustrating when you can feel the source code of a slot machine and in any case, the bonus will always end in the same way as if it was planned in advance? This is unfortunately the case with the excellent slot Curse of the Werewolfs Megaways from Pragmatic Play.

Usually, a slot machine bonus tends to give you everything at once or absolutely nothing. The player pretty much knows what to expect and the bonuses are not repetitive. Conversely, the outcome of the free spins in Curse of the Werewolfs Megaways is always the same, for the most part.

The principle is simple: during the free spins, the objective will be to get the werewolf symbols with a golden background, this will allow to inflict damage to the 4 villagers, one by one. Once a villager is killed, his symbol is replaced by the werewolf symbol with a red background, which is the highest paying symbol in the slot. By killing all 4 villagers, you replace all 4 premium symbols with the best symbol, your chances of getting a big win are much higher.

Unfortunately, the gains are often very small until all 4 villagers have been transformed. The most infuriating situation is that often the last villager has only 1 life point left on the very last spin. If the last villager dies, the player gets 1 more free spin, a chance to make a full line with the best symbol in the game and get closer to the jackpot, which is 5,000 times the starting bet.

Lack of Quick Game and Turbo Mode

There are some features that are part of online slots today, such as the Quick Game and Turbo Mode. This is a way to speed up the spins, which is debatable, but it is very useful in some situations, for example when you are doing a bonus hunt and you just want to unlock the bonus, without having to wait too long.

You might think that the lack of a quick game or turbo mode is only a problem with older slots. Think again, because some providers still haven't implemented both features on any of their slots. We can mention Thunderkick and despite their very high quality slots in many aspects, the lack of a fast game or turbo mode is very frustrating, to the point of not even playing on some slots.

Note that the provider Thunderkick doesn't even offer bonus purchases, so if you're going to get free spins on one of their slots, hang on tight and take it easy.

Pops bonus buys

The Pop slots are the classics of the provider Yggdrasil with huge potentials of up to 56 386 your starting bet in jackpot. Such volatility requires a very good set up to get close to such a high multiplier and it is worth saying that you will have to take risks, that's the principle of buying bonuses on Cherry Pop.

It is very time consuming to unlock the bonus of a Pop with the basic game, the grid is so small, that it takes a lot of chances to manage to unlock all the lines of the reels and start the free spins. So streamers and players buy the bonus directly, but Cherry Pop will only offer you 5 free spins, which is clearly not enough to get a nice set up.

The slot then offers to gamble on a wheel to win additional free spins, the first time winning + 3 free spins and the second time + 4 free spins, for a total of 12 free spins. The catch is that you can lose your bonus buy-in if the wheel lands on the red cross. So you'll have paid 75 times your bet in one go only to lose in seconds, without even seeing the bonus.

Other slots have been known to have a gamble at the end of a bonus to possibly double the winnings, but a gamble before the bonus was the first time we found this kind of feature in the online casino world! The most infuriating situation is when you want to take advantage of a bonus at Cherry Pop and fail to pass the gamble the first time, the second time, the third time, etc. You can lose your entire balance in a matter of seconds.

The Razor Shark Algae

Razor Shark is an excellent slot from provider Push Gaming, its potential is also very high, but frustration can quickly get the better of it, especially with its algae system. By unlocking the Razor Shark bonus feature, the player gets an unlimited number of free spins from the moment algae is present on the grid.

These seaweeds will be found on one or more reels, and on each new spin, the seaweeds move down one space until there are none left on the reel! With a little luck, you can get a full screen of seaweed to hit the jackpot. However, the seaweed can turn into a random symbol or a coin, paying your original bet x the number on the coin.

Unless you have the best symbol in full screen, what players are most interested in are coins. Coins can be very lucrative. The problem is that it takes a lot of luck to even see a single coin during the free spins. It's very annoying when there are a lot of seaweed and no winnings are realized.

The Razor Shark slot is very volatile with the potential to win 50,000 times your initial bet, which explains why you rarely see the coins behind those pesky algae, but the frustration can quickly go to your head!

Marching Legions: the bonus that pays nothing

To finish this article of the day, let's go to the Marching Legions slot from the provider Relax Gaming, another very volatile slot with a jackpot amounting to 10,000 times your starting bet, but above all an RTP of 98.12%, which is well above average!

But the problem is to get the bonus and especially to win nice rewards, a real obstacle course! To trigger your free spins, it is necessary to pass the 5 levels thanks to the groups of legionnaires that can appear on the whole length of a reel. Then, the bonus is much more pleasant with groups of legionnaires that will appear on the last reel on the right and advance little by little to the left.

Your goal is to collect a music symbol and collect three to unlock the next level (because yes, there are still levels on the bonus!) and at the top level, it will be 2 full reels of legionnaires that will move to the left, a good opportunity to win big!

The problem is that it's hard to unlock the free spins and then hope to collect enough music symbols to level up again and get more legionnaires to finally achieve the hit of a lifetime. In other words, the chances of this happening are very low and you might turn red before it happens!

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