Are Pop Slots still popular?
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Are Pop Slots still popular?

What are the Pop Slots?

In the middle of 2020, AvatarUx, a studio working for slot machine supplier Yggdrasil, decided to create a new slot machine concept: pop.

In April 2020, the first of its kind was released. PopRocks is a slot machine that is not well known to the gambling community. However, it is the pop that can pay you the most. In fact, when playing this slot, you can win up to 72,188 times your original bet!

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In July of the same year, AvatarUx released the Wild Pops slot. Like Pop Rocks, this slot doesn't get a lot of attention and the casino streamers don't play it too much. Moreover, it is the slot that offers you the smallest possible payout of all, namely 10,941 times your original bet.

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Even though the first Pop slots didn't make much of a splash, AvatarUx believed in its concept and decided to launch its third slot in October 2020: Cherry Pop. And that's when Yggdrasil hit the jackpot. This slot is immediately adopted by casino streamers. Everyone is playing it and talking about it and for a reason: it's an extremely volatile slot that can pay you up to 56,386 times your original bet!

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Pop slots finally seem to be taking on the scope that AvatarUx wanted them to, and the studio is not stopping there. A month later, Bounty Pop was born. Just as volatile as Cherry Pop, Bounty Pop pays a little bit less (x55,000 maximum). Right from the start, this slot machine was also very well accepted by the community and casino streamers.

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Given the impressive success of its slot machines, AvatarUx prefers to take it easy before releasing a new one. Indeed, the studio does not want to run out of steam with its concept, which is revolutionising the world of slot machines.

In February 2021, the last pop slot machine is born: Tiki Pop. With a maximum payout of 32,000 times your original bet, Tiki Pop pays less than the studio's latest creations. Very quickly played by streamers and gamblers, this slot is not at all unanimous. Thus, it seems to be quickly abandoned and put aside, especially by the Twitch streamers community. Indeed, it looks a lot like the other pops and this lack of novelty after so much time of waiting frustrates the players.

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What is the principle of pop?

The reason why Pop slots have been so talked about, especially Cherry Pop and Bounty Pop, is their concept. While PopRocks and Wild Pops are slots without any bonus features to speak of, Bounty Pop, Cherry Pop and Tiki Pop do. The latter you can get by playing the slot or by buying it.

If Pop's is revolutionary, it's because the buy-in bonus feature is unlike any other slot machine: you'll be able to wager your bonus. For example, as soon as you buy the base bonus, you get 5 spins. However, with Pop Slots, you can increase your number of spins. To do this, you will need to gamble your bonus. A wheel will spin and offer you an additional number of spins.

If you are happy with it, you can start your bonus. If not, you can gamble it one last time.

This is one of the revolutionary concepts that pops is known for. What drives aficionados of this slot machine is the evolving grid during the bonus, as well as the multiplier that increases according to your connections and your grid.

The sound, the graphics, the volatility... in short, Pop have revolutionised the world of slot machines in a few weeks thanks to a brand new concept that players love.

Why do they seem to have fallen out of favour?

However, several months after the last release of a Pop slot, the phenomenon that invaded the slot universe on Twitch seems to have faded considerably. Indeed, the more time passes, the less popular pop slots seem to become. And for this, it seems that several answers can be given.

While in the early days, Pop Slots and Cherry Pop in particular seemed to pay out consistently, it seems that the payouts on these have been reduced considerably. This is what the vast majority of streamers think. Thus, fewer and fewer people decide to play these machines, because the risk/reward is not interesting at all. Even if from time to time some streamers still venture to play this slot machine, they are becoming increasingly rare. This rejection seems to be not only for Cherry Pop, but for the whole Pop family.

The second thing that seems to have frustrated a very large proportion of players is the inconsiderable number of purchases that it takes to get the maximum number of spins. Indeed, the bonus purchase allows you to get 5 free spins. However, this is absolutely not enough to hope to get the jackpot. Logically, gamblers want to get at least 8 spins. However, the difficulty to get those extra spins seems to have been increased, and this is true for all the slots of the Pop group, be it Cherry Pop, Bounty Pop or Tiki Pop. So, it's hard to get a big win on these slots if you don't get a high enough number of spins. Players understand this and that's why many of them don't stop at just 8 spins. When these machines were first released, this goal seemed quite "easily" achievable, by getting a maximum number of spins after 3-4 purchases. However, the game seems to have changed considerably and players have realised this and have started to move away from these slots.

While at first the extreme volatility of Pop Slots was noticeable, over time this seems to have faded. Indeed, many casino streamers noticed the exceptional potential of these slots when they first came out. However, as time goes on, it becomes increasingly difficult to notice the volatility of these machines. They struggle to pay out even a 200 or 300 times your original bet. On paper, this sounds like a lot, but you have to remember that it takes, in the vast majority of cases, 4-5-6 purchases before you get the bonus you want.

Finally, the last point that seems to show that Pop slots are no longer popular is that they are less and less in demand in the casino streamer chat. Since the release of Pop slots, providers have responded by releasing very high quality slots. As a result, Pop slots have been quickly replaced in the hearts of viewers and streamers by the latest creations from slot providers.

Who is the pop provider?

The creator of Pop Slots is the AvatarUx studio, which works for Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is one of the best known slot providers on the market. Thanks to their original creations, which are very distinctive, this provider, which was born in 2013, has quickly made a name for itself in the online casino world.

Among the most famous creations of this provider you can find:

  • Multifly ;

  • Dr Fortuno ;

  • Lucky Neko ;

  • Golden Fish Tank ;

  • Valley of the Gods ;

  • Cherry Pop ;

  • Bounty Pop ;

  • Wild Pops ;

  • PopRocks.

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