Megaclusters technology
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Megaclusters technology

Megaclusters technology

What is Megaclusters technology?

Like Megaways technology, Megaclusters technology was created to provide slot players with a unique experience. This technology offers evolving gameplay to players with a game grid that, thanks to the winning spins, expands from within the symbols. This increases the player's chances of getting more winning combinations.

Like Megaways licensed slot machines, Megaclusters licensed slot machines are very present in the non-European market. To overcome this and to offer this new technology to European players, Big Time Gaming has teamed up with its long-time friend Relax Gaming for a one-year period. This will allow Relax Gaming to be the only slot machine supplier to license this technology for a defined period of time.

In this article, the Lucky7Bonus team provides an overview of this new Megaclusters technology.

How Megaclusters works

The different connections proposed by Megaclusters

As we discussed in the introduction, Megaclusters is a technology that allows for evolutionary play. Each connection allows the grid format to be increased by replacing each winning symbol with a division of it by four.

This increases the chances of creating connections between symbols when breathing in the winning symbols until there are no more possible connections. In addition, when connecting with small symbols, there is a cascade effect that frees up space for new symbols.

It is good to know that each Megaclusters slot machine has a minimum number of similar symbols to have in order to create a connection. In the example above, on the Star Clusters Megaclusters slot machine, it is necessary to have five adjacent similar symbols to create a winning connection (no matter how small or large they are).

Megaclusters Calculation

The principle of Megaclusters technology is very simple! To calculate the number of Megaclusters on the game grid, you have to count the number of existing symbols available. In the example below there are 40 Megaclusters:

  • 8 normal symbols

  • 8 normal symbols that have each separated into four small symbols (8x4=32)

If we add these two numbers together, it gives us the number of Megaclusters available on the game grid: 32 + 8 = 40 Megaclusters

The slots available with Megaclusters.

Currently, there are not many slot machines that take advantage of Megaclusters technology, but here is a list that will evolve over time:

  • Star Clusters Megaclusters

  • Cyberslot Megaclusters

  • Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

Our opinion on the Megaclusters technology

At first glance, Megaclusters slots may seem incomprehensible, but they are simpler than they appear. Unlike Megaways slots, Big Time Gaming has created a technology that is just as interesting but much more accessible to all types of players.

To democratize and launch this new technology, Big Time Gaming has decided to sign a partnership with the Relax Gaming aggregator. This well-known company will be able to use this technology in a totally exclusive way with their development studio and slot machine supplier Silver Bullet. This will ensure a controlled launch of the license as well as reach a larger number of players.

With Megaclusters technology, we are confident that Big Time Gaming has created yet another revolutionary new concept that will be as successful as its big brother Megaways.

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